Not Her

Me and The Princess

"Kang Seulgi?" 

She divert her attention to Joohyun who surprisingly staring at her with her beautiful doe eyes. Kang Seulgi find herself drowning into those beautiful doe eyes.

However, she realize what just happened and immedietly pull her away from Joohyun and so did Joohyun. This is the second time they are standing so close to each other.

Last time, they were inside a janitor closet. Now, they are inside an empty classroom but though the room quiet large, they both still stand close to each other.


But that's not the case. What matter is she managed to keep Joohyun out of the stalker sight. 

"Y-you okay?" asked Seulgi.

Joohyun nodded. She cannot say anything since she feel her voice stuck within . A bit too shocked with the whole situation. 

How can she not shocked? This is not the first time Seulgi saved her...why does it seems like whenever she's in danger, Kang Seulgi always there?  

Not to mention, everytime it happened, Bae Joohyun always seems to be drawn into Seulgi's charm. Which despite how much she want to deny it, her heart seems to refuse so.

Currently, she is punishing herself for feeling so comfortable inside Kang Seulgi's hug. The way Kang Seulgi made her feel so safe and secure at the same time make her unable to deny her own feelings. 

Which honestly, she never felt like this before towards anyone. Aside from her strong and over protective father, who happen to be the King of this country.

However, she do have one question. Should it be Kang Seulgi all the time? Instead of asking that, Joohyun came up with one question. A question that likely feel normal in this situation...she thought.

"How do you know I was running away?" asked Joohyun.

At first, Seulgi was quiet surprise. However, she can answer this question. Smile appear on her face. The playful smile Joohyun had seen before in the practice room.

"This time you actually run out of breathe" said Seulgi lightly.

Joohyun scoffs. She's way worse than Kim Jisoo. But seeing Joohyun glaring at her, managed to scare her out. Maybe this is not the best time to throw jokes, Seulgi.

"*cough...I-I was..."

Seulgi better come up with good reason why she's in this hallway. To tell the truth, she was following the voice. Yelling for help and thought that maybe Wendy is doing her thing.

In the middle of day light! But still it was her own assumption. Although she cannot deny how weird and mysterious Wendy were earlier in the canteen.

First, she doesn't want to make weird assumption nor accussing Wendy for such dangerous action. However, Kang Seulgi cannot stop herself from doing so.

Because Wendy never tell her about her plan afterward. She's being all mysterious and she would like to find out what she's been to. Perhaps by starting from finding out who is this stalker.

Or actually...she has other reason...

So...what should she say? Kang Seulgi is very much aware that Bae Joohyun will wait until she give her the answer. She is not the only one who is crazy for answer.

Seulgi pressed her lips together. Thinking so hard what she should say. However she cannot come up with something.

"I-I was-"

"What are you two doing in here?" 

All of a sudden someone came in to the classroom from the back door. Surprising the two of them. But for Seulgi, she felt relieve. Even though the consenquences, she must look like she's doing something with Bae Joohyun in here.

They both look at each other and realize they are standing too close to each other. Joohyun was sure she was standing very far from Seulgi. Turns out she didn't.

Stepping away from each other, they both cough awkwardly. 

"If you two want to make out, this is not the place. Get out"


It was her second time being kicked out forcely. First was with Kim Jisoo and Kim Jennie. The second is this. With Kang Seulgi. Caught hiding in a room.

Whoever the teacher name was, Irene didn't know and neither do Seulgi. She actually thought they were making out! Worse she didn't seem to mind if girlxgirl making out in this school.

Which for Irene. Surprise? Yes. Confuse? Yes. Well, to put it simply she never date anyone before and honestly she doesn't know whether she prefer boys or girls.

But isn't it against the rule? To like the same gender? Her father never put too much concern about this matter when public mostly want his opinion.

He prefer to not say anything and Joohyun never asked him. Maybe because those thought never cross her mind before. However after the event, she suddenly think about it.

Is her family oppose the idea of lesbian and biual? Or they actually support them? Because to tell the truth, since day one she has been given stories that princess always end up falling inlove with a prince.

Now she start asking question whether those story still valid in this modern life. 

Anyway, as soon as they are out from the classroom, silence came between them. They stare at each other awkwardly but none of them dare to talk or move.

Since now the situation getting too awkward, Irene feel the need to walk away right now. Because the more she’s with Seulgi, the more she think she’s out of breathe due to her rapid beating heart.

Doesn’t know why her heart react this away everytime she’s with Seulgi. As she was about to say thank you and bide goodbye, Seulgi cut her.

“Let me accompany you to your destination” said Seulgi. 

Which didn’t receive any respond from Joohyun because she doesn’t know how to react to that actually.

“ know...the stalker could be anywhere by now. You can’t go alone” said Seulgi.

To be honest, Seulgi afraid if Joohyun misinterpret what she said. However, Joohyun nod lightly afterwards. Which of course surprise her.

Well, Seulgi always knew Joohyun as a tough girl. Always does everything by herself. A very independent young woman.

Aside from her intellectual, Seulgi found herself grew interest on Joohyun’s self dicipline. For someone who came from a wealthy family, Joohyun seems very independent.

Unlike some people she encounter back in the days and now. That’s why she’s quiet find Joohyun attractive. Other than mopping and things related to cleaning, Joohyun is very independent.

Always study by herself. Never step away from challenge and always prove herself that she is capable of anything.

