The Perks of Always Being At The Back and The Rooftop

A Tease for A Tease
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No one talked about the incident after.

Sooyoung was guilty as hell. It was her idea to pretend drowning so that the other two will forget about having them under their command (which was effective, by the way), but she didn’t mean it to escalate like that. As much as she was so guilty though, her pride wouldn’t let herself admit what she had done to Seulgi, who she ended up having her feelings be played at without the innocent bear knowing.

Seulgi didn’t want to talk about it. If she even pondered about what happened just for a bit, she’d realize that one, she just confessed to her Hyunnie, and two, she just technically kissed (CPR, really, but tomato tomato) her, too. So she ultimately decided to push it at the back of her head.

Joohyun was entranced by the whole incident. Blame her non-mastery of the arts of teasing, she didn’t know when to throw the punchline, unlike how Sooyoung did. It was just a matter of seconds in decision-making, she was just late to open her eyes to greet Seulgi and grin her victory smile to announce that ‘Hey Seulgi-yah, we were just messing with you!’; and that split-second caused her her sanity. She just can’t pinpoint until now what shocked her the most—the CPR done (which was a normal first aid on fake drowning), or was it because it was Seulgi who did it, or what Seulgi said in that heartbreaking tone of her cracking voice, or how her body reacted to the act—even if it was long over? Gods, since when did Seulgi’s lips became so interesting?

Seungwan wanted to talk about it so bad but all of them kept mum or had that aura to avoid the topic.

First, she wanted to confront Sooyoung why she did that. She knew what they did was a prank, but she wanted to know why the hell would Sooyoung choose that kind of prank. She’s got that feeling that it was specifically targeted on Seulgi.

Second, she wanted to confront Seulgi about the inkling in her head that was proven by the incident. She had several assumptions before but with this, she only needed Seulgi’s confirmation.

Third, she wanted to ask Joohyun if she was okay. She’s not even sure if their leader drowned for real and was traumatized by almost drowning because she had been silent and absentminded after the incident.

All of them had a shift in attitude once they got back to school and spent the remaining days up to the school festival. They were still all close, nothing changed with that, but the subtle change was noticeable.

“Good job guys! I think we’re ready for the school festival.” Joohyun said after another practice session after class.

“I thought we were already good but we’re getting better!” Seulgi exclaimed happily. “Most especially, Hyunnie! She’s getting more and more comfortable singing. I like it!” She said then turned to a blinking Joohyun, winking her way.

There it goes again, Seungwan thought, Joohyun’s zoning out habit that has been usual from her ever since the incident at the villa. She’d follow their leader’s gaze who’d always end up staring at Seulgi’s smiling face. Sometimes though, it stays a bit longer on the lower part of her face. Was she staring at Seulgi’s lips?

“I know! You’re getting more confident too unnie.” Sooyoung agreed.

Sooyoung agreed, again, Seungwan thought. This has been usual from her too these past few days. Agreeing to almost everything Seulgi says without question which was very unlike her.

“Maybe you should be our main vocals Hyunnie. For sure your fans will like it, original visual.” Seulgi snickered after side hugging Joohyun.

Seulgi wasn’t the one to be always this clingy, it was Joohyun who was more on the clingy side, but Seulgi had been overly clingy to Joohyun. And maybe extra on the teasing too? But there was something else as Seungwan observed.

“Yah,” Joohyun warned with a nudge on Seulgi’s rib.

Weak, Seungwan thought. And maybe that’s it. Seulgi wasn’t being extra on her teasing, it was just how she was normally. But it was Joohyun who was being weak in her reaction with the teasing.

“Seulgi-unnie, Joohyun-unnie, do you want to ride again with me? I can drop you off again since I’m on your neighborhood’s way again.” Sooyoung offered as they gathered their bags to go home.

“No, Sooyoung-ah. Hyunnie and I will be walking this time.” Seulgi rejected with a smile. “And what’s your business with our neighborhood anyway? There’s no business establishments there.”

Sooyoung shrugged. “Just running some errands.” And making up with the prank she did, but she’d never tell. She cleared as she was about to open up the only way she knows how to apologize, or express herself, really. “By the way guys, don’t forget the package that will be delivered to your house tomorrow.”

Seulgi’s eyes twinkled, Seungwan’s squinted while Joohyun’s was filled with confusion and worries.

“Again Sooyoungie?” Seungwan asked. It’s the third time now. Sooyoung had been sending the three of them gifts. Not just gifts but expensive gifts at that. With no particular reason. The first one was a latest gaming console with several games and the last one was some professional painting and coloring materials, with canvasses and all.

“What is it this time I wonder?” Seulgi mumbled excitedly.

“Oh you’ll like it Seulgi-unnie.” Sooyoung said with a smile, glad that Seulgi has been liking her gifts so far. It helps ease with her guilt.

And Seungwan can’t help but feel that Sooyoung just wanted to give it to Seulgi, but gifted it to all of them to be as subtle as possible.

“You don’t really have to give us those you know Sooyoung-ah. You should spend where it matters.” Joohyun interjected with a gentle but a bit of scolding voice.

“It matters unnie. And money exists to be spent.” Sooyoung answered nonchalantly.

That’s it. Seungwan have to know what’s really going on. “Hey Sooyoungie, can I ride with you instead, since Seul and unnie will be walking? And there’s something I’d like to discuss about No Thank You.” She paused. “Please?”

Sooyoung was confused at the sudden coaxing and was somehow wary. They’ve already perfected the song they both composed after all. And Seulgi’s nudging on her side didn’t really help too. And somehow, she can read through what Seungwan really wanted, because for the past few days, the latter had been wanting to have a private time with her. And to reiterate, she didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t her story to tell anyways. “Sorry Seungwannie, I have to run all these errands first. Maybe next time.”

Seungwan pouted. Sooyoung can really be a hard shell to crack. She faked a smile. “Okay. Maybe next time.” It’s fine, Seungwan is patient anyways.


“You really know the term clingy better than anyone, eh, Seulgi-yah?” Joohyun commented as she and Seulgi walked side by side, with the latter linking her arm on hers.

Seulgi just giggled. “What? Is there something wrong about me wanting to take a walk with you in this lovely setting? With the sound of traffic and bustling people as our background music, the light posts as our spotlight and the street pavement as our stage.” She said in mimic of how Joohyun said it that certain midnight back on the villa which made Joohyun chuckle and nudge her. She smiled at that. She’d never say though, that the drowning incident made her protective instinct for her rise a level.

Joohyun then felt Seulgi unlinking her arm from her as they turned left, then she moved on her right side, near the roadside, then draped her arms over her shoulder this time. Seulgi has been very extra clingy lately. “You don’t have to walk me back to our house again Seulgi-yah.”

“I don’t have to, but I want to. Your dinners are awesome.” Seulgi reasoned. She had to eat twice dinner for it but it was fine, as long as she can watch Joohyun go home safe.

Joohyun sighed. “So you just wanted to eat mom’s food?”

“Am I imposing?”

“No, but it’s just that, you have to go home late for it.”

“It’s fine Hyunnie. It’s the weekend tomorrow anyways.” Seulgi reasoned.

Joohyun sighed in defeat at that. She can really rarely win against her.

They shared a comfortable silence as they walked closely. Seulgi was humming a never been heard tune.

“Is that a new song, Seulgi-yah?” Joohyun asked as she looked up at Seulgi who was just smiling as she nodded. “Wow, you’re on a roll.” She commented with a proud smile on her face.

Seulgi giggled. “I’m

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