Me and The Princess

“Can anyone tell me their opinion about this theory?” 

Thought that Mr. Choi had enough throwing questions to his students because only two person are active in his class, you are wrong. He never give up. He always try and the result still the same. Until few days ago. Something a little bit off...

Not only Mr. Choi notice it but everyone does. It’s odd. Very odd for everyone. First start from the girl in the front row, Kang Seulgi. Then the other person followed after yesterday. Weird. Everybody know how stubborn, hard headed, and very much a show off. However, since yesterday in the other subjects, the girl remain silent.

Usually she would be very talkactive. But yesterday was silent. It’s the same thing today and it made the whole class look at her confuse. The same thing happen to Kang Seulgi. She stop writing notes and turn around to look at the culprit only to find the girl looking so unbother. Bae Joohyun sitting there in her usual place. Writing something on her notes. 

Completely unaware of her surrounding. Kim Jennie, her best friend also staring at her. Wondering what the hell is her best friend doing? This is her spotlight! How can she missed it?


Apparently no one wants to. That’s not so surprising but more surprising to know that none of the two competitors raise their hand. Which of course a bit confusing however somehow Mr. Choi is glad...for some reasons. Fact that he doesn’t need to yell or shout anymore surely makes him happy. Otherwise, he would probably try to seperate both girls but how can he when he is crutches now. Anyway! He’s glad that he gets to proceed the materials in pieace.

“Alright. Let’s proceed then”

However it goes the other way around for Kang Seulgi. She thought the girl will still continue her competition. It appears she didn’t. Not that Kang Seulgi missed it nor complaint about it. Just...weird to hear nothing came out from . The fact that the classroom went complete silent was kind a weird. 

So the question is, is she okay?, thought Seulgi. Well look at that? Two different person with different way of thought. How nice to know that because just simply looked at that, you know they both can complete each other. And time will decide when they will realize it. 


"Hey, Jennie" call Joohyun.

"I know that tone. You would never call my name like that unless it is urgent or you are uncertain of something" said Jennie as both of them walk together side by side to the cafetaria where they will be meeting Kim Jisoo.

After a week had pass, Kim Jennie finally let Kim Jisoo be Kim Jisoo and accept how annoying she is. She's kind a tired to get annoyed at Kim Jisoo everytime, so she decided to accept it.

Though she doesn't want to accept it at first but it's for her own good. FOR HER OWN ING SANE MIND.


So, anyway, they just finished their first class which was science class with Mr. Choi. However it felt a bit odd and something was completely not in the right place. 

Kim Jennie notice it. How can she not? When the culprit is obviously her best friend. For a whole one week, Bae Joohyun only competing with herself. While her competitor remain silent and seems to be...having a lot of fun. 

Fun as in smile more. Instead of competing with her rival, Kang Seulgi decided to just stay quiet during the whole lecture. Which obviously odd and weird at the same time.

Meanwhile, Bae Joohyun remain the same. The differences are she's not that annoying and show off like usual. Alright. Yes Kim Jennie actually think Bae Joohyun love to show off her smart ...but they grew together and Jennie accepted it long time ago.

Unlike the other days, Bae Joohyun remain silent in every question Mr. Choi gave us. More like her soul wasn't there at all. Of course it was very unusual and odd. 

Jennie knew something is bothering her best friend. She wanted to ask but for once she wanted the girl to approach her first. Not that Jennie didn't care about Joohyun, other than 'babysitting' Bae Joohyun, she also has her own problem. Well, what else than dealing the annoying Kim Jisoo?

Joohyun tilted her head, a bit confuse with what Jennie said to her. 

"Oh come on. It wasn't just me who notice your weird behavior for the past few days and today. You barely speak or should I say you didn't speak at all when usually you would argue with Kang Seulgi or Mr. Choi. Showing off your smart but you didn't. So I assume you have something that is bothering your mind. What is it?" ask Jennie.

Despite how much she want to argue with Jennie, Joohyun must admit, Jennie is right. Her behavior...people can address it as weird. But for her...she call it adjustment.

Somehow, nights ago, her conversation with Kang Seulgi really affected her. Not directly but she find herself thinking. What is fun for her? Is it really studying? Going for a competition and be the competitive Bae Joohyun everybody know? 

Being the smart and show off? Like Kang Seulgi can stop herself from this madness then why can't she? Why is she so obsessed with winning? What is it about winning that she like?

The vibe? The compliment? The victory? The stare from everybody else that they are jealous of her? The fame? 

How has this been going? That's what Bae Joohyun has been thinking. More like reflecting her action. Her action that has been going on since she study in public school.

Sharing. Hmm...she always share things with her little sister, Yerim. But perhaps she never share her spotlight at school. Why is that? Because she's tired of sharing things?

And that she thought school would be the perfect place to be selfish. Turns out she is wrong. Yes. The result of her reflection is that. She is wrong. 

Kang Seulgi is right...she is wrong. Ironically she agree with Kang Seulgi and she must admit that Kang Seulgi is right. Wow. The night sure change so fast. 

From the time where Joohyun believe she will hate Kang Seulgi forever, turns out, the monolid girl really affected her mind. So to answer Jennie question,

"I stop" said Joohyun. 

