The Campfire and The New Roommates

A Tease for A Tease
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Their festival performance gained so much positive responses that it was late when they arrived back at Sooyoung’s villa. When they arrived, a campfire was already prepared for them, complete with hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks, courtesy of Sooyoung’s staff again.

The four of them gulped the soda after bumping each other’s glasses to each other in celebration.

“Wow! I never thought we’d receive this kind of reception for our first stage!” Seungwan said after emptying her glass of soda.

“I told you we’re going to do great!” Seulgi said, bumping Joohyun’s shoulder who’s beside her as they sat on the same log. Seungwan and Sooyoung sitting beside each other on another log.

Joohyun giggled as she raised a brow, looking at Seulgi beside her. “Yeah, yeah. It’d be another story if I didn’t catch you panicking.” She snickered.

“Yah Hyunnie! I was caught off-guard! I didn’t know we’d have to perform Fluffy Time as well!” Seulgi said on her defense. When the trio laughed at that, she smirked. “That’s why you’re our leader Hyunnie.” She bumped her shoulder again with Joohyun’s and the latter smacked her arm playfully.

“In all honesty though, the song sounded better with unnie’s voice. No offense Seul.” Seungwan commented. Sooyoung nodded in agreement.

Seulgi did too. “Yeah, figured that much.” She turned to Joohyun. “From now on, you’re going to do the vocals for it Hyunnie.”

“Yah, your words, ‘you wrote it, so you got to sing it’ is still fresh in my mind, Seulgi-yah.” Joohyun rolled an eye.

“Come on, you saying ‘when I look at you my heart always goes thump-thump; this shaking feeling is fluffy like a marshmallow’ sent our fans wild, you original visual you—AW!” Seulgi caressed her arm that Joohyun just slapped.

“What’s with that anyway, Seulgi-unnie? Wendy? Joy? Irene??” Sooyoung asked next about the impromptu changing of their names on-stage.

Seulgi shrugged. “I just thought it’d be cool to have our stage names.”

“But you didn’t change yours, Seul.” Seungwan commented.

“Well, I just had the sudden impulse after I introduced myself so…” Seulgi shrugged and felt Joohyun slap her arm again.

Joohyun chuckled. “You’re crazy Seulgi-yah.”

Seulgi chuckled as well. “Well, better that than lazy, eh? Hyunnie?” She giggled after receiving a slap again.

“I told you they inspire each other.” Seungwan silently commented after nudging Sooyoung beside her discreetly. Seungwan then scooted at the edge of the log with a smirk on her face. She lifted her hotdog stick that only had grilled marshmallow on it. “Speaking of lyrics Seul, your Fluffy Time is so fluffy like this marshmallow indeed. Care to tell us the story behind it?”

Oh no. Sooyoung thought and immediately looked at Seulgi who was obviously panicking.

“Oh! That!” Seulgi chuckled nervously as she felt the weight the the stares from her seatmate and their drummer. She scratched the back of her head as she tried to push her supposedly genius mind to create some kind of believable story to tell her team. “T-that is… well… uh—I-I… well—I—” Seulgi wasn’t one to pray too much but this time she did. If angels really do exist, please save her from this moment of possible truth revelation. Send some big tidal waves or something to eat her and have the ocean swallow her, for her to never be seen again.

“Hey guys,” Sooyoung called.

And that tidal wave came in the form of her co-genius maknae, who called suddenly as she held her phone out, shifting all the attention from hers to Sooyoung. She made a face of ‘AWWWW’ to her to subtly express her gratefulness, but Sooyoung just rolled an eye.

“It seems like someone uploaded a fancam of our performance on social media and it’s been gaining attention—positive attention.” Sooyoung said and leaned over to let her members to see the video which now have fifty thousand views and twenty thousand likes.

“Wow, unbelievable…” Joohyun muttered in disbelief.

“Woah!” Seungwan muttered exaggeratedly. “I guess we’re on our way to fame now! Better get your signature ready!” She happily exclaimed as she checked her own phone to see the video again.

Seulgi picked up a twig and started writing on the sand to practice her signature.

Sooyoung chuckled at the two as she shook her head. She chanced a glance at Joohyun who was looking at her in an expression she’s having a hard time reading. When their gaze met, their leader just smiled gently at her and looked down on her soda glass.

“I think we should practice how to deal with interviews! You know, like how artists are being interviewed?” Seungwan suggested excitedly.

Seulgi dropped the twig, dropping her task at hand at Seungwan’s suggestion. “Okay!”

Sooyoung sighed while Joohyun just giggled.

Seungwan cleared . “So Seulgi-shii, what’s the meaning behind what you named your bandmates?”

Seulgi sat straight as if in an actual interview. “Well, interviewer-shii, first, I would like to thank you for that wonderful question—”

“What the hell Seulgi-yah you’re not in a pageant!” Joohyun guffawed, slapping Seulgi’s arm again.

“—I will answer first for Wendy, which is just really her English name so nothing special there—”

“YAH SEUL!” Seungwan complained, throwing some sands playfully on her way.

“—Sooyoung-ah’s was, well,” Seulgi paused and smirked at Sooyoung. “Because she’s our maknae and she’s supposed to be our bundle of Joy, which, she really, really is.” She said as sarcastic as she can.

Sooyoung made face and hand gesture of ‘blah blah blah’ at her then rolled her eyes, eyes chancing up again at Joohyun’s unreadable expression again. The expression didn’t last long though as Seulgi placed a hand on her shoulder, as if a switch was , their leader was back in her normal annoyed yet having fun face because of their vocalist.

“And Irene here,” Seulgi looked at Joohyun with her usual smirking smile. “…is the Goddess of Peace.”

Seungwan snorted. “Yeah right, if you can even call how the crowd went wild for her, peace.”

Joohyun chuckled disapprovingly. “Where the hell did you get that from, Seulgi-yah??”

Seulgi scoffed. “Yah, I still read stuffs you know. And when I read about Irene the goddess, her visual just fit yours. It’s just perfect.” You’re perfect, she wanted to add but damn if she can. She wanted to add that it’s because she brings her so much peace (and ironically chaos too) but no way can Seulgi say that.

Seungwan eyed them—Seulgi looking at Joohyun so gently the marshmallow’s fluffiness can’t even par; and Joohyun with her shy yet doubting gaze, with a brow raised but cheeks tinted with pink that’s covered by the campfire’s light.

Sooyoung eyed Seungwan.

“Next question.”

Seungwan had that smirk again and Sooyoung knew she’s up to something again. Geez, she can be so persistent in her curiosity.

“Who within you

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