The Midnight Talks and The Midnight Walk

A Tease for A Tease
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Seulgi jolted her eyes open. She looked about the unfamiliar moonlighted room. She sat up and saw another king-sized bed just beside hers, a tall figure sleeping under the blanket was there. Oh, she realized, they were at Sooyoung’s villa. She sighed at the brief confusion upon the sudden waking.

She shifted and sat on the edge of the bed, the side where the glass door of the veranda was situated. She held her temple that throbbed a little. 00:35, she noted from her phone. She silently groaned; it wasn’t like her to be easily woken up by anything because she’s a heavy sleeper.

But her dream wasn’t just anything, again. She sighed.

Seulgi stood up and opted to hang around the room’s veranda and check out the overlooking view. She silently walked to avoid waking up her roommate, opening the glass sliding door as soundless as she can.

The scene outside was breathtaking. The bright full moon illuminating the sea, the sound of waves crashing on the sand, the faraway cries of the cicada—it was something surreal.

She was then reminded of how Joohyun loves this kind of sceneries. She wished she can show it to her. It was a shame her unnie chose the room below because she would have loved this. Maybe she’d just paint it once they got back. Because they have to leave the villa this afternoon, Joohyun would miss seeing this.

They didn’t get extra time after they went home because they were dead tired. They all opted to eat dinner and sleep soon afterwards. She wanted to distract herself too and there’s no better distraction for Seulgi but sleep.

But it’s no use if it’ll reach her up until her dream.

Don’t get Seulgi wrong, it’s not like she doesn’t like what she dreams about. In fact, she liked it too much that it’s becoming alarming. It doesn’t really help for your dreams to give you a glimpse of beautiful yet faux what-ifs, because, that’s they’re all going to be—a wishful thinking-induced fabricated scenarios.

“Oh God, please, give some dream time for just the two of us…”

And yet here she is, wanting more of those visions, no matter how untrue they were. Because, hell, where else can she do things she had always wanted but inside her dreams?

She paused for a while at the realization of what she had said. That sounded so lyrics-in-the-making. So, she fished out her phone and started typing.

Seulgi hasn’t forgotten about her writing their own song. More than it is a task for her group, it is a deal with Joohyun. And Seulgi will put more effort into anything if it was put that way.

She had been trying to write secretly, whenever chances she got. She just doesn’t want anyone from their group to find out lest she got teased for what she had written.

“That’s some debut song in the making.”

Seulgi almost had a heart attack when someone from behind spoke suddenly. She snapped her head towards the voice and saw Sooyoung closing the glass door behind her using her foot while she holds two mugs.

“Gods Sooyoung-ah you almost made me jump off the veranda!” Seulgi exclaimed at the giggling tall girl.

“Here. The breeze is cold you got to warm yourself up. And it’ll help with your writing. They said nuts are good for the brain.” Sooyoung said, settling leaning her back on the veranda beside Seulgi as she sniffed the steaming mug on her hand after handing the other one to the smaller girl.

Seulgi hid her phone away. “Thanks…” She muttered silently; a bit flustered that Sooyoung caught her in the act of writing. She sniffed the mug and noted the cocoa and nuts flavored on the drink. “Did I wake you?”

“It’s fine. It’s not everyday I got to see some genius in the making working.”

Seulgi chuckled in disbelief.

“I know a genius when I see one.” Sooyoung expounded.

“Yeah, right.” Seulgi commented.

They shared some comfortable silence before one of them decided to break it.

“Hey, Sooyoung-ah…”


“Uh…” Seulgi’s voice in hesitation. “Thanks for this.”


Seulgi scratched the back of her head. “You know, this. The training for Hyunnie and well, the villa, the trip, the acoustic guitar and all. And for joining the band.”

Sooyoung chuckled. “Small things.”

Seulgi gasped. “Small your height Sooyoung-ah, this isn’t small at all. You’ve got to be thrifty you know. You like what, spent a million for this?”

Sooyoung sighed sharply. “Well, money exists for you to spend.”

“No Sooyoung-ah. Okay, I get it you’re rich—like filthy rich but you cannot just spend a lot for us.”

“It’s just money Seulgi-unnie. And I should be the one thanking you, you, and Seungwannie, and Joohyun-unnie.” Sooyoung paused, looking down at her drink with a small smile on her face. “It’s the first time I’ve got to spend time with friends, and it didn’t feel like I’m buying them, you know?”

Seulgi looked at her at that, Sooyoung’s face was sad and relieved at the same time. She then remembered Seungwan’s story of her being outcasted for being tall and genius and rich. “Yeah? Did you have fun though?”

Sooyoung giggled, eyes twinkling now in excitement. “Oh, the fun’s just about to start.”

Seulgi chuckled. “I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this.”

“Bad feeling? For all I know you’re the one who’ll get the most out of this.” Sooyoung said, shifting her position so that her arms are now leaning against the veranda.

Seulgi squinted. “Do we get to use the jet skis?”

Sooyoung nodded and she saw the excitement on Seulgi’s eyes as she probably envisioned something Sooyoung already have an idea about: her teasing her Joohyun-

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