The Races and The Two Bottles of One Liter Water

A Tease for A Tease
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“Are you ready for this?!” Seungwan exclaimed as she went out of the comfort room after changing clothes into a black and white polka dots two-piece swimsuit.

Seulgi nudged an elbow to Sooyoung’s side who was sitting beside her who peeked briefly from reading a magazine then made the magazine cover her face from Seungwan’s view. “Not bad, eh?” She snickered in a whisper.

Sooyoung frowned, making sure the magazine is in the way of Seungwan’s line of sight.

“Hey Sooyoungie! Not bad yourself, you y dynamite!” Seungwan commented after looking at Sooyoung who was sitting on the couch beside Seulgi. The former was wearing a red top and white short shorts while the latter was wearing black tube sando under a white loose sando, a yellow mini short paired with it.

Sooyoung cleared and snobbishly replied a thanks.

“Yeah, forgot to update you that Canada had molded Wan into a greasy person. Good luck.” Seulgi chuckled as Sooyoung continued to ignore her. She then stood up then went to the corner room where Joohyun was supposed to be. “Yah Hyunnie, what’s taking you so long?” She shouted as she knocked on the door.

Seungwan then sat beside Sooyoung as they waited for their leader to get out of the room so they can finally enjoy what the villa has prepared for them.

“Yah! I told you I didn’t pack for beach activities! I only packed for the training! I have nothing to wear!”

Seulgi heard Joohyun shouted full of dilemma from inside the room. “That’s rated Hyunnie, don’t do that.”


Seungwan chuckled at Seulgi and Joohyun’s usual bickers while Sooyoung shook her head.

Seulgi looked back at the couple by the couch. “Hyunnie doesn’t have anything to wear appropriate for fun, what now? Do you have extras there?”

“Sorry I only packed for mine.” Seungwan apologized.

“Me too. Didn’t think that Hyunnie is going to be so unprepared for this. I guess the training made her too anxious to be the usual girl-scout she is.” Seulgi shrugged.

“How about you Sooyoungie?” Seungwan asked, turning to Sooyoung beside her.

Seulgi watched the tallest girl bring the magazine down her face, looking at her with glint of mischief on her eyes and an evil smirk. “W-what???” Seulgi asked nervously only using her face expression.

Sooyoung smirked more. “Let me handle this.” She stood up then got her phone then went out of the area to make a call, but not without staring at Seulgi in evil threat of you can’t get to tease Park Sooyoung without tasting the payback in thousand folds.

“. . .” Seulgi gulped in panic.

Seungwan went towards the door. “Joohyun-unnie, I think Sooyoungie got some spare for you. Wait for her here, okay?” She shouted from outside.

“Okay!” Joohyun answered.

“Come on Seul, let’s wait for them outside.” Seungwan then looked and smirked at Seulgi. “Do you want to build a sandman?”

Seulgi snorted, forgetting the worries she had a while ago. “Go away, Wan-na.”

They then both laughed hysterically at their jokes as they went out while singing Let It Go in perfect harmony.


“Come on Joohyun-unnie!”

Seungwan and Seulgi turned towards the voice, pausing their current activity of building a sandman, seeing Sooyoung pulling Joohyun (only her arms can be seen by them) out of the door. “You look great, it’s going to be fine!”


Sooyoung groaned. “You look pretty unnie, stop resisting so we can have fun already you kill-joy!”

“B-but!” Joohyun tried resisting with all her might but damn Sooyoung’s strength which probably equals her height, so she ended up being dragged helplessly outside.

“. . .” Seulgi muttering the curse words drowned under Seungwan’s “WOO SO HOT JOOHYUN-UNNIE!” and whistles. Seulgi can swear Sooyoung was staring at her with a victory smirk but her eyes decided to focus on Joohyun, who’s wearing a y black and white two-piece—the top a white spaghetti-strap strapped behind her neck, the bottom a high-waisted frilly micro-shorts—the whole clothing hugging her curves perfectly, accenting her body shape that sent tingling sensation on Seulgi’s stomach. Her eardrum playing her heartbeat in amplified echo in sync with her brain that’s shouting the previous curse words repeatedly in loop. And it didn’t help that Joohyun’s cheeks was tinted in pink because of embarrassment. . . . Seulgi felt dried up, so she gulped a pool of saliva that has already accumulated on (good thing she didn’t drool the liquid out) and tried her hardest to smirk, praying to gods of sand that her smirk won’t look so forced. “B-better than wearing nothing H-Hyunnie…” , did I just stutter?? . . .

“Yah,” Joohyun glared at Seulgi who shrugged at her then continued building their sandman.

“Come on Joohyun-unnie! Do you want to build a sandman?” Seungwan asked again smirking.

Joohyun snorted as she joined the two, settling beside Seulgi. “Go away, Wan-na.”

Seungwan laughed. “You and Seul have the same brain cells.”

Joohyun and Seulgi looked at each other and chuckled, somewhat in both acknowledgement of the statement and nervousness.

“Well, tell me if you’re done with that childish sandman of yours because the jet skis can’t wait.” Sooyoung said with arms crossed. When the three looked at her, she nodded her head proudly towards the two jet skis.

Seungwan and Seulgi immediately dropped the task at hand and raced towards the vehicle.

Joohyun chuckled, shaking her head in amusement as she dusted herself off the sand as she walked towards Sooyoung. “They’re so childish—”

“Race to where you want to backride, unnie?” Sooyoung smirked at Joohyun and started running.

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