The Rabbit and The Bunny

A Tease for A Tease
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It was the day before D-DAY, so everyone except Seulgi had to do specific last-minute preparations and checking to make sure everything’s all set.

Sooyoung and Yerim work hand-in-hand with the organization of the event proper, the guest list and the souvenirs. Seungwan assists them with the production of the latter. Joohyun coordinates with Seulgi’s family in secret and behind her back, to organize the event location and with the food preparation. Seulgi is well, still clueless—thanks to Seungwan’s distractions—and is ever so bubbly and enthusiastic.

They just finished one round of practicing their two new songs; Listen! and Fate is Endless, written by Yerim and Seulgi respectively. They’re planning to cut it out to one round since they still have other duties to secretly attend to.

But Seulgi was overly hyper and passionate.

“Let’s do one more round, I think we still need to adjust some rhythmic synching.” Seulgi said, looking around her bandmates with a smile.

Sooyoung, Seungwan, Yerim and Joohyun all looked at each other discreetly, in silent communication of avoiding the suggestion because they might lose some valuable time. Seungwan nodded a little in understanding to step up on her designated task.

“Seul!” Seungwan feigned coughing twice. “My vocal cord’s kind of itchy.”

Seulgi and Sooyoung perked up, in worry for the former while in amusement for the latter. Seungwan finally used the Vocal Line’s SOS codeword. It was a discussion within their group chat about them saving each other’s butts secretly, most usually Seulgi when a teasing Joohyun strikes, but it applies to all, nonetheless; they just had to cough twice and say something about their vocal cords and that’d hint the others to step in and save the other. It was no wonder though why Seungwan finally decided on using it. She probably had run out of distractions to use against a good mood Seulgi. She had used the free treat to foods and arcades and other establishments against her for the last few days after all.

“On second thought! I think we should just go home and enjoy the rest of our weekends!” Seulgi beamed and removed her guitar. “I have to go check something with Byul-unnie too so…” She chuckled sheepishly as she gathered all her things. She eyed Seungwan and Sooyoung, sending them signals to follow her. She smiled one last time and waved goodbye to her bandmates. “See you!” Then went out of the clubroom.

Everyone exhaled a sigh of relief after.

“Nice save, Seungwannie.” Sooyoung said, preparing her things to go to their headquarters to finish their preparations with Yerim.

“Are you okay, Seungwan-ah??” Joohyun asked in worry since she didn’t know about the codeword.

Seungwan eyed Sooyoung for a bit then beamed at their leader. “I’m fine unnie. I just said that to make Seul cancel the practice. She can be a worrywart with these little things, you know.” She chuckled sheepishly. “Anyways, I’m going to run after Seul and get her sidetracked while you go Joohyun-unnie and double-check everything on your side. Just message me if I can let Seul go.” She turned to Sooyoung and Yerim. “Then I’ll follow after.”

Sooyoung and Yerim nodded. “Got it.”

Then they all nodded to resume the Operation Surprise Seulgi.


“Hey Seul!!”

Seungwan run towards the waiting Seulgi just outside the dance club auditorium.

“Hey Wan!!” Seulgi called, looking up from her phone from which she’s busy sending messages to their Vocal Line group chat. “Where’s Sooyoung-ah??”

Seungwan shrugged. “She said she’s got some things to do. Rich kid stuffs I guess.” She huffed. “So, what are you going to check with Moonbyul-sunbaenim??”

“Huh??” I just said that because you sent our SOS signal.” Seulgi asked back in confusion.

“Oh! Right!” Seungwan chuckled sheepishly.

“So, what is it? What’s wrong???” Seulgi asked worriedly.

Seungwan honestly didn’t think up to this point, she just reacted out of flight response. She didn’t mean for Seulgi to be worried, so she got to think fast for a reason for saying that. “U-uh, yeah, well, that’s—”

“Hey, Seulgi-unnie!”

Seungwan and Seulgi whipped their heads towards the call and found Lalisa and Jennie waving at them. Seulgi waved while Seungwan bowed in acknowledgement.

