The Birth and The Death

A Tease for A Tease
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Yerim heard Seulgi groan in her sleep. She was playing on her phone, after waking up an hour ago, awaken by Joohyun’s shuffling again, but decided to stay in bed. She paused her game and watched the guitarist hold her head after removing the blanket Joohyun wrapped around her like a human burrito after the oldest girl woke up and noticed Seulgi’s temperature. Guilty much, she thought. “Good morning Seulgi-unnie. Are you feeling okay?” She asked even if she already knew the answer.

Seulgi groaned again. “My body feels heavy and cold. Ugh.”

Yerim shrugged and continued playing. “It’s the bad side effect of your best present ever. But hell, I’m sure you wouldn't mind.”

“What?” Seulgi asked, eyes squinting at the maknae, not quite hearing her mumbling as she sat up slowly on the edge of her bed.

Yerim exhaled then quit the game on her phone. “I said, that’s probably because you let yourself got rained on yesterday when you went out to follow Irene-unnie.” And she even brought an umbrella with her but didn’t thought of protecting herself. When she said yesterday that Seulgi loves hard and selfless, this is what she meant. She sat up and approached Seulgi who was chuckling sheepishly.

“Where’s Hyunnie anyway?” Seulgi asked, looking up at Yerim who was feeling her forehead in concern.

“She woke up early and went down after.” Yerim answered with a shrug. “You should take some medicine unnie, you have a light fever.” As she had guessed correctly.

“I’ll be fine Yerimie.” Seulgi beamed at her. “Let’s go down and eat?” She then stood up and led the maknae outside her room.

Yerim can only sigh at that.


“Is it what I think it is???” Seulgi asked loudly referring to the smell of food after reaching the kitchen, seeing Joohyun, Seungwan and her mother busy cooking and preparing. Yerim was behind her bowing at Seulgi’s mother in greeting.

“Hey Seul!” Seungwan shouted quite loudly upon seeing Seulgi. She put down the ladle on her hand and went to her, hugging her tightly. “Happy birthday Seul!!” She greeted.

Seulgi chuckled as she replied her hug. “Thanks Wan!” She felt the shorter girl push her gently, leading her to a seat in the middle of the table, where feast of food is already prepared. “Wow, you sure prepared a lot.” She said in amazement.

Yerim took a seat too on Seulgi’s left.

Seungwan huffed proudly. “Of course. Auntie, Joohyun-unnie and I joined forces to make you your favorites!”

At that, Joohyun placed a bowl of food that made Seulgi’s eyes went wide.

“Oh my god Hyunnie! Your seaweed soup!!! I knew it!!” Seulgi exclaimed excitedly, even jumping a little on her seat like a happy kid.

Joohyun giggled and touched Seulgi’s face very briefly and nonchalantly. “I know you like it.” She then placed a pill of medicine and nodded to it. When Seulgi nodded, getting the message, she went back to the kitchen, leaving a giddy Seulgi.

Yerim knew the gesture was to subtly check Seulgi’s temperature. And the soup, even though famously known to be prepared during birthdays, was to also help alleviate the light fever Seulgi had. She also didn't miss the medicine Joohyun placed for Seulgi to take and how the oldest silently commanded the younger to take it after. Geez, their Joohyun-unnie knows how to be as subtle as possible, and Seulgi’s denseness doesn’t help with that at all.

“Joohyn-unnie said that her seaweed is your favorite.” Seungwan commented then winked, before she went back behind the kitchen counter to help.

Seulgi glared at her. “Where’s Sooyoung-ah?” Seulgi asked staring directly at Seungwan, after noticing that the only bandmate not present there was her.

Seungwan chuckled. “Sooyoungie’s still fast asleep.” She giggled as she washed the dishes. “I massaged her back last night when I noticed her touching it a lot yesterday. Figured she was having some backache due to all the preparation and activities, so I worked as a masseuse last night. I even had her cover so she can be quiet with her groaning in pain, and well, in pleasure—”

“Oh my god,” Seulgi, Yerim and Joohyun mumbled at Seungwan’s choice of words—even Seulgi’s mother had to look at her daughter in confirmation if she heard the girl’s words right, in which Seulgi just nodded to her, in pleading to extend understanding to the Canadian.

