Me and The Princess

"During a chemical reaction, the substances that react are known as reactants whereas the substances that are formed during a chemical reaction are known as products. Now, who could tell me at least three common type of chemical reaction? Miss Bae?"

How can they know about that secret? Joohyun wonder. Since last night her mind has been occupied with the fact that a mysterious person happened to know about her family secret.

Secret that has been kept away from public. Maybe it was also written in the history book but no one ever arrive to that page since basically they put the story of brutality right from the first pages until 100? 

Only to cover up the most sacred and insight secret of the royal family. Though Joohyun must admit, the history of her family wasn't too great and quiet brutal, however at that time it was necessary.

But now the world has change and that will remain as history. History being kept in various series of books that even until now only few people able to reach the end of the stories. 

Her family had read everything since basically it was their first ever information they received. The royal family members are required to read the whole book and Joohyun spent 5 years to finish all of it.

She remember she shed tears and her feeling was quiet complicated back then. But her father was there for her all the time. Guide her and accompany her. Goes the same to Yeri. 

If someone happened to reach up to the pages where it says about the royal family member was given tattoo on their back, then whoever managed to read until that part, might be in the game right now.

Trying the best to find the princess which obviously Bae Joohyun is the princess...This is crazy!

In conclusion, there is stalker among the students. 

"Miss Bae?" 


At that moment, she realized every eye in the room is looking at her confusely. From where she is sitting, she can feel Jennie is staring at her too. Worriedly.

Perhaps Jennie realize something is bothering her mind by now.

"Please pay attention more, Miss Bae. Write 5 essays of today's lecture and I want it on my desk in two days" said Mr. Lee.

Joohyun sigh. Well it's not hard for her to do 5 essays. However, she really need some space to think right now. Knowing there is a stalker or maybe more running around in this school.

Trying to find her. Why is everyone so obessed with her? Not that she's trying to self-centered, but this whole game thing really freaks her out.

And yet she told Miss Tiffany and Miss Taeyeon she can handle this. 


"Are you kidding me?" 

"Do I look like joking right now?'

"Lisa! That is so scary! Where do you heard that?"

"Woah, woah. What did we missed, huh?" asked Wendy as soon as she and Seulgi join them in the canteen.

Rose and Lisa glance at each other. Not really sure if they should tell the other two. However, it's too late now since Wendy notice their weird behavior.

"Spill it, guys" Wendy commanded. 

They know, keeping this as a secret or deny whatever they were talking about will only make things a lot worse. After all, they cannot deny how intimidating Son Wendy is.

Rose nod at Lisa, a sign that she's the one who deliever the news to the other two. 

Kang Seulgi as always waiting patiently. Deep inside she has bad feeling about this.

"*cough, so uhmm...I heard someone was attacked last night when she was having a night shower" Wendy raise her eyebrow. Didn't seem to understand.

"By who?" asked Seulgi.

"Said that this guy, whoever that is, mean no harm actually but it said that this person wanted to see the girl's back. I don't know what this person trying to find or prove but doesn't it sound so crazy?" 

"I will need you to accompany everytime I take a shower, Lisa" said Rose and Lisa form an evil smile which only earn a punch from Rose. Didn't even care how hurt it was. Lisa hissed with the pain.

Back? Girl's back? Attacking? 

If Seulgi is right then...


"Oh, Sejeong. You scared me" 

The girl name Sejeong who Seulgi notice is her and Wendy's classmate, came just in time before she ask Wendy the most crucial question. Wendy didn't mention anything to her yesterday.

And apparently that girl also went missing until pass midnight. Seulgi wonder where the hell that girl go. Or she was the one behind that attack?

When Seulgi said Wendy could be annoying...she can also be scary and mysterious too...

"Sorry. But can I ask for your help with the chemistry homework? Me and my friend are on the edge already. We can't seem to find the right equation" said Sejeong.

That's weird. Why would she asked Wendy when there sitting next to her is the brilliant and smart Kang Seulgi? That's fishy...

"Ah, right. Excuse me guys" said Wendy as she excuse herself.

Which obviously attracted the other three. Rose, Lisa, and Seulgi stare at each other weirdly. Asking what the hell Wendy doing? She never been that kind before.

Lisa pressed her lips as she feel the tension on the table. Rose lean her back and sigh. While Seulgi keep her eyes on Wendy who is walking next to Sejeong, listening to whatever that girl is saying.

Did Wendy actually the person behind last night accident? Wait. Did the school knew about last night? Probably not because if they do, they wouldn't be in the canteen by now.

