The Water Intoxication and The Helmet

A Tease for A Tease
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“Oh my god Seul!” Seungwan exclaimed and watched Joohyun ran to Seulgi’s aide in split second, even defeating Sooyoung who was just beside Seulgi.

“Seulgi-yah!” Joohyun called as she assisted the now fallen Seulgi, lifting her head to her lap, shaking her to consciousness.

Sooyoung quickly got her phone and made a call. “Yes hello, we need medical assistance ASAP. Our friend was hit by a volleyball and fainted. And she’s been complaining about a headache a while ago… Yeah no, nothing unusual eaten… Uh, I think she drank two liters of water just a while ago… Okay, please hurry.”

“Oh my god Seulgi-yah please wake up!” Joohyun shook Seulgi by her shoulder, her eyes are now starting to water.

“She’s going to be fine, Joohyun-unnie, help is on their way.” Sooyoung knelt by Joohyun’s side and placed a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder.

Joohyun pursed her lips, guilt eating at her because she got too competitive and annoyed and maybe she wasn’t used to Seulgi and Sooyoung’s closeness yet that she deliberately targeted Seulgi for her next spike after her gentlewomanly gesture to their maknae, knowing so well that Seulgi can easily dodge it anyway, like Sooyoung did. But to her horror, Seulgi just stared at the incoming ball dumbfoundedly, so it hit her perfectly on her face. “I’m so sorry, Seulgi-yah—” She choked on her tears. And she didn’t even know that Seulgi was having a headache. Really, why is she being like this??

“Hey unnie, you didn’t mean it, it’s not your fault.” Seungwan said next, caressing the now sobbing Joohyun, knowing too well that she’s blaming herself for what happened. She looked at Sooyoung who was wearing a worried expression on her face as well.

And then Joohyun wailed, crying so hard as she hugged Seulgi as if she died. “They should make helmets for volleyball!!!!” Her cries being accented by the strong gust of wind above them as the medical help Sooyoung called for finally arrived in the form of a helicopter hovering above them, as if for more dramatic effects.

Seungwan and Sooyoung facepalmed as they thought that as much as Joohyun is their leader, they can’t help but think that Seulgi and her just shares the same brain cells.


Seulgi groaned, her head waking her up in a painful throb.

“Hey, Seulgi-yah, are you okay?”

Seulgi blinked, focusing her still blurred vision to her side as a warm hand has held on hers. Despite the spinning and throbbing of her head, she was able to make out an angel looking so worriedly beside her. Is she dead?

“How are you feeling?” Joohyun asked worriedly, caressing Seulgi’s face.

“Oh, Hyunnie…” Seulgi closed her eyes as the room spun around her vision. She felt Joohyun assisted her to adjust her position so that she’s sitting up and leaning her back on the bed’s headboard. She blinked at the gesture and heaved a relieved sigh when she noticed that Joohyun’s finally not wearing that offending swimsuit.

“I need you to drink this Seulgi-yah. Can you do that for me?” Joohyun asked with a gentle voice.

Seulgi weakly nodded. “W-what happened?” She asked weakly as she watched Joohyun prepare something on the side.

Joohyun cleared as she prepared the black coffee the medical girl from a while ago suggested, saying it’s some kind of diuretic. “Well, besides from you receiving my spike using your face—”

“Heh~” Seulgi giggled sheepishly at the remembrance as Joohyun rolled her eyes.

“—it seemed like you’re currently suffering from water intoxication for drinking those two liters of water in a short period of time.”

“Oh.” Seulgi gulped nervously at the thought that drying up can lead into something so serious.

Joohyun raised a brow on her. “Why were you so thirsty anyway??”

Seulgi averted Joohyun’s gaze, ignoring the further spinning of her vision because of that. She ended up shrugging, not really wanting Joohyun to know that it’s actually because of her being so y.

Joohyun sighed exasperatedly. “Really, this is what happens when you get too excited. You probably spent all your adrenaline that’s why you became so thirsty, you adrenaline junkie.” She sighed again. “Here,” She said as she lifted the cup of coffee to make Seulgi drink it. “You have to flush out the excess liquid in your body, your internal organs are literally drowning you know.”

“You don’t say. My head feels like it’s going to burst.” Seulgi sipped and grimaced. “It’s too bitter Hyunnie.” She whined.

“Well, deal with it, you big baby.” Joohyun scolded.

Seulgi smiled at the endearing term and thought that despite how ty she feels, this isn’t bad at all. “Where’s Sooyoung-ah and Wan?”

“I tasked them to make our lunch.” Joohyun shortly answered, still concentrating on making Seulgi finish the coffee.

“Shouldn’t you be there?”

“They’ll be fine. Besides, who else is willing enough to take care of you?” Joohyun tried to look as nonchalant as she can as she remembered how the young medical girl from before (probably Sooyoung’s staff again) volunteered on taking care of Seulgi to still have the rest of them enjoy the villa. Ha! As if Joohyun can enjoy the villa with Seulgi’s condition. And as if Joohyun will let anyone else take care of her bear. No one else knows Seulgi the best but her.

“Maternal instinct kicking off again, Hyunnie?” Seulgi snickered weakly which earned another eye roll from the oldest.

“Geez Seulgi-yah. You’re bedridden and all yet you still have the strength to tease me.”

“I’ve got reserved energy for that—AW!”

Joohyun pinched the side of her stomach lightly instead of the usual head chops since the younger girl isn’t in the best condition to receive those. “Just shut up already and finish this.”

“Yes Hyunnie.” Seulgi complied and finished drinking the bitter black coffee that somehow tasted so sweet on .


Seulgi groaned again as she opened her eyes, this time, her bladder was the one who woke her up. She slowly sat, careful not to move her left hand where Joohyun ended up sleeping on. She stared at the sleeping Joohyun who was holding her hand. Her gaze shifted on the older girl’s phone that was left open, a browser app is open, and a medical page is open, with information about water intoxication. Seulgi sighed and shook her head as she sweetly caressed Joohyun’s head. Joohyun can really be a worrywart sometimes.

Joohyun shifted and eventually woke up. She sat up straight and found Seulgi smiling gently at her. “Seulgi-yah, how are you feeling?”

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