Chapter Seventeen


 Jihoon slams the door but Seungcheol still follows the smaller. "Jihoon, you have to believe me. I'm not lying."
Seungcheol has been explaining to Jihoon how he saw Daniel was kissing some random girl at a restaurant.

"He would never do that. I trust him." A pang of betrayal was visible in his eyes. Seungcheol never thought that Jihoon would trust Daniel this much. "How can you trust him when you barely know him?"
"Hyung, I've known him since last year. Besides, we've been spending time together a lot. So I know him."

To say that he's hurt is an understatement. His heart clenched hearing those words coming from Jihoon. How come Jihoon put his trust in another man when he already spends half of his life with Seungcheol. Seungcheol sighs shakily.

"Fine. Put all your trust in that man. I wish you happiness then." He whispers the last part before he leaves.

Jihoon never wants to hurt his Hyung but Seungcheol has been pushing him and it stresses him out. 'I'm sorry, Hyung.' A tear falls on his cheek.

Seungcheol trying to drunk himself but he could never. He has too high a tolerance that he doesn't know how many bottles could make him drunk. "Stop it, Cheol. That's enough." Jisoo says, accompanied by Jeonghan.

"If Jeonghan says he trust another man than you when you already spend half of your life together, how do you feel?" He asks Jisoo but his eyes have been staring at the wall.

"I would feel betrayed. How could he said that." Right, that's what Seungcheol thought.

"What does Daniel have that I don't?" He mutters.



 The next day, Jihoon goes out to have breakfast with Mingyu, Wonwoo and Soonyoung. He doesn't feel like going out but three of them drag him out. He just wants to rest this weekend.

 "What happened to you..."

 "And Seungcheol Hyung?" Wonwoo asked. He cannot deny this but he saw the interaction between Seungcheol and Jihoon is lessened.

 He bits his lips, trying to close down the thought.

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