“—since all of you are dead tired too.” Seungwan shrugged and giggled further. “Guess it’s all effective. She’s sleeping like a log now.”

Seulgi and Yerim unknowingly pursed their lips at the same time, in silent prayers to their keyboardist, and for apology for letting her alone with their Casanova friend—who’s almost smooth as a criminal.

“Hey guys, auntie, good morning.”

They all turned to the voice by the kitchen and dining room entrance. And speaking of the poor devil, Sooyoung was there bowing politely, having that blooming aura in her despite Seulgi’s borrowed pajama being obviously a bit short for her height.

“Happy birthday, Seulgi-unnie.” Sooyoung greeted, side-hugging the birthday girl before taking the seat beside Yerim.

“Thanks, Sooyoung-ah.” Seulgi replied.

“How are you feeling Sooyoungie?” Seungwan asked loudly.

Seulgi and Yerim looked at Sooyoung with a worried smile on their faces. They both saw Sooyoung flinch and blush at the question, her eyes becoming hazy as if in reminiscing of something embarrassing.

“I-I’m fine Seungwannie. Uh… I feel… rejuvenated? Thanks.” Sooyoung stuttered then cleared and drank the glass of water in front of her in just two gulps. They heard Seungwan mumble told you so.

Seulgi silently sighed at that. “Yah, Sooyoung-ah, slow down on the water, okay? You wouldn’t want to be intoxicated by it too.” She raised an eyebrow to remind the former maknae of what happened to her before. She nodded when Sooyoung gulped and chuckled sheepishly shyly.

Yerim exhaled worriedly. Gods help her unnies. But Yerim knew deep inside that she’s the only one who can do so. She sighed again.

That’s then the men of the family joined everyone, greeting their bear a happy birthday in so much doting and love.


“Finally!!” Seulgi exclaimed happily after finally beating an undefeated Joohyun.

But no, Seungwan, Yerim and Sooyoung thought. Seulgi didn’t beat Joohyun; Joohyun tanked the match. She purposely hidden her other card when Seulgi mistakenly thought she only had one and shouted “UNO!”, so she can get that extra cards, and purposely dropped the four-color card and picked the color she knew Seulgi holds.

Why? Probably because it’s Seulgi’s birthday.

Seulgi giggled mockingly. “Ah, finally!” She then grabbed the lipstick and waved a hand at Joohyun to come near her.

The trio sighed internally. All their faces had drawings and doodles drawn in lipstick, most especially, Seungwan (she just in games), while this will be the first time Joohyun will be punished with such. Their leader is just so competitive to a fault—with Seulgi of course, as an exemption.

Joohyun playfully grunted beside Seulgi and let her face near her. Seulgi cupped her chin with one hand, and pouted, a gesture to make Joohyun follow. So, Joohyun obliged.

Seulgi started doodling at Joohyun’s lips, eyes squinting in concentration.

All the while, Joohyun’s eyes started to zone out and focus on Seulgi’s lips, as she was reminded of the stunt she did a while ago. Gods, do all people who have fallen in love have that uncontrollable urge?? Do all in love people become some kind of a ert? Or is it only Joohyun? Is it because she realized a bit late and it kind of piled up in some kind of ual frustration? She had been staring at Seulgi’s lips ever since she did that CPR and was bothered by her abs even before, so she probably had been ert for Seulgi long ago. Gods, she’s embarrassing. But gods! Seulgi’s lips tasted so good she wanted more; she can’t get enough of it—GODS JOOHYUN?! YOUR RAGING HORMONES—!

“Yah Hyunnie, don’t part your lips.” Seulgi complained, in annoyance that Joohyun’s not sitting still, thus ruining her masterpiece.

Joohyun flinched at the realization of how her thought process had ended going. Gods, you need to calm down, Joohyun! She pouted back and averted her eyes away from Seulgi’s lips.

Yerim felt Sooyoung looking at her knowingly, b

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Chapter 40: I JUST CRIED???? This is the one of the best stories I've ever read and the plot is so unique! I love how the songs fit the emotions of the characters and I can tell you spent a lot of time on this. I love every second I read this :,) Sad that it's ending, but I'll manage. Thank you for creating such a wonderful story. :)))
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