Me and The Princess

“That’s good Seulgi! Keep it up! Ah! You. In the corner” 

Everyone eyes turn to the person in the corner. The only person standing there since the first day is her. Only her. No one dare to take that place. Who is that person?

“What is your name?”

“Bae Joohyun, Miss”

“Right. I’ve been watching you since the first day. Why standing in the corner when you have natural talent?” 

When everybody thought Miss Hyoyeon would correct her move, etc, they are wrong. To be honest, Hyoyeon has been watching Joohyun from the first day. However, she let the girl stand in the corner until today. Why today? It’s about time this girl show her talent. That’s what Hyoyeon thought. After all, Joohyun got the potential. 

But most of all, she want to know the reason why she stand in the corner. Hiding her talent and let the other stand in the middle. Showing off their talent though they don’t have the talent.

Joohyun in the corner seems a bit surprise with the sudden recognition. She never thought she get recognized. After all, Kang Seulgi is the favorite one here and she stand in the front row. Natural talent, she said? Thought Joohyun.

“Uhmm...I’m still a beginner” said Joohyun. But Hyoyeon is not satisfied with the answer.

“You’re not confident with your talent. Come to the center and show us what you got” said Hyoyeon challenging Joohyun.

Joohyun never back away from challengen. Everybody knows that and she herself do too. But this time she doesn’t know why she regret registered herself in this club.

You could say that Bae Joohyun lost her confidence. Why? How? Let's just say she admit that dancing isn't her best forte. Kang Seulgi own this place. 

Oh yes! You read that right! She admit that she lost to Kang Seulgi.

Now that she's become the center of attention, her own spotlight, somehow this really intimidate her. For the first time ever, being in the spotlight makes her...scared.


And that is all because of Kang Seulgi. All her charm, confidence, and skills. Just how those really impact her very much. Directly....yes. 

Kang Seulgi seems to notice it. The way Bae Joohyun bring herself is not...her at all. She's different. With low self confidence and the worried face...she's not Bae Joohyun. 

However, there is nothing Kang Seulgi can do right now. Bae Joohyun is on her own. The only person who can prove herself is Bae Joohyun only. She is the only person who can show people that she actually have the talent.

And it would probably surprising everyone in the room to know that Bae Joohyun actually have the talent. But she is just have low confidence because there is someone else in the room that has stoled her spotlight since the beginning.

Does she mad? No. She was just...trying to admit that Kang Seulgi is better in dancing and that she can't never be as good as her. Then the fact that she cannot be good in everything. No humans are perfect. Only God. 

"Come on. Show us what you got" said Miss Hyoyeon as she turn on the stereo.

Surprisingly, Miss Hyoyeon picked the hardest song ever. Which required sharp and energetic move. Will Bae Joohyun able to prove herself to everyone in the room?

Oh come on guys! She's Bae Joohyun. You know she never back away from challenge and she is very competitive. Remember that. Even though she is quiet insecure right now, she never let her insecurity eat her. 

The song Miss Hyoyeon picked happen to be Tomboy by Destiny Roger. A song that Bae Joohyun quite familiar with. Students circle her and all eyes on her.

Bae Joohyun is a tough girl. She always been a tough girl. This challenge should be a piece of cake. 

That make her do the first move. Her expression suddenly change into the most y, intimidating, yet charming. Just the perfect expression to deliver the music vibes. 

*Please imagine Irene doing Lisa's dance move in her solo...let's imagine that Irene actually very talented in dancing which in real life she really is! What I mean is imagine her gender is the same as Lisa, shall we?

Students start to enjoy her moves, but more like fascinated at her. For being able to make a very clean moves and sharp at the same time. Oh please don't forget how energetic her moves are.

More importantly how y and intense her stare is. People will die by her intensity. Which is great! That is exactly what Miss Hyoyeon wants. But what Hyoyeon didn't get it is why hide this beautiful talent?

In this stage she will be able to perform together with Seulgi and Lisa together. Three of them are the best dancer in this room. 

As Joohyun continues with her move, doing the ciseaux, inspired from her ballet class, she stumble upon landing on the ground. Most students gasp in horror.

