How Do We End Up Here?

Me and The Princess

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  • In one chapter it will be possible to have different time background. I will be using italic for the past and using normal text for present time.
  • If anyone happen to ask, the answer is yes. I adopt the story based on "The Crown". Recently, I am really attach to the documentary and I thought why try to write Royal Seulrene FF. Of course it won't be the same with The Crown. I just took some of the events. You will know once the story gets a little longer.
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“Is this the end? For us?” She feel numb the moment she asked that.

None of them both ever wish to arrive at where they are right now. They had extraordinary life for the past few years and it all because of each other companion. Hug. Kiss. But they both knew the consequences long before this happen yet none of them wanted to talk about it. Well, what do you think?

Two people, two young people who are madly inlove with each other. They would prefer to live in the happy moment rather than facing the truth and the reality because their world are much more beautiful. However, this time will come sooner or later. In fact it’s too soon. Too soon. 

She, who stand firmly or rather wanted the other person to see how serious and firm she is, remain still to where she is standing. Hands clutch together. A habit when she is nervous. The thought of letting go the only person she love, adore, was never been in her mind before. But now it comes to her sense that no matter what she do to protect and hold on in thsi relationship, she doesn’t have a choice.

The world is changing. But certainly not the monarch. It comes to her realization that duty will always be her priority. Considering now the life of millions people is in her hands, she cannot be selfish. Duty and the country are the priorities. She used to believe she will never come to this state. Where she believe duty will be her priority. Perhaps she was wrong. Or more likely as innocent. 


How she wish she could hear that voice again tonight in her bedroom. How she wish they wouldn’t end up here and how she wish the girl infront of her never come to her life. So that she will never face this.

“I’m sorry Seul”




“Yes sweetie?”

“Why do I attend public school when most of the princess in other country have private tutor?”

Sitting on his lap, staring at his eye, there she is. His eldest daughter. The rightful heir in the next line. Everytime he stare at her, he would always see part of him inside her. Well yes of course that is because she is his daughter. His blood running in her vein. Living and breathing. But he always knew that his eldest daughter is different from any other child in her age.

How did he know? When most children in her age would prefer to play princesses and barbie, his eldest prefer to stay in his study room or the garage. It was very uncommon when the king himself found his eldest daughter playing in the garage.

Playing with the tools there and imagine herself as a mechanic. He remember he asked his daughter why is she playing in the garage instead of the playroom which has everything she need to play with her imagination and be active. Instead of giving him an answer, she asked him a question instead. She asked,

“How does a car works, papa?”

That made him realize, his eldest daugther never been fond of playing princesses and barbie. She more fond of knowledge and science. His realization come up with an idea. An idea which consider uncommon and a very unlikely decision to be made at that moment. We can call it too modernist at that moment.

Why? During that year, patriarlism is very high yet the King never like the idea of it. But as the King he had to maintain his reputation in order to keep the monarch continues to live. So he had to going on with the concept of patriarchy. 

The idea was to bring his eldest daughter to the public school. He even went into big arguments with his own wife regarding his modernist idea. Since 4 years old, Joohyun had been taught how to be a proper princess. Attending several language tutors, sewing cource, table manner, and public manner.

But she never given the proper education such as general knowledge, philosophy, etc. Which made Joohyun always sneak in to her papa’s library and read. Sometimes she also sneak in to the garage and play with the car. Imagining herself as a mechanic who repair those moving object.  She would always wonder why she never got a tutor who teach her about how does a car work?

How those object can move? How does the lamp can be turn on and off? Why? She never dare to ask those question because her mother always told her that everything her parent chose for her is for her own good and her basic as the rightful heir. In conclusion, her mother undirectly told her that she should never question anything she was told to be doing. Especially to the King. 

The King and The Queen are different one another. The Queen always stick to the tradition and always make sure that the monarch remain to have good reputation within the kingdom. Therefore, make her very strict with tradition and the rules in the palace and constitution. While the King himself never been a good boy since young age.

Always been a reckless boy but once he met the queen, he decided to push away his bad habit. He grew to be intrigued with knowledge. Studying everyday. Learning new things about many things. Including the law, physics, chemistry, math, philosophy, and history. He is very good at those things which make him the most intelligent King in the history of the monarch.

Seeing the potential within Joohyun, he saw himself in his eldest daughter. Through proper education he realize that every gender need equality. This will be the main important things in the future. The society will open their mind about it and he is the one who realize it first. From that on, he discuss it with his wife which ended up with several arguments.

Even made the queen doesn’t want to talk with him for three days. Until the queen finally agree but still with a bit hesitation and doubt. But the king assure her that this is what the rightful heir need to have as the future leader of this country. The queen agreed but with some condition. Instead of private tutor, let the eldest learn in public school.

Therefore, she will not just study about knowledge but she will also study the society. Getting close with the society will help educating her social skills. One of the basic skills that she need in the future. Lastly, no one will address her as princess and no one should know about her background. 

The last condition will not be too hard because they haven’t reveal the face of their eldest daughter. They wanted to keep Joohyun out of the media until she is 17. Why? To give her some room of freedom until she reach the legal age to do her duty. Going back to where it all began, a small smile is what the king could do. He always adore Joohyun. How she always ask about everything she doesn’t know. Her curiosity is what make the King knew that one day when the time comes, Joohyun will be the perfect leader in the history to rule this country. And so, Joohyun joined the public school at the age of 7.

“Because we wanted to educate you not just by knowledge but also you need to learn how to socialize. Live as a normal civil and learn from them. A King or a Queen is someone who knows what the people need. That is the duty of a true king or queen”



“Mom! Mom!”

“Did you just run on the stairs?! I told you to never run on the stairs!”

“This cannot be wait mommy! Guess what? I registered for the scholarship in Rv  High School and I just received an email that said I got the scholarship!”

“Honey! That’s good news! I am happy for you!”

Rv High School is the most expensive, provide high quality education, and a difficult school to enter. Not anyone could enter this school. Most of the students are either smart, came from wealthy family, or they received scholarship which only two people will receive it every year. So, Kang Seulgi. A commoner.

Live in a neighborhood not elite one not in the below class. Just right in the middle. She is not lucky. She is smart, intelligent, and ambitious young woman. The fact she received the scholarship wouldn’t be too surprising for most people. She has the privilege though. Born from a very smart family. Her mother was a neurosurgeon and her father is a professor in the most elite university. 

You could say that she really have the privilege. But more than that, she has the personality since she was born. Very ambitious and determine to get what she want, to earn what her rights are. So it’s not because of her good genes but also her personality put contribution on this too. She always wanted to attend that school.

Not just because her father also attended that school but she adore that place. The first time she saw that place, she imagine herself as a princess. The school really represent the good old days architecture with modern touch in some places.

Very big and really look like the palace itself. She always wonder what it be like to study there and eventually live there because it’s a boarding school. Her father will be very proud of her once he come home and she deliver the news later. 

“Are you going to tell your father?”

“Of course! I will tell him at the dinner later. Right now I have to complete some of the requirements they still need”

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