If she indeed the culprit...then Wendy has gone nuts.

"Did you see that?" asked Rose kinda annoyed.

"Who didn't see that anyway?" said Lisa.

"Seulgi what's with Wendy anyway?" asked Rose.

"I don't know" said Seulgi.


"So...are you going to talk about it?" asked Jennie. 

After the chemistry class, they both decided to sit on the school garden during break time. Joohyun doesn't feel to go there especially after what happened last night.

It was truly scared her to death. Last night Jennie already asleep and Joohyun doesn't want to disturb her sleep. Although she was so scared last night. 

That's what have been occupying her mind and Jennie notice whatever Joohyun's thinking right now completely take her out from the real world. Like somehow her body is here while her soul is somewhere else.

Her condition obviously not so good.

"I was just...scared" said Joohyun.


Yeah. But scared of what? Think Bae Joohyun! Think! 

" week" Joohyun confess.

Jennie scoffs in disbelief. Is that what her best friend been thinking of? Well, this is new. Or perhaps this is the beginning for two new love bird to fly?

She knew this probably will be the very first time she seen her best friend attract to someone. Until make her cannot stop for their very first partnership!

This is great! Finally she able to see her best friend put interest on someone else!

"Are you ing serious? That's what been bothering your mind?!" said Jennie still didn't believe this. 

"Ugh...yeah?" said Joohyun not so sure if she's doing the right thing.

Instead of say anything, Jennie pull Joohyun in and messing with her best friend hair. A playful smile suddenly appear on Jennie's face. Feeling so happy for her best friend.

Joohyun need to pull herself away from Jennie. She's ruining her hairstyle for today! When she finally able to retreat herself from Jennie, she can see that playful smile on Jennie's face.

Oh, lord. Tell me I did the right thing?

"I am so happy for you, my friend!" 

Happy? Oh! No! No!

"No, Jennie. That's no-"

"I know you always have interest on Kang Seulgi since the first day! That's good now that you are trying to admit your feeling to Seulgi! Hey. Here. Let me give you some advice" said Jennie as she sit a little closer to Joohyun.

"Jennie, I  do-"

"Shttt! You need to learn something from me, okay? First, that is okay for you to think of any kind of possibilites that might happen, okay? Even if it's about your first time doing that, if you know what I mean" 

That completely widen Joohyun's eye. No! She can't even imagine being in one room with Kang Seulgi! Oh my god. Turns out this is a lot more worse than she thought.

She wasn't aiming for her dance practice with Kang Seulgi!

Other than that, they also have big quiz coming up for science class. That's what she trying to say to Jennie. But Jennie completely thought something else. 

"Anyway! You, my friend is perfect! Do not worry. I bet Kang Seulgi also want to eat you on the bed. So, next week you don't need to worry about anything! She will eventually drown into your charm. But if you both ended up doing that-"

"Jennie I-"

"Shtttt! I'm talking here!" Joohyun doesn't have any choice but to zip . After all, she's quiet afraid with Jennie's glare. Her cat eye look really terrifying sometime.

"Make you sure you do not end up like Kim Jisoo and Hyeri. It was the most stupid move she ever done"

That...she will listen. 


Joohyun gulped. Not so sure if she did the right thing, however, best if Jennie didn't know what happened last night. Or else, damn. She will blow up her cover sooner than she thought.

Guess hiding within this wall is not that easy as she thought. She might need to be more alert and careful from now on. Because who knows? Someone might aiming her back anytime sooner.

At the end Joohyun nodded. Jennie with her wide smile lean her body to the back, putting the weight on her hands while staring up to the beautiful blue sky.

Yes. It is indeed beautiful However, it's quiet the opposite with Joohyun's feeling right now. 

"Talking about Kim Jisoo" said Joohyun trying to come up with new topic. 

"Ugh...don't even talk about her. Hearing her name just give me headache already" said Jennie complaining. 

"Oh well. I'm just asking if she and Seori really that serious...what do you think?"

Jennie open her eyes, feel the need to stare at Joohyun. Joohyun shrugged the moment she saw Jennie staring at her...glaring. 

"You asked my opinion and the answer is that sooner or later, they will break up"

That doesn't surprise Joohyun but it doesn't stop her from smacking Jennie's thigh. She's being very jealous and very mean! Kim Jisoo still her friend.

Can't she at least see the good side about Kim Jisoo? Despite her annoying personality, Kim Jisoo still a very good friend. Her presence always very much making the atmosphere alive.

"Speaking of the devil. I might be good as a fortune teller" said Jennie as she pointed forward.

