The Maknae Line and The Big Picture

A Tease for A Tease
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Sooyoung, Seungwan and Joohyun watched Seulgi teach Yerim the basic of playing a guitar as they all sipped their tea. Yerim was holding her brand new Fender Mustang electric guitar (you probably have an idea who gifted this to her) while Seulgi was beside her and was doing some basic chords for their maknae to mimic and play, both sitting on the floor in front of their clubroom’s mini stage.

Joohyun hummed in contentment.

“I’m still wondering what you said to Yerim-ah to make her agree, unnie.” Seungwan asked as she turned to their leader beside her.

Joohyun smirked. “Do you know the best way to win someone over?”

Sooyoung squinted her eyes in anticipation while Seungwan shook her head.

Joohyun giggled. “Learn of what they like and exploit it.” The words might sound a bit on the harsh side but that’s what’s she did to both win over Seulgi in their teasing game, and Yerim.

“That sounds harsh, unnie.” Sooyoung commented, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t get it unnie…” Seungwan mumbled for Joohyun to further expound.

Joohyun shrugged as she sipped her tea. “I just used her liking for Seulgi-yah and leveraged on it. Remember, Seulgi-yah is her bias.”

Seungwan shook her head, still not getting it. “So, what did you exactly say???”

“I just said,” Joohyun paused and lean over the table closer to the two across her. “That Seulgi-yah will be personally tutoring her as she learned the guitars. And that they’ll be spending every afternoon, and every weekend together studying up until the opening ceremony.”

“Daebak! She agreed on that terms???” Seungwan can’t believe it. It’s a bit shallow to hear but as a fan girl herself, she’d probably agree on anything (as long as her life won’t be endangered) if she can spend time with her bias Park Yoochun, so she understood Yerim on a spiritual level.

“Wait—” Sooyoung wanted to retort but swallowed what she was about to say. It was just so wrong on several levels.

First, as she mentioned, it was cruel to exploit on someone’s object of affection to win that someone over. Okay, maybe she’s thinking about it too much; it’s not like they’re doing something wrong to Yerim after all. But she can’t help but think that their leader has been doing this strategy on other things too.

And secondly, this is very bizarre of their unnie, it somehow felt unfair to her. Joohyun didn’t accept her easily like this before. She felt Joohyun being off with her when Seulgi and her started to get close. She thought that maybe it’s because she’s a new addition to the team, unlike with Seungwan who they already spent a month with. So then why did the oldest girl just welcome their new maknae with open arms and didn’t had that weird awkward vibes around her, like she’s so gloomy it felt like she was secretly sad? The awkwardness was actually lifted after they bathe together back at the villa but then went back after their pranking gone wrong, and then was gone again after the school festival, when they first met Yerim.

It’s just all so confusing. Just what changed, Joohyun-unnie???? Is her assessment back when they were training at their restaurant right after all? But, her seemingly smug behavior can’t be justified even with that. Unless—

“Hello, earth to Sooyoungie???”

Sooyoung flinched as she saw Seungwan’s fingers snapping in front of her face. “Uh yeah what?”

Seungwan raised her brow at her. “Seul has been calling you for a while now.”

“Oh.” Sooyoung said then stood up after seeing Seulgi gesturing at her to come to them. She glanced at Joohyun who was just smiling at them, that awkwardness she was referring to before probably won’t make any appearance any time soon. Which is good, but how come????

Sooyoung then helped the two study about musical notes this time, with her not skipping to observe their leader’s reaction from time to time, their Joohyun-unnie who still had that winning smile on her face that made her very curious and suspicious.


“Hey Yerim-ah!” Seungwan called.

Yerim, who was clinging to Seulgi looked around by the door, they were about to leave their clubroom when she was called. “Yes, Wendy-unnie?”

“You forgot your guitar.” Seungwan said, nodding her head towards the forgotten guitar placed on the sofa.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Yerim sheepishly chuckled and jogged to get her guitar already inside its case.

“Geez, how can you forget something so big Yerimie?” Joohyun commented in a tone both scolding and amused. “Even Seulgi-yah had hers on her back and you didn’t notice.” She shook her head.

“Genius had its limits.” Sooyoung commented.

“Or she’s just too fixated on clinging to Seul that she forgot.” Seungwan said as they watched Yerim clung unto Seulgi once more as the two head out of the clubroom, with the three of them in tow.