However, there is someone who wouldn't let Bae Joohyun fall to the ground and broke her leg for doing such a good move. Might need a little bit more practice to nail that move.

Certainly, Bae Joohyun very sure she will broke her leg and probably will never dance again. But her thought was imidietly remove the moment she felt hands on her waist. Holding her from falling to the ground.

Eyes still close but the moment she open her eyes, she imidietly regret it. Because this is the closest and the second time Bae Joohyun find herself admiring the beautiful monolid eyes infront of her.

Staring at her worriedly. It is at that very moment, both of them knew they are ed up. 

Joohyun get herself up as fast as she could and Seulgi push her away, looking down after feeling how hot her surrounding is and decided to retreat herself from the crowded space.

Miss Hyoyeon and Lisa smirk seeing the two. 

"Well done. We could get that last move of yours work in the next class. Alright! Class dismiss! Enjoy the rest of your evening"


The very first place for Bae Joohyun to get her mind at ease after what happened in the practice room is of course the library. Why not the school garden? Because that place is where most students will go when they need some space from school life.

Library is the scariest place for most students. Not for Bae Joohyun. Therefor, she able to get some privacy in the library unlike the school garden where probably people will be staring at her or talking about her behind her back after what happened.

Yes! She is pretty sure everyones talking about her right now. Especially because like how they were staring? Less than five minutes of course but everybody notice the vibes between them.

The intensity. The warm. Oh . Bae Joohyun almost kill herself for admitting that Kang Seulgi hands wrapped around her waist perfectly was the most wonderful moment in her life.

What?! Can you hear that? Perfectly wrapped? What is she? Blanket? 

Her effort of getting her mind busy with school work, turns out her effort only resulted nothing.

Blank page. As she realize that, she scoff in disbelief. Leaning her back on the chair and sigh. 

Still cannot believe she can't write a single sentence in her essay. Perhaps removing her thoughts about Kang Seulgi by distracting herself in books and assignments are useless.

Writing essay is her speciality. She can easily write a sentence for one paragrah and continues on until the end. 

But this time she can't. She has no inspiration at all and the mess on the floor clearly stated her confuse mind. More like her mind is full of her own thoughts about Kang Seulgi.

Geez! She didn't know someone can give her such impact like this. Of course she wouldn't want to tell Jennie about this. That girl would probably freak out and interview her like an actual investigator. 

And the least thing she wanted to hear was Jennie's unstopable babble. What she want right now is piece and the only person...no....the only thing can give her that is the library.

Somehow she missed home so much. Though sometimes it's a bit scary live there considering how huge the castle is, but she get to live in quiet and in full privacy. 

While in here...she would be very surprise if she gets one. 

"Bae Joohyun! There you are! I have been looking all over for you! Figure that you might be here!"

The perk of being best friend with Kim Jennie, there is no such thing as privacy. Because wherever you go, you will find Kim Jennie there.

Sounds of Jennie shoes stepping so hard on the wooden floor of the library, prompting her to turn her head around only to see grumpy Jennie. Bae Joohyun must admit, grumpy Kim Jennie is quiet cute.

Kim Jennie have this chubby cheek and it would always puffy everytime she smile. But this time she's even more cute with her grumpy face which made her cheek even more puffy than before! Honestly, cute never fit to describe Jennie.

However, in this term, that word apply for her. Only today and at this situation.

"Lower you voice, Jennie. This is a library not your house" 

Jennie didn't care about it. The only thing pop up in her mind is the fact that Joohyun and Seulgi almost kissed each other! Well, that's what everyone said. 

And so, Kim Jennie greeted her with a pout and hands on her waist. Looking so grumpy and eyes staring at her sharply, making her look very cynical. Gosh. Bae Joohyun never knew Kim Jennie could be this scary but cute at the same time. 

"Will you please explain what happened between you and Kang Seulgi? How the hell you didn't tell me about it? Are you hiding from me?!"

"Gosh, Jennie. I told you lower your voice. I am trying to find pieace her as you can see!"

"No! You are trying to distract yourself from the fact that both of you almost kissed each other!" Irene tilting her head with eyes wide open, surprise with the sudden fact.

"What?! We did not almost kissed! Is this what everybody been talking about?" 

