The WenJoy Songs and The Vocal Line

A Tease for A Tease
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“Guys, look,” Sooyoung said after browsing on her phone while they were at the clubroom to have another after class meeting to prepare for the songs that they’re going to present on the new school year after the vacation. The three went to her and looked at her phone.

“ReVeluv?” Joohyun asked in confusion.

“We have a fandom name now??” Seungwan asked next in surprised disbelief.

“Daebak.” Seulgi said next as they all checked out a fanpage on a social media site.

“It explains here that the fandom name’s idea came from the line of our debut song, Fluffy Time…” Seungwan read out loud.

“Oh, God, why, is this Dream Night so painful that I've come to like it…” Seulgi mumbled.

“Which meant loving a dream, and ReVe is dream in French and luv is just one way to spell love. This Katy is a genius.” Sooyoung hummed and nodded.

“If I remember correctly that Katy was the one who did a short interview about us after that festival, wasn’t she?” Seungwan asked in reminiscing.

Sooyoung nodded. “Yes, she’s that girl.”

“And she’s the one who uploaded our video on the internet. She even went to our school’s festival to support us. Wow, we got some serious fandom president.” Seungwan said cheerfully.

“Seulgi-yah’s got some serious fan girl under her then.” Joohyun smirked as she turned to Seulgi. “You’re obviously her bias Seulgi-yah.”

Seulgi paused as she thought about it. Truly, when they met her, she came running towards her specifically, and announced that she was her biggest fan. She chuckled shyly and sheepishly as she scratched her nape. “Well, I am charming, aren’t I?”

Joohyun chuckled as she shook her head. “You chose me over her Seulgi-yah, I don’t know if you still are that charming in Katy’s eyes.”

Seulgi pouted. She wanted to say that she doesn’t mind losing a fan; she’d always put her Hyunnie first, but of course she won’t voice that thoughts out.

“But it’s better losing your alleged biggest fan, than losing me, right, Seulgi-yah?” Joohyun continued, hooking her right arm on Seulgi’s left as she looked directly at her anticipatingly. She smirked when she saw Seulgi gulped and chuckled nervously.

“O-of course Hyunnie. Wouldn’t want to lose my real biggest fan.” Seulgi countered, shrugging and forcing a smirk.

“Right.” Joohyun then held Seulgi’s face. “Your charm is irresistible, I’m the most entranced one by it.” She pinched her cheeks.

Seulgi wanted to step back and run away and hide forever as Joohyun’s sticky mischievous gaze didn’t leave her. She just blinked at her dumbfoundedly, unable to retort back.

Seungwan sighed quietly after Sooyoung nudged her discreetly, coaxing her to save their friend from short-circuiting again. She had trusted Seulgi to be able to at least defend herself from the teasing game she started herself, but she guessed this time, Seulgi’s on the disadvantage. It’s unfair to use the skinship card on a whipped competitor after all. “As much as you are very charming Seul, we need your inputs about our songs.” She said as she walked towards them and dragged Seulgi back to the table—much to Seulgi’s relief.

“Thanks.” Seulgi mouthed at the two. Sooyoung shook her head and rolled her eyes while Seungwan silently sighed again. They can faintly hear Joohyun giggling.

Seungwan cleared to snap Seulgi out of it. “So, what do you think, Seul?” She tapped on the music sheet on the table.

Right. Seulgi shook her head a little to re-focus her head and read the lyrics out loud.

“Our now flows by, riding on the wind
It can make it to any country, any world
We're overcome with joy from hearing our melody's first cry
Dawn turns to dusk in our little every day”

Seulgi squinted her eyes as she paused, hesitating to read the continuation and glared at Seungwan.

“You can't give lies in front of your best friends
Don't just brake as you please”

Seulgi spoke without removing her glares at Seungwan. The latter just shrugged and mouthed ‘what’ at her. Sooyoung silently giggled. Seulgi turned to Joohyun who was approaching them with a tray of glasses of orange juices, with a smile on her face. Seulgi quietly cleared to continue.

“Let's go even without a road, the notes we let go are our map!
The beats pound out an oath in our hearts
Yes, We Go! Yes, We Play!

The sweat dripping from our foreheads and fingertips
It can turn into any color, even a rainbow”

Seulgi paused a bit at the last word, side-glancing at Seungwan who was pursing her lips to stop herself from smiling and at Sooyoung who was hiding her smirk behind her glass of juice. These two, she knew they’d be like this after knowing her secret. She closed her eyes in annoyance. She can feel the weight of Joohyun’s stares from across her but ignored it and continued reading regardless.

“A racing but slowing rhythm, passes us by but collides with us
It's our ordinary, but once-in-a-lifetime stage”

Here it goes, again, Seulgi thought as she read the second verse’s bridge lyrics. She eyed the writer of the song again who was shrugging as if to say that that’s what she wanted to write and that she can’t do anything about it.

“Things like cuts won't hurt us, a smile taught us
That courage is limitless”

Ugh, Seungwan is really subtly targeting her with this song. And based on Sooyoung’s knowing smirks, they most probably wrote this together.

“Even though it has no name, let's sing this song, it's the wings of the dream we painted together
If we meet eye-to-eye, we'll convey that feeling
Yes, We Fly! Yes, We Sing!

The moment, the moment is, ah, unstoppably coming to an end
The end can go on, so the beginning can too
So we'll believe in the future

Let's go even without a road, the place we set off together is our road!
The beats pound out an oath in our hearts
Yes, We Go! Yes, We Fly! Yes, We Play!
Always and forever... Yes, We are Singing NOW!”

“It’s titled Singing!... Well, any comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions???” Seungwan asked, eying Seulgi on her last question.

“Sounds good to me.” Joohyun commented with a smile, nodding.

“Thanks unnie.” Seungwan smiled at her.

Seulgi wanted to comment ab

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