The Date and The Songwriting Machines

A Tease for A Tease
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Seulgi opened her squinting eyes to the morning sun peeking from her window's slightly ajar curtains. She closed her eyes and draped her arm over her face, lips smiling in excitement and in good premonition of good things to come for this certain day.

Today is the day of her date with Joohyun.

She bolted, sitting up. She started humming a tune as she prepared for the day.

She went out of her room then went directly to the kitchen, finding her whole family smiling mischievously at her.

“Ugh, lovestruck—AW DAD!” Her brother commented at her after hearing her humming a tune. He grunted and exclaimed in pain when his father kicked his shin from under the table.

“Good morning, sweetheart Seulgomie. Excited for today?” Her father asked as he watched her took a seat beside her mother.

Seulgi just pursed a smile as she nodded. She noticed the unusual breakfast on the table. “Wow, are we celebrating something?”

Her mother giggled. “I just felt like cooking extra today.”

“Nice.” Seulgi said excitedly and started eating happily, even doing that little dance as she ate.

Her brother shook his head as he rolled his eyes at her little sister. Unbeknownst to Seulgi, her brother knew that Joohyun and her are having a date today because he met Joohyun’s mother a few days ago at a grocery and told him that they were leaving for Daegu tomorrow and that Joohyun will be spending time with her sister before they go. Of course, he told that news to his parents, hence the breakfast feast.

“Slow down, Seul-yah.” Her mother commented in a scolding yet gentle tone.

Her brother scoffed. “Shouldn’t you not eat a lot since you’re going out on a date with Joohyun-noona? Aren’t you worried about your figure Seul?”

Seulgi glared at her older brother across her. “How’d you know I’m going out? And how’d you know I’m going out with Hyunnie, oppa???”

“Dear Seulgomie, you don’t wake up early during vacation days.” Her father answered on behalf of her brother. “And you only ever go out with Joohyun-ah.”

Seulgi looked down, trying to hide her blushing face from her family. She just can’t keep anything from them. “I-it’s not even a date…” She mumbled weakly and shyly.

“What dear?” Her mother asked beside her.

“Hyunnie just wanted me to accompany her to do some groceries.” Seulgi said. Joohyun texted her last night where they will be meeting and it’s in front of their school. That’s where they rendezvous whenever her Hyunnie wanted her to come with her to the grocery store.

Her brother snorted. “Tomato, tomato, Seul. It’s still just going to be the two of you, so technically, it’s still a date. And a mall is just beside that grocery so you can both sidetrack mall-strolling after.” He sighed as he watched his little sister smile shyly as she blushed. Even with all the teases he threw on his sister, he's still very supportive of her, and worries a lot about her lack of initiative regarding her feelings. “Geez dad, she really got your genes. Guts my —AW!” Her brother exclaimed after his father kicked his shin again.

The head of the family glared at the groaning eldest and his giggling wife. He cleared his throat in authority. “Your brother’s right, Seulgomie. We take whatever chances we got, okay? You got to do your best today, alright? You can do well. You’re a Kang.” He said encouragingly.

Her mother scoffed and sighed. “Just be yourself Seul-yah. No need to pressure yourself too much. Just act how you normally act with Hyun-ah and you’ll be fine. Okay?”

Seulgi nodded. “Thanks, mom.”

After eating breakfast, taking a shower and choosing the best outfit for their day out, she stood by the mirror as she checked herself out. Good, she looks normal, not too fancy and not too boring with her gray sweater and thick hoodie paired with skinny jeans and brown boots, her hair fixed on her usual high ponytail, with a red scarf wrapped around her neck. She looked outside her window, no snow yet but the season was already freezing so she got to prepare herself for the cold weather.

She found herself humming that same tune when she woke up, so she got a blank paper and scribbled on the melody before she forgets. And as she wrote the musical notes, lyrics somehow followed.

Good morning, the sparkly morning sun is a golden spotlight on my whole body
Tehehe, my heart has a premonition of good things to come

How many centimeters is the soul? (I want to know)
What kind of shape is it? (Circle, X, square???)
I don’t know, but it’s the place (a warm place) I feel "love" (Correct!)

So, let's go search for and meet our number one (Let's go)

Seulgi paused and smiled contentedly. “Let’s go.”


Joohyun stood by the school’s gate where Seulgi and her were supposed to meet. She blew a breath on her freezing hands to warm it as she waits for Seulgi to arrive. She looked up at the cloudy and winter sky and wondered when the first snow will too.

As she pondered about it, she faintly heard huffing and running footsteps nearing her. The feeling of coldness in her body seemed to be enveloped by warmth now as she turned to her side and found Seulgi running towards her, her white breaths coloring the already monotone yet colorful air.

Like how Joohyun wished for the first snow to finally arrive, she shouted. “Hurry up!” She giggled at Seulgi who obliged.

“Did I make you wait Hyunnie?” Seulgi asked, breaths still huffing in and out due to her previous running.

“It’s fine Seulgi-yah, I didn’t wait long.” Joohyun answered with an amused smile.

“Okay, that’s good.” Seulgi looked down at Joohyun who was just smiling at her. She moved back a bit when Joohyun’s hand reached out to her face, then to her hair. “W-wha—” She was surprised when Joohyun removed her ponytail and fixed her hair until her long bangs settled in both sides of her face.

“Your hairstyle really suits you, Seulgi-yah. But I want to see how you look with your bangs down.” Joohyun said then huffed in contentment at Seulgi’s new hairstyle.

Seulgi cleared and gulped. “Okay Hyunnie.”

Joohyun giggled, smiling sincerely along with her eyes.

Seulgi can’t help but smile as well at that, the first snow of the season suddenly falling and accenting her beauty in a breathtaking view. Beautiful.

“Let’s go Seulgi-yah?” Joohyun offered her hand for Seulgi to take.

And Seulgi held it in hers shyly then they started walking the now white-colored pavement, hand-in-hand.


They reached the grocery store after a short while. Their walk was quiet, as Seulgi noted. She caught Joohyun looking at her a few times, but the latter just smiled and kept quiet. She can sometimes hear her taking a few deep breaths while on their way. She asked if she was okay, and Joohyun just reasoned that she’s just feeling cold.

As they strolled around the grocery store, they heard Kim Junsu’s voice over the speaker of the store’s sound system. TVXQ’s Love Is… played on the store—much to their excitement. They looked at each other smiling and even jumped at hearing the song.

Hoo~ I’m gonna give you my love
(I'm gonna give you my heart… Forever be with you..)
Forever be with you

“Somehow, she's already in my heart
I wasn't prepared, so I’m often unsure of my actions”

Joohyun started singing

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