The Lyricists and The Debut Song

A Tease for A Tease
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“Rice is amazing, I'll eat anything steaming hot
Ramen and oden with pancake, this and that
Carbohydrates, carbohydrates—wait, is it just me or this sounds so painfully familiar?” Seungwan mumbled as her eyes squinted in thinking trying to pinpoint where she had heard these exact words.

“Are you pranking us right now Seulgi-yah?” Joohyun held her temple after she read the music sheet on Seungwan’s hand.

Sooyoung was already laughing so hard at the side.

Seulgi scratched her head. “I told you I’m not good at writing! And I even warned you that I might just write something about food, but did you listen???” She scoffed after explaining her side with exaggerated hand gestures.

“Oh! This is your poem! But in full and song version!” Seungwan’s eyes were bulging out at the realization.

Sooyoung was wiping her eyes from laughing so hard. “At least she was able produce a song. We should be specific with the requirements of the deal next time.”

Seulgi laughed sheepishly, standing awkwardly in front of her three bandmates like she’s in front of panel judges.

Joohyun sighed, her hands caressing her forehead in disbelief.

“Hey, it’s not that bad. And it’s unique. And you know, I actually agree to this. Rice is a staple food!” Seungwan high-fived with Seulgi.

“I know right!” Seulgi exclaimed, happy that someone finally acknowledged her genius. Oh. She asked for a high-five from Sooyoung too, who the latter hesitantly answered because she remembered that Sooyoung was the first one to tell her that she was a genius.

Joohyun snatched the music sheet and re-read the full lyrics and the melody, trying to put the melody into action in her mind. She sighed, why does she feel like she’s still being teased by Seulgi’s song?

“Well? What do you think, Hyunnie, our dear leader??” Seulgi asked, beaming in expectation of her answer.

Joohyun sighed. “I feel like you’re making fun of me in this. Wait, are you???” She squinted her eyes in suspicion at Seulgi, referring to the mention of Daegu and some lyrics that spoke with her accent.

“What?! N-no—!” Seulgi snorting made it look like she was. She vehemently shook her head when Joohyun glared at her. “I’m not teasing. It’s just my way of expressing love!” Seulgi said as she side-hugged her Hyunnie. She saw how Sooyoung nodded proudly at her and realized what she had said. “F-for food! And for Daegu!” Seulgi huffed. “Who knows, this might be Daegu’s future national anthem!”

Joohyun finally sighed in defeat as she looked up at Seulgi. “I can’t believe our debut song is going to be about food.”

Seulgi smiled at her sheepishly and scratched her nape. She side glanced at Sooyoung a bit, the maknae’s knowing eyes have been on hers the whole while. “Well, at least we got to feature your hometown and your accent.” She felt Joohyun’s hard nudge on her rib which made her laugh in return.

“I knew this is just you teasing me big time.” Joohyun shook her head in disbelief, Seulgi just patted her head as she chuckled.

“Come on guys! I can’t wait to play this!” Seungwan exclaimed, sitting on the chair of her drum set.

The three of them followed suit on their own position: Seulgi in the middle with her guitar and on vocals, on her left is Sooyoung on her keyboard and Joohyun on her right, Seungwan at the back, slightly windowing between Joohyun and Seulgi.

And they played the song with ease and harmony, as if it wasn’t their first time playing it. The chemistry between the four of them is undeniable. Seungwan’s beat was perfect, Sooyoung’s melody with Seulgi’s guitar was in sync, Joohyun’s bass hum supported them nicely, Seulgi’s voice fitted perfectly on the hyper-activeness of the song, and it was more accented with the other three’s second voices.

There was a part in the song where

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