"Oh huh! Care to explain? And for sake tell me what's really going on in your head? You have been acting so weird! Unlike the Bae Joohyun I knew!" 

Joohyun knew despite how much she tried to avoid Jennie, she knew she need to explain everything. But seriously...is that what everyone talking about? They almost kissed? It wasn't even intended!

Nevertheless, Joohyun sigh defeated by Kim Jennie annoying behavior but she still love her as best friend. 

"Alright. Sit. And please do not overeact or I'll never tell you anything again"



Her firm steps brought her walking through the school corridor with people staring at her. Of course she notice the eyes staring at her. And if it wasn't because the event earlier, what else? 

But she ignore those stare because obviously she doesn't want to put much care about them. Honestly, her mind need some piece after what happened. She tried so hard to ease her mind with anything that could distract her.

Which end up with nothing. Okay. Let me tell you something. Though at first sight both of them have weird approach and precisely they hate each other since the first day they met. 

However, no one able to ignore the fact that Bae Joohyun indeed the original visual. The way her doe eyes would light up everytime she explain some theories or when she smiling *sometimes Seulgi caught Joohyun smiling during the dance class. Didn't even realize she has been eyeing the girl since the first day of dance class.

Then her perfect shining black straight hair would make everyone jealous of how soft and nice her hair texture is. Also everyone is jealous of her glowing white skin. And...her perfect pink lips...

Where is this come from anyway? Moments ago when she caught Joohyun from falling, she gets the time to studied Joohyun's face up close. Despite how much she want to avoid eye contact, she just can't.

Because the moment their eyes met, that is when she drown into those beautiful doe eyes. Somehow her heart race faster than it should be the moment her eyes met with Joohyun's.

This tingling sensation on her stomach was what woke her up from her fantasy. That is the reason she pulled Joohyun up and left. Because she sweat her cheeks are hot as hell and goes the same with her ears. Completely red as tomato after she went to the bathroom and check her own reflection on the mirror.

And people started talking about what happened, saying they almost kissed! Tsk! They aren't even close! Why does people love making gossip? Always made up story that wasn't the actual fact! 

Right now she's walking to the school gym. Hoping a little exercise can help ease her mind abit when suddenly she's being drawn forcely by someone. Seulgi is struggling to get loose from whoever this person is.

She's being pulled away from the school corridor into a random empty classroom. The reflection of the person behind her can be seen by the mirror behind the door. Forcely she pulled Wendy's hand that cover and turn her body around facing Wendy. 

When she said Wendy is one annoying, noisy, and the most sarcastic girl in the whole school, she mean it. Deeply. However she miss something that might describe Wendy very well. A kidnapper.

"What the hell, Seungwan?"

"Not gonna sorry. This is an emergency. Was it true? You almo-"

"NO! Oh for sake, Wendy! Did you drag me all the way here just to ask me that?" asked Seulgi a bit annoyed. 

Obviously yes! Considering the way Wendy looked at her with her innocent face! Seulgi starting to regret having Wendy as her friend. Nonethless...she actually quiet nice. However, sometimes her actions are a little too much. Cross the line precisely.

"The gap wasn't even short! Who started this rumor?" Wendy shrugged.

"Why don't you kissed her? It could be a one time experience!"

"Are you mad?! No! I was just helping her and she was about to fall which were near me and I help her! That's it. Now can I go?"

"Is that all?" asked Wendy unsure which made Seulgi tilted her head. Wondering what she meant.

"What do you mean?" Wendy chuckle and smirk at her.

"Well, I don't know? Maybe about your face turned red as tomato after you left the room. You know people talked a lot, right?" 

Seulgi groaned in frustration. This must be Lisa's doing because she's the only person who saw her in the bathroom after she left. Alright. What else they talk about, huh? Seulgi wondered. 

"I don't. Now, can I go?" 

The smirk on Wendy face remain there as Seulgi left the room feeling completely annoyed with Wendy. When she thought after Bae Joohyun cooling down, she would receive a sight of peace and calm in her life, she was wrong.

Completely wrong. Because now Bae Joohyun has invaded her mind. Her only privacy inside this school. 

Can this day get any worse?



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