The Bunny and The Bear

A Tease for A Tease
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“If you’re all done, can we go now?” Sooyoung stood up from sitting, finally letting go Seungwan’s head as Joohyun stopped the scooter in front of them with a bright smile on her face, Seulgi finally hopping off the vehicle with a clear face of relief.

“Gods Hyunnie you should learn how to slow down!” Seulgi said as she now strode towards the yellow Scoopy.

Joohyun giggled. “Didn’t know you’re such a scaredy-bear.”

“Yeah right, maybe I should assign your screams as my ringtone—hey, you okay there Wan?” Seulgi was about to retort back but she saw Seungwan stumble as she rides her scooter, as if trying to hold back a puke.

“I-I’m fine…”

Sooyoung snapped her head towards the said girl and truly, Seungwan looked sick. She hopped off her scooter and went towards her. Once she’s in front of her, she held her hands and caressed her back. “You should ride with me.” She pulled her with her, hopped on her scooter then made sure the smaller girl was securely seated on her back, with both her hands wrapped around her waist.

“What did you do Sooyoung-ah??” Seulgi asked, eyes squinting in conspiracy doubt.

Seungwan looked over her shoulder and flashed a weak but reassuring smile at Seulgi behind her. “I’m fine really Seul. Just got a bit dizzy. I will be fine.”

“Okay, if you say so—”

“Let’s go.” Sooyoung said then drove off.

Seulgi was about to drove off too but Joohyun’s scooter blocked her way.

“Back ride on mine too Seulgi-yah!” Joohyun offered, an excited smile on her face.

“What? Why?” Seulgi asked in total confusion.

“Come on! Payback for those times I rode on your back!”

Seulgi eyed her in suspicion. “You’re not… planning anything aren’t you?”

Joohyun laughed. “What??? No of course not! Come on Seulgi-yah!” She said excitedly.

Seulgi sighed. She knew she wasn’t one to burst Joohyun’s bubble, so she decided to go with it. She hopped off of her scooter then climbed up Joohyun’s.

“You sure you’re not planning anything funny right Hyunnie??” Seulgi said as she adjusted on her seat. “By payback you’re not planning to crash us, right?

Joohyun laughed her throaty laugh again. “You’re paranoid.”

“You’re not going to do look-Seulgi-yah-no-hands trick, right—”

Joohyun suddenly accelerated, resulting for Seulgi jerk back and hug Joohyun by her waist in order for her not to fall off the scooter that’s now driving off in speed Seulgi is sure isn’t legal.

“YAH BAE JOOHYUN DON’T GET US KILLEEED!!!!!” Seulgi screamed as Joohyun just laughed.

All Joohyun knows was that she liked this feeling—of the wind on her face with Seulgi holding on to her for dear life and of having the upper hand against her in their unspoken battle of dominance.


But that feeling of happiness was immediately over as sounds of clicking phone camera echoed in the dressing roo

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