Jennie can't seem to understand Joohyun meaning which made her tilted her head. Wondering what the hell is she talking about.

"I stop to win. I'm tired" 

That...kind a surprise Jennie.

"You....tired?" Joohyun nodded.

Jennie doesn't know how to react to this. At some point she's happy and kind a celebrating but at the same time she also worried. Why the hell Joohyun want to stop?

Yes it's true that sometimes Joohyun a bit annoying with her smart . But that's her. That is her trueself. When she said she's tired then there is something wrong with her and her life. 

How can the famous Bae Joohyun tired of competiting? Never once in her life heard that word came out of Joohyun's mouth. 

It really surprised her...a lot. Which made Jennie dragged her away from the corridor and to the school garden. Once they are in the school garden, Jennie looked at Joohyun worriedly.

"Did you hurt your head?" asked Jennie which made Joohyun confuse.


"Did someone gave you drugs?"


"Did someone hurt you?"


"THEN EXPLAIN WHY YOU ARE TIRED?!" said Jennie impatient and annoyed at the same time. 

Joohyun has been thinking how she should explain this because she know Kim Jennie wouldn't believe what she just said. How to put this in the perfect sentences and that Kim Jennie will accept it as soon as possible?

She can't seems to find the perfect sentences because the truth is she really tired and wanted to have fun. 

Because apparently she just realized why her father let her attended public school. One of the reason was for her to acknowledge their citizens need.

Which mean, she need to know what most teenagers do because this generation is the closest to her. That should be in her number one priority...for now.

"Well, I'm a human. Human gets tired too, right?" said Joohyun.

" You're not a human" said Jennie disagree.

Joohyun just shrugged and walk back inside only to get Jennie following her with unstoppable questions. None of it get the answer from Joohyun because she already said the reason why.

Or perhaps she just doesn't want Jennie to know the main reason why she stop? Maybe...



“I know what you’re going to say. Yes I was surprised too. Is she trying to be like you too?”

“Why you asked that?”

Wendy shrugged.

“You are the first one to end the competition. It will make! It doesn’t make sense at all. She would never stop because of you. It would make sense if she stop because of herself or someone encourage her to stop” said Wendy.

The truth about Bae Joohyun stop giving opinion remain a mysterious until they reach the cafetaria. Lisa and Rose are sitting at their usual place. Minus Joy who apparently is in trouble because she almost burn the school lab during chemistry class. Seems like the only person who is sane enough in this group is Rose only. How about Wendy and Lisa?

Lisa used a music about during their dance practice. None of the students complain actually but the teacher does. So she went to the detention afterwards. Meanwhile Wendy is a playgirl. She get caught having with random students inside the school closet. Wendy is a smart girl but sometimes she can be dumb. No one have inside school closet. It was the least place to have .

“Hey girls! I heard Bae Joohyun went silent today” said Rose.

“What she meant by silent is literally silent!” Said Lisa.

“You sound very much like me. I am very surprise just like you” said Wendy.

How Kang Seulgi react to this? She had no idea. Surprise? Yes. Very much. Because none of them know the reason behind Bae Joohyun action today.



The three girls have their eyes lock on Seulgi. Wondering what’s in her mind right now.

“Well what do you think? You are the most likely to know the reason” asked Wendy.

Why would they think that? Seulgi has no answer to that.

“Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because you two were talking in the school garden few nights ago?” Said Wendy.

Seulgi look a bit surprise not that Wendy caught her with Joohyun but more like surprise because someone actually saw them that night. It wasn’t like the conversation between them are serious. 

“It’s not like you think, okay? We were just talking” said Seulgi. 

“Well then tell us what you two were talking about” said Rose.

Okay. They were talking it was the truth. However it was rather...personal matter. Was it personal? It does sound like it. Would she like to share it with them? So Seulgi have to come up with something.

“How about this? Me and Joohyun just happened to be there that night and what we talked had nothing to do with her action. Am I clear?” Asked Seulgi.

Rose, Lisa, and Wendy shrugged it off and them proceed to their meal. Somehow it made Seulgi feel guilty for being mean. She didn’t mean to sound like it but she also can’t help it. What Joohyun did has nothing to do with their conversation theother night. Maybe she has her own reason. Why would everybody thought she contributed in this?

“Just to make sure you two have know” said Lisa and rose feel the need to nudge her girlfriend.

Of course Seulgi notice the weird situation. Not to mention Wendy also sigh in disappointment.

“What?” Asked Seulgi.

“Oh well you know...”

“If you two have a thing...” said Lisa and Seulgi being the most slow person, can’t seem to get it.

“We thought you two are together. Considering you both share the same knowledge, interest, and behavior. I say there is 90% chance you two can be together” said Wendy being the only one brave enough to say the truth.

It took seconds for Seulgi to understand the whole situation. She look at them feeling disbelief. How can they think like that? Seulgi feel the need to scoff due to the fact she received directly to her face.

“Me and her? A couple? Are you ing serious?” 

“Wow! The nerd actually spoke harsh language” said Wendy sarcastically.

“No no no! How can you guys think like that?! Joy would disagree with this”

“Nope. She very much agree with us” said Wendy raising her eyebrow.

Before Seulgi could argue even more, the bell rings. How unlucky is that? 

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