The New Classes and The New Maknae

A Tease for A Tease
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Joohyun stood by the school’s gate as flock of students entered the school while happily chattering. The thousands of conversations a background noise in her ears as her mind plays a certain incomplete song.

Tomorrow we'll meet at our usual place
You'll be running and I'll wait for you
Just like I'm waiting for the first snow of the season
Run a little faster!

And like a playful coincidence, she saw Seulgi running towards her again, a wide smile plastered on her face as she waved her hand towards her.

“I wonder what I should say…” Joohyun mumbled to herself as she smiled at the younger girl sprinting. Meh, maybe a happy new year would suffice.

“Hey Hyunnie!!” Seulgi said, finally in front of Joohyun, breathing in and out after her run.

“Hey Seulgi-yah. Happy new year.” Joohyun greeted with a smile.

“Happy new year too Hyunnie!” Seulgi said excitedly. “I received your greeting card. It was awesome! Thank you!” She exclaimed happily.

“Glad you liked it.” Joohyun said giggling. She then perked up when a black classy car stopped in front of them and saw Sooyoung got out of it. “Sooyoung-ah!” She called, waving. Seulgi turned and followed the gesture.

“Hey guys, good morning.” Sooyoung said as she approached the two. “Happy new year.”

“Happy new year, Sooyoung-ah.” Joohyun and Seulgi greeted.

“Thanks for the new year greeting card, unnie.” Sooyoung thanked for the card she received from their leader.

“You’re welcome, Sooyoung-ah. How’s your vacation?” Joohyun asked.

Seulgi smirked. “I’ll bet you my allowance today that it was the best vacation ever for our Joy.” She snickered.

Sooyoung rolled her eyes at that. “It was fine, unnie.” Seulgi giggled in mock but she ignored her. “How about you guys?”

“It was fine too. It was a bit too cold so we hardly went out to do anything.” Joohyun said.

“Geez, you’re a homebody Hyunnie, you probably liked it more than being outside.” Seulgi commented. Joohyun nodded in agreement.

“Hey guys!!!!!”

The three of them turned to the shouting voice and found Seungwan hurriedly running towards them while hyperactively waving her hands. They can’t help but chuckle at that.

“Yah Wan! Slow down!” Seulgi shouted when Seungwan tripped and almost fell. Sooyoung sighed in disbelief while Joohyun in relief.

Seungwan chuckled sheepishly upon reaching them. “Happy new year guys!!!” She greeted in a hyper tone. “I got some stuffs for you!” She handed each one of them a small paper bag.

The three opened it and find a RV logo keychain. They all marveled at it in amazement.

“Wow! This is amazing Wan! You actually did it!” Seulgi said in amazement. She remembered sending Seungwan the logo of Red Velvet she designed herself.

Seungwan proudly nodded and showed her bag to them that already had the keychain chained on its zipper. “Red Velvet is back again!” She said excitedly. “So, are you all ready for this??” She asked, everyone nodded so they started walking inside the gate.

They all agreed to meet up by the school gate early and go to school together so they can see their class assignments for the second year. The school shuffle the classes annually. Seulgi and Joohyun were classmates during the previous year while Sooyoung and Seungwan were both in different classes.

“I hope we can all be together in one class.” Seungwan said.

“That’d be great. But what if…” Seulgi smirked and turned to Joohyun beside her. “Only Hyunnie will be in a different class??? What are you going to do Hyunnie if ever???” She said in a grave smirking tone.

Joohyun nudged her side at that. Of course that’d be the worst. Just thinking about how she’s in a classroom without anyone she knows scares the out of her. But at this point, she didn’t want Seulgi to regain her momentum of being on the top of the tease chain. No, not now that she knew how to counter her. She playfully scoffed. “What are you going to do, if ever, Seulgi-yah??” She raised her eyebrow at the taller girl mockingly.

Here they go again, Seungwan thought and butted in. “Come on hurry up guys.” She said then dragged Seulgi with her, she’s going to lose that game anyways so better withdraw her as early as now.

Joohyun giggled at that and shrugged nonchalantly at Sooyoung who was looking at her.

Seulgi blanked out as she digested the question while being dragged by Seungwan. Yeah, what is she going to do if that happens? She didn’t really think that through.


Seulgi snapped out of her own thinking when Seungwan cursed and lifted her head up to the bulletin board in front of them.

What did they say again? Right. Be careful what you wish for. Or in this case, what you what-if for. Seulgi cursed herself.