“Hi too, Seungwan-shi.” Lalisa and Jennie greeted. They then turned to Seulgi.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Seulgi asked.

Lalisa draped her arm over Seulgi’s shoulder. “Going strong.”

Jennie rolled her eyes. “If going strong means my blood boiling each time I oversee your dance practice, then we’re really going strong.” She scoffed. “And it’s partly your fault, Seulgi-unnie.” She raised a brow.

“W-wha?! Why me?!” Seulgi pouted while Lalisa chuckled sheepishly.

“Your dance. A dance partner is required for that, remember? So Lalisa got partnered with none other than Kim Jisoo. Ugh.” She scoffed and rolled her eyes further in annoyance and jealousy, crossing her arms.

“Oooh… Kim Jisoo…” Seulgi whistled in acknowledgment of the girl’s dance prowess and admittedly her beauty. She was a transferee, as per Moonbyul, and she had seen her from afar a few times, but haven’t really talked to her. Joohyun still tops her list though, in regard to the rumored beauty that can par with her Hyunnie. Actually, Joohyun’s the only one on that list even, as bias as that is.

“Yah,” Jennie warned.

Lalisa chuckled. “She’s just a dance partner, Jennie-yah. You’re still my partner, babe.” She reached for Jennie then draped her other arm on her shoulder’s this time.

“Ugh, get a room.” Seulgi wriggled out of Lalisa’s hold then went beside Seungwan who was just watching them silently with a smile.

“Anyway, we got to go back. I still have to practice with my dance partner.” Lalisa said, giggling when Jennie nudged her side for her teasing.

Seulgi nodded while chuckling. “Alright, see you guys. Good luck with your dance, Lali.” She winked in teasing.

“Yah!” Jennie called out.

Lalisa chuckled. “Thanks Seulli! You bet I will!”

Seulgi was still chuckling, shaking her head as her and Seungwan watched them enter the dance club’s auditorium.

“You’ve gotten close with Lalisa, I see.” Seungwan commented smirking.

Seulgi chuckled sheepishly. “Well, it was all a misunderstanding so… And Lali’s cool.” She was referring to their previous altercation caused by her wrong assumption. She had mentioned the updates of that event on their Vocal Line group chat so Seungwan and Sooyoung knew what occurred after they spied on their leader.

Seungwan patted Seulgi’s shoulder. “I’m glad it all turned out fine Seul. You were really bothered about it.”

“Hehe, I know.” Seulgi chuckled sheepishly. “I guess I should stop jumping unto conclusions, as Byul-unnie said.”

“That’s right Seul. Never assume unless otherwise stated.” Seungwan nodded.

“Wow, Wan. Wise words.” Seulgi laughed. “Anyway, what’s your emergency again?”

Seungwan cleared . “Well, I need some advice on some gifts. Can you come with me to choose some for my friend’s birthday?” All their talking gave her some time about the reason she can give to Seulgi.

Seulgi nodded. “Sure.” The both of them started walking to head out of the school. “How’s she like?”

Seungwan smirked. “Well, the good thing is, she kind of reminds me of you. So I asked you.”

Seulgi smirked too. “That’s great then! I already have some things in mind.”

“Alright! Let’s go gift-shopping then!” Seungwan happily exclaimed as she thought, this is hitting two birds with one stone.



Seulgi groaned at the soft call and shifted on her bed. She opened her eyes a little and saw that it was still dark, so she rolled over and covered her head with a pillow, refusing to wake up at the call.

Joohyun sighed. “Seulgi-yah. You need to wake up.”

“But Hyunnie… it’s still dark and early.” Seulgi groaned. She paused for a while, then after a moment of realization, she sat up in a jolt. “H-Hyunnie?! What are you doing here?!” She exclaimed in surprise after seeing Joohyun standing by the side of her bed. She lifted her blanket up to her chest, in attempt to hide her exposed sando-wearing self.

Joohyun sighed again. She the lights to her room. “It’s already nine in the morning, Seulgi-yah. I’ve been waking you up for almost ten minutes now but you sleep like a bear.” She crossed her arms as she explained that.

Seulgi squinted her

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