Joohyun follow where she's pointing out and to her surprise, two girls seems to be arguing on the other side of the school garden.

Quiet intense and Joohyun can see the frustration in both faces. She stare at Jennie confuse and worried at the same time.

However, the girl seems so relax and unbother. Like when she said that felt like she done something.

"Jennie" called Joohyun.


"Did you do something?" asked Joohyun.

"Tsk. I hate Kim Jisoo but there is no way I would do anything to ruin their relationship. I'm not that evil, Bae Joohyun" said Jennie as she gets up and walk away.

She sigh. Seems like she made Jennie quiet offended. Great

When she thought her day already worse, it cannot be get anymore worse than having Kim Jennie mad at her.

Accusing her for something she knew Jennie would never do or even have the thought on doing anything that might harm Kim Jisoo and Seori relationship.

It feel like she will need to sleep outside the room later. Right. A princess sleep outside the room...what could the be the title of the news? Can you imagine that? 

No. Joohyun decided not to think nor imagine that at all. So, she decided to leave the school garden and perhaps she will talk with Kim Jennie and Kim Jisoo later. 

For now she need to go and meet Miss Tiffany.

Of course she need to talk about the current situation. Maybe they have some ideas to help her? After all, they also responsible for the current alerting situation.

She actually wondering how the hell that person able to read up to that page? Or maybe she or he skipped it? Joohyun wonder but for sure she know that those books are here in the library.

King Author the second, her great great grandpa make sure to put those books in this school library. Why? Because this school has the biggest and largest library among other school.

He actually think that no one able to find it. Guess what? He was wrong. Someone managed to find that book but whoever found that books unable to borrow it. 

So, Joohyun still has a chance to warn Miss Tiffany to keep those books away from the students sight as soon as possible. Unless they want to hurt her then...

Ah. Joohyun doesn't want to imagine at all.

"Hey! Get off of me!"


When she thought today already at the peak of its worse, seems like she was wrong. Dealing with angry Kim Jennie would be less worse than what she encounter right now.

There. At the end of the corridor. One trying to attack the girl who hopelessly not strong enough to push that person in black hoodie. Joohyun cannot see who that is because the back facing her.

Maybe a girl? Maybe a boy? Joohyun doesn't know. But for sure, the girl in the corner doesn't know who that is because if she does, she would have scream the attacker name.

Joohyun froze right at her place. Not knowing what to do because she's afraid. Frightened to be exact. Because she's the princess and helping that person would only expose her disguise. 

But at the same time she wanted to help so badly. That girl is a victim of her own. The reason for this sudden attack is because of her. How can people so desperate wanting to know who the princess is? 

"Help!" the girl begged.

However, the attacker managed to looked at her back forcely by kicking the girl stomach, making the girl bend due to the sudden impact on her belly.

Once the attacker saw, he or she push the girl away and that girl run as fast as she can.'s only her and the attacker. This felt wrong somehow...

Yet, Joohyun remain still. Froze on her spot. Watching the attacker move, hoping the attacker would never see her. But she's too late. 

Here she see the attacker turn around. Not surprise to see her presence there. Like the attacker has anticipate her presence. 

. That is the first time Joohyun ever swore.

It felt right right this moment. 

The attacker wear a mask. Joohyun unable to recognize who the person behind it. It scares her a lot. Perhaps being stuck in the palace all the time make her unaware of the danger outside.

Making her unable to know what to do. 

Because right now instead of running, she stood still. While the stalker take firm steps towards her direction. She can't even outter a single word for help.

What are you doing, Bae Joohyun? Run! Run!

That's when her instinct to survive turn on. She turn herself around to run. Anywhere but here only to hit someone on the first turn. Instead of falling down to the ground, whoever she hit managed to catch her and pull her away from the corridor.

Joohyun unable to see who the person is because she's being hug...inside a very warm and comfortable hug.

She can feel her heart racing. Didn't know if her heart is racing because she's scared or because she happened to be in someone else hug.

By now she is thinking. What could be anymore worse than dealing with angry Kim jennie and being attack by a stranger who wanted so bad to find the princess?

Probably this. The feeling of comfort and safety in this person hug is a lot worse than the two. She feel very secure and safe. Making her completely forget she was chased by a stranger.

Hiding behind one of the classroom, hoping the attacker managed to lost her and perhaps it work because they cannot hear steps coming through their way.

That's when Joohyun bravely take a look at her saver only to see familiar face. That white pale skin with her attractive monolid eyes...




Kang Seulgi?! You again?



Will be gone for a few days. Get so busy with university lately. Will be back when the situation a lot better



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