“It’s going to be fine unnie.” Seungwan said reassuringly while they all settled at their clubroom before the first period starts. “Our rooms are just beside each other so we can just peek and check on you.” She then nudged Seulgi beside her who’s out of it ever since they knew of the classes. How funny is it that Seulgi jinxed their classes’ assignments perfectly?

“That’s right. We can still meet after classes anyway.” Sooyoung agreed and kicked Seulgi’s shin under the table in silent message of get a grip of yourself.

Seulgi chuckled. “T-that’s right Hyunnie. I know you’ll miss me but I’m just a call away.” She smugly said, masking the guilt and worry inside her because of the separation of their classes.

Joohyun giggled as she walked towards them with a tray of tea. “Don’t worry about me guys. Worry about yourself because Seulgi-yah will be under your care now.” She placed the four teas in front of her members. “You’re now responsible for her assignments and food.”

“YAH HYUNNIE!” Seulgi complained and pouted.

“What are you unnie, a kid?” Sooyoung commented as she looked at Seulgi with disgust.

Seulgi tucked her tongue out to Sooyoung. “I don’t need you, Joy. I have my Wan here.” She said as she clung unto Seungwan. “Right Wan? You got me, right?”

Seungwan sighed. “Of course I got your back Seul. Here and on other things.” She winked and cooed and ruffled the taller girl’s hair in adoration.

Joohyun sighed. “Don’t baby her too much.” She said in amusement, her head leaning on her palm as she watched the two across her.

Sooyoung watched the motherly expression on Joohyun’s. It’s not like how she had before. She’s a bit expecting that unreadable expression of hers considering how sweet and close Seungwan and Seulgi is right now. She pursed her lips in thinking.

“I won’t unnie.” Seungwan chuckled sheepishly. “So! Seul, unnie, can you show us now your new composed songs?” She asked excitedly at the reminder.

“Oh, right.” Seulgi sat up straight then stood up and went towards her bag to search for her song.

The three of them watched her rummage her bag.

Seulgi thought of which song to present, a song that won’t be that too obvious. My Love is a Stapler, no, it’s too much in the deep. Not Heart Throbbing Sugar too since Her Hyunnie might hint on their previous baking session. Only one option left. She fished out the music sheet and reviewed it. Perfect, it’s a bit on the vague side and the melody is cute and cheerful. This will make do.

“Here guys.” Seulgi approached the table back and settled standing up between Seungwan and Joohyun as she placed the music sheet on the table.

The trio all read the sheet.

“Full of Number Ones.” Seungwan read it out loud and scanned through the lyrics. “Yah Seul, this is some serial girl song you got here.” She snickered. Joohyun giggled while Sooyoung sighed.

“Yah Wan!” Seulgi grunted as she was prompted to defend herself at that comment. “It’s like having a lot of favorites you know. And how you just can’t disregard any of them because they’re all important to you and and—”

Sooyoung did her previous hand gesture of shutting Seulgi’s mumbling up which earned giggles again from the other two. Seulgi frowned and pouted.

As they read through, Sooyoung and Seungwan looked at each other discreetly and nodded a little, in silent understanding that the song was talking about their date last year. Seulgi gushed the event to the two of them on their Vocal Line group chat after all. They can’t help but share their selfie too from Canada after that, when they themselves went out together since Sooyoung was in Canada too. Hence, Seulgi’s mention of best vacation ever at Sooyoung a while ago.

The mention of school, songs, tea, desserts. The dog, the flowers and even their walk. Can you be more obvious Seulgi???? WenJoy thought.

Joohyun thought the same too. She pursed her lips to stop herself from smiling. Her chest brimmed with pride. Seulgi was able to produce a great song out of their date. It amazes her how she can push the creativeness out of the guitarist, like she was some kind of inspiration to her. She sighed though, how she wished to be able to do to same. Because as much as it was partly the same for her—she was able to write and start songs for the latter—but thinking about how it was dedicated for Seulgi too much causes her to stumble upon a block, disabling her to continue and finish hers.

“How about you unnie?” Sooyoung asked. She noticed Joohyun flinched.

“Right, uhm…” Joohyun trailed off then chuckled sheepishly. “Sorry guys, I haven’t finished mine yet.” She said guiltily.

“What? Why?” Seulgi asked worriedly as she looked down at the bassist.

Joohyun chuckled sheepishly again. “I just got a bit busy during the holidays…” She reasoned.

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