Sooyoung side glanced at Joohyun at that, but the latter was just shaking her head in amusement. She frowned in thinking.


Sooyoung’s car was already waiting for them once they reached the school gate.

“You sure you’re not coming with us unnie?” Sooyoung asked Joohyun then looked at Yerim who was still hugging Seulgi’s arms.

Joohyun shook her head. “No. I still have things to do and you’ll be fine anyway. Yerimie is a fast learner as Seulgi-yah said.” The new maknae was able to learn in a speed rare for those who learn guitar for the first time. And besides, she really has to finish her pending songs.

Seulgi nodded at that, agreeing. The girl was indeed a genius. “Yeah you’re right.” She beamed at Yerim proudly who was giggling.

Sooyoung’s eyes squinted but in then end, sighed. “Okay. We’ll be going now.” She said then went inside her car, followed by Seulgi then Yerim.

“Welp, that’s them.” Seungwan huffed after the car drove away. She looked at Joohyun. “And here’s us.” She paused then smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow then—unnie?” She waved at a zoning out Joohyun.

“Seungwan-ah…” Joohyun pursed her lips in thinking, staring at ground trying to compose what she’s about to say.

“Yes unnie? What’s wrong?” Seungwan asked worriedly when she saw the hesitance in their leader’s expression.

Joohyun took a deep breath then released it, her shoulders falling down in defeat. “It’s nothing, Seungwan-ah.” She looked up and smiled. “See you tomorrow.”

Seungwan was just left there watching the oldest girl stride home towards the other direction opposite from hers, with her in puzzle of what might their leader wanted to say.


“Good job today, Yerimie. You really learn fast.” Seulgi said by their house’s gate, walking out Sooyoung and Yerim after their music study.

Yerim giggled. “Thanks, Seulgi-unnie. You and Joy-unnie are just good teachers.” She complimented back.

Seulgi just chuckled. “So, take care on your way home. Thanks, Sooyoung-ah for coming over too.”

“It’s nothing Seulgi-unnie. I’ll drop Yerim-ah to her home, then. Bye.” Sooyoung said then went inside the car. Yerim followed after.

The drive didn’t take long. Soon, they were in front of Yerim’s house.

“See you at school then, Yerim-ah.” Sooyoung said.

“See you Joy-unnie. Thanks for dropping me off.” Yerim waved and bowed then closed the car’s door.

Sooyoung shifted on her seat and as the car started to drive away. After a few minutes, she realized that Yerim left her guitar again. “Wait,” She said, stopping the driver from going further. The car reversed and made a U-turn on the road to go back to Yerim’s house. It stopped in front of the house. She looked for her phone and realized they still haven’t gotten each other’s phone numbers, so she had to bring it to her herself. She sighed.

Sooyoung got out of her car carrying Yerim’s guitar on her back. She pressed the doorbell and a middle-aged woman wearing an apron open the door. She politely bowed. “Hello, good evening, ma’am. I’m Park Sooyoung, Yerim-ah’s senior and clubmate. She left her guitar in my car when I dropped her off—”

“Omo! You’re Yerimie’s senior and clubmate! Welcome, welcome. Please feel at home!”

Sooyoung shook her head as she was dragged inside the home helplessly. “Ah, no ma’am, I’m just here to give Yerim-ah’s guitar.”

“Nonsense, stay with us for dinner.” Yerim’s mother said in insistence. “I’m almost done cooking so just wait for a bit.”

Sooyoung just stood there in the living room awkwardly as she watched Yerim’s mother disappear to the kitchen. She sighed. She flinched when she heard Yerim’s mother shout.

“Twins! Go fetch your sister with your Sooyoung-noona in her room!”

Yerim’s mother voice boomed. And shortly after, shuffles and tiny footsteps were heard. She turned to the room on her left and two cute little boys, ages around six to seven, who looked exactly alike and like cute male versions of Yerim came running to her and hugged her shin.

“Let’s go Sooyoung-noona.”

“Let’s go Sooyoung-noona.”

The two boys said, echoing each other. Sooyoung can’t help but smile and coo at them, they’re most probably Yerim’s twin brothers she had mentioned previously. She let them drag her towards the stairs. They ascended and the room at the end of the stairs had

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