The Tops and The Bottoms

A Tease for A Tease
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“No Sooyoung-ah! I’m not wearing that swimsuit anymore!!”

Sooyoung exasperatedly sighed. “I don’t mean that swimsuit Joohyun-unnie. Of course this is a different one.” She paused. “Come on, get out of there already!”

Joohyun had locked herself in the bathroom after Sooyoung suggested for her to wear the swimsuit she had instead of her regular sando and short shorts she brought. “No Sooyoung-ah! Your swimsuits are embarrassing!”

Sooyoung crossed her arms facing their bathroom’s door. “Well, do you want to lose then unnie? What the hell happened to channelling our inner mountaineer and climb to the top??”

Joohyun sighed from the inside of the bathroom. Why the hell did she say that last night anyway? “Fine.” She said in the defeat and went out of the bathroom. Sooyoung greeted her with a smirk. She sighed again. “I don’t know how wearing this swimsuit can help us with our little mission, Sooyoung-ah.” She gestured to the offending attire, a yellow top with micro jeans shorts.

“Let me let you in in a secret unnie.” Sooyoung stood by Joohyun’s side, draping her arms over her shoulder. She sighed in double thinking; she’d be spilling some beans but not the entirety of it anyway so maybe Seulgi will forgive her. She doubts if Seulgi will ever know of this so she should be fine. “If you want to, well, distract? Or dazzle Seulgi-unnie, or render her speechless, this swimsuit will help you.”

Joohyun squinted her eyes. “Why?”

“Because…” Sooyoung paused. “Seulgi-unnie is a wholesome person. Seeing a lot of skin turns her off her teasing rhythm.”

“Oh. That’s why she was so distracted last week?” Joohyun remembered how Seulgi played the volleyball so unlike the athletic her.

Sooyoung nodded, proud that she was able to think of that reason.

“Well, why did she seem like only distracted to me?”

“Well, out of all of us, you were the one who was showing the most skin unnie.”

Joohyun blushed at the reminder. “And who’s fault was that—"

“Yours? Because you forgot to bring your swimsuit attire.” Sooyoung shrugged with a raised brow.

“Yah Park Sooyoung—”

“Hush now, Joohyun-unnie. Just trust me on this, okay? We’ll be claiming the top for this one.” Sooyoung said, cutting off Joohyun and faced the older to her. When Joohyun nodded, Sooyoung pushed her a bit to the new swimsuit she’s going to wear as her battle suit.


“Race to ten again, what do you say?”

Seulgi and Seungwan craned their neck behind the sandman they’re currently working on (who’s almost complete) and saw Joohyun with arms crossed with smirking smile while Sooyoung beside her tossed the volleyball repeatedly in the air as if in taunt.

Seulgi gulped, it was a bad idea to room Sooyoung with Joohyun. Not that she had any say about it since when she went up to her room (supposedly with Sooyoung) and touched her bed, everything out—she was dead tired so she was immediately knocked out. She was just surprised to be woken up by her new roommate, Seungwan.

So this—Joohyun’s current swimsuit—is definitely Sooyoung’s idea. Seulgi just wasn’t sure how Sooyoung made Joohyun agree to wear that for the second time, considering that she’s sure that this time around, Joohyun definitely packed for a swimming attire. But hell, knowing Sooyoung, she has her ways—dirty and rich ways.

“Okay! I’m teaming up with Joohyun-unnie again!” Seungwan announced and ran towards the two but Sooyoung lifted a hand to stop her.

“We’re rotating teammates too depending on roommates, Seungwannie.”  Sooyoung smirked. “Me and Joohyun-unnie are teammates this time.”

Seulgi wore the-betrayal expression on her face as she looked at Sooyoung in disbelief. The latter just shrugged with a grin.

“But I don’t want to team up with Seul!” Seungwan complained.

“Yah Wan!” Seulgi’s the-betrayal face became worse.

“Yah, Seul. You didn’t really leave a good impression on the sport last week.” Seungwan crossed her arms.

Seulgi pouted and sighed. “I don’t want to play volley now. I want to finish this sandman.”

“Oh come on Seulgi-yah!” Joohyun went beside her and linked arms with her, looking up with a gentle smile on her face. “It’s your chance to redeem yourself. I know you’re good at this. You’re just sick last time.”

Seulgi gulped again. Damn, is drying up again at Joohyun’s closeness.

“Please? For me?” Joohyun had her best puppy (bunny) eyes.

Oh my god, this is going to be a repeat of the last time. Seulgi sighed. She had to put her foot down or else—

“Please Seulgi-yah??”

“Okay…” DAMN! “But let me get water—”

“No.” Joohyun let go of her and had a stern expression as she crossed her arms again. “You are not going to drown yourself anymore, Kang Seulgi.”

“But Hyunnie, we will be playing sports! We are supposed to drink water!” Seulgi retorted.

“I know. You can only drink when I say so.”

“W-what?! That’s crazy Hyunnie! Do you want to kill me?!” Seulgi exclaimed in disbelief, her hands flying around in exaggerated gestures.

Joohyun shrug. “Better me killing you than you killing yourself, Seulgi-yah.” She then walked away with Sooyoung giggling in tow. She looked back briefly. “Now, get your game face on… for the loser team shall obey the winning team’s ten commandments.”

“We’re doomed.” Seungwan mumbled.

“That we are.” Seulgi agreed.


“Time, time, time!!!!” Seungwan shouted, repeatedly gesturing the “T” letter to ask for a timeout. Joohyun and Sooyoung from the other side of the net just nodded confidently and shouted a ‘take your time’ in mocking.

Seulgi stomped towards Seulgi who, for the third time, missed a chance to spike. She dragged her by her arm and went by the loungers. “Yah Seul, what’s wrong with you??”

“I need water…” Seulgi mumbled weakly.

“No! You need focus, Seul! Focus!! You are so distracted!” Seungwan placed her hands on her shoulder and looked at her from head to toe. “I know you’re athletic Seul but what in the world is happening to you?? You’re like this last week too.”

Seulgi tried to weakly wriggle out of Seungwan’s hold but to no avail. “I don’t know Wan. I told you I don’t want to play~” She complained with a pout.

Seungwan sighed in contained annoyance. “You act like you have lost without even trying to fight back Seul!”

Seulgi frowned. “But didn’t you say so too? We’re doomed.”

“No Seul, we should change that way of thinking. We can’t lose to them.” Seungwan nodded towards the two who were giggling as they exchange unheard stories with each other. Seulgi looked at them too in despair. “Do you really want to lose to them??”

Seulgi thought about it. She’s definitely very fine losing to Hyunnie. She always did let her Hyunnie win. But she definitely didn’t want to lose to Sooyoung, no. Not to Sooyoung. She’s a devil incarnate. And she knows too

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