The Burger Hint and The Ramyeon Assumption

A Tease for A Tease
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They finished practice late that day, perfecting their three songs. It was dinner time when they all decided to finally go home.

“Hey, want to grab some burgers before going home? I’m starving!” Seungwan asked, turning around her bandmates.

“Sure.” Sooyoung said nonchalantly but was deep inside excited because it will be the first time that she got to eat at a fast-food chain, not to mention the invitation came from Seungwan.

Seulgi smirked, not missing the contained smile of their maknae. “Sure Wan! Let’s go!” She cheered as she draped her arm around Joohyun’s shoulder, following the two in front of them.

“Alright!” Seungwan said excitedly, happily skipping beside Sooyoung.

They were about ten meters away from the fast-food chain when Seulgi suddenly halted. “Oh! I forgot Hyunnie and I have something else to do!”

Joohyun squinted. “We have—?” Seulgi nudged her discreetly.

“I’m so sorry Wan! You go eat with Sooyoung-ah since you’re already near the restaurant anyway. We got to go Wan, sorry. Bye, Sooyoung-ah.” Seulgi smirked and dragged Joohyun with her as they walked away from the two.

“What the hell Seul??” Seungwan whined and sighed, she even had the team meal as her target order for the four of them. She looked up at Sooyoung who was glaringly looking at the now empty road which Seulgi and Joohyun took before disappearing. “Hey, you okay there Sooyoungie?”

Sooyoung blinked and cleared and smiled. “Yeah. Should we just go home?”

“What?! No way! We’re already here! And I’m famished already come on!” Seungwan exclaimed and dragged Sooyoung inside the fast-food chain that looked so surreal for Sooyoung.


Heh, back at you, Park Sooyoung. Seulgi proudly snorted. Ah, seeing Sooyoung’s glares was so satisfying.

“What was that for?” Joohyun asked in total confusion. “We have no plans today Seulgi-yah.”

Oh, right. Seulgi didn’t really think further ahead after that impulse deed. She just wanted to one-up against Sooyoung so bad. “W-well…”


Seulgi tried to search for any believable reasons inside her head. “Well, I wanted to talk to you privately. Yeah.” She smiled sheepishly.

“About what?” Joohyun asked, a brow raised.



“Uh… it’s about the songs? Yeah it is.” Seulgi nodded at herself.

“What about it?”

Seulgi’s eyes squinted. “I just, want to know about your opinion about it. You know, as our leader.” Whew, that sounds so believable.

“I just told you, right? I feel like you’re just teasing me using the song, but I guess, generally, it’s fine.” Joohyun said then looked straight as they walked.

“Oh yeah?” Seulgi draped her arm around Joohyun’s shoulder again. “You want to hear what I think about yours?”

Joohyun gulped. “No, not really.”

“Oh come on Hyunnie! Hear this genius’ review!” Seulgi insisted, even jumping as they walked.

Joohyun sighed then rolled her eyes. “Fine, let’s hear it, genius.”

Seulgi cleared .

Joohyun gulped again.

“Well, I think it’s awesome!” Seulgi said in all honesty and pride. She tapped Joohyun’s head.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah.” Seulgi nodded eagerly.

Joohyun sighed again, in relief. Glad that Seulgi’s genius have some limit.

They walked in comfortable silence, with Seulgi unknowingly humming their allegedly debut song, at least as per Sooyoung. Joohyun kept mum in thinking, curiosity pushing her to ask something she wasn’t even sure if she wants to know the answer to. “Hey Seulgi-yah, about your song…“

“Yeah Hyunnie? What song?” Seulgi asked, meeting Joohyun’s questioning gaze at her.

Who were you talking about in your song Fluffy Time? Joohyun averted her eyes from Seulgi, fearing that Seulgi might read her thoughts. “Your song… Rice is a Side Dish… thinking about it makes me hungry. Let’s grab something to eat??”

“We really do have the same brain cells, Hyunnie.” Seulgi chuckled in agreement to the offer.

Joohyun chuckled too, deciding to toss all her unnecessary thoughts under a rug, choosing to think that the story behind Seulgi’s song is all fictitious and unreal and only a product of her creative and wild imagination. Seulgi after all, is a theorist.


“Wow… aren’t these all too greasy???” Sooyoung’s mouth was agape at the double cheeseburger, extra-large fries messily scattered on tissues on their tray, and two extra-large coke.

“Greasy is good, babe.” Seungwan said with a wink as she rubbed her hands

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