She always done everything by her own. Never complaints when she is given hard task. Over all, she show other people that she can take care of herself well.

When Joohyun nod at her offer, of course Seulgi quiet surprise. She was expecting the girl to deny her offer and walk away. But she did otherwise.

“What are you waiting for?” Asked Joohyun snap her out of her thought. Not realizing Joohyun already begin to walk. Leaving her behind not so far.

Seulgi follow right after. Hiding her embarassment by looking down for a couple steps. Guess they will be walking together. 


“Bae Joohyun!” 

A sudden call from behind made the two girls stop from walking. Turning their body around only to see Jisoo jog towards them. 

Joohyun wonder why Jisoo is here whereas she should be with Seori right now. Given the fact she and Jennie witnessed their little arguments awhile ago.

“Hey, Jisoo”

“Whe-re i-is ah! ! I’m out of breathe”

“Take your time, Jisoo” said Joohyun looking a bit concern.

After she recover herself, she was about to speak when she notice Joohyun isn’t alone. In fact she’s with Seulgi. Jisoo smile evilly as she notice that.

Of course Joohyun sense it and she attempt to deny it when Seulgi cut her.

“I’ll go now. See you next week, Joohyun” said Seulgi.

Coward! Thought Joohyun.

"Goodbye, Seulgi!" said Jisoo waving her hand.

Joohyun knew what was Jisoo doing and she roll her eyes. She's getting ready for another annoying assumption from Jisoo. Hopefully she will not be the one who spread wrong rumors.

With hands on her side, Jisoo tilted her head and smile playfully. Teasing Bae Joohyun always fun. But it is a lot more fun to tease Kim Jennie more.

"What?" asked Joohyun pretending to not know anything.

"Oh! Don't 'what' me, Bae Joohyun. Spill it. What were you two doing?" 

"Me and Seulgi? Nothing" said Joohyun trying to avoid Jisoo eye contact.

"Your body said the otherwise" 

Joohyun cough awkwardly as she try her best to make eye contact with Jisoo. She should really change the topic right now because she doesn't know what else Jisoo will ask her.

After all, Kim Jisoo is very unpredictable.

"*cough uhmm what are you doing here anyway? Aren't you suppose to be with Seori?"

"Why would you think that? I'm here looking for you!" 


"Yes! I'm searching for Kim Jennie but she's nowhere to be found"

"Have you checked my room? She must be there"

" come that thought never cross my mind? Let's go together then!" said Jisoo as she grab Joohyun's hand and drag her away from the hallway.

While being drag forcely, Joohyun feel the need to ask Jisoo. Because the question really bothers her.

"Were you fighting with Seori?"

"How do you know? Oh well it didn't matter. We broke up. She was so noisy and overprotective. You know I never take every relationship seriously. So yeah"

Is she okay?

The thought of asking that question cross her mind. However, Jisoo looks completely fine. Well, she's a playgirl. One time break up won't hurt her that much.

It was what she learn from Kim Jennie when she was so wild back in the past. Speaking of Kim Jennie, that girl must be so happy to hear them broke up. Can't wait to later.


Pushing down the door knob, she take a peak inside the room although it's her own room that she share with Wendy. Still, she feel the need to do so because what she will do next is something she might regret later.

Or maybe not? Who knows. For now she need to do what she think is right. Just pray Wendy didn't come during her inspection through her things.

Seulgi feel the need to do this because if Wendy truly is the stalker then she went to far by attacking people. The look on their eyes, especially when she saw Joohyun earlier...

This is too much and she cannot bear to keep it to herself if her roommate happen to be the culprit. Therefore, she must do the right thing right now. Even if she has to cross the line...she must make sure that her assumption is wrong....or maybe she's right.

For now she can only rely her instinct and pray that Wendy is busy with Sejeong or whoever that person is. Which obviously make Seulgi quiet curious of who that girl is.

What is she looking for right now? Honestly, anything. Anything that can be evidences of her being the culprit. But so far. as she look over Wendy's study desk and her personal wardrobe, Seulgi found nothing.

A bit frustrated but she keep on searching.



She turned around quiet surprise to see Wendy came into their room. Looking so furious with eyes wide open and obviously she's glaring at Seulgi right now.

"Wendy I-"

"This is my personla space! What do you think you were doing, huh? Stay back or I sue you for invading my personal space!" said Wendy as she push Seulgi away. 

"Wendy, listen to me"

"No. You listen to me. I respect your privacy and why can't you do the same? I don't know what are you trying to do over here but you went too far, Kang" 

She went too far? She's doing this because she thought this is necessary. After all, Wendy left her hanging when she asked her what she's going to do with the information she got regarding the royal family secret.

Of course now Seulgi quiet offended with Wendy's accusation. 

"Me? Went too far?"

"Well, do you have arguments why are you doing this? Certainly no"

"No! You're wrong! I do have one!"

Now Wendy take steps closer to Seulgi. Closing the distance between them and chin up. Challenging Seulgi. Honestly, if they are joking with each other right now, Seulgi would have laugh.

Seeing how small Wendy is and the need to tip toe at her. This is so funny. However, the situation is quiet complicated.

"Are you the stalker?" asked Seulgi.


"The stalker. You meet the criteria to become the stalker. You know the royal family secret and you act very suspicious when I asked what will you do with that"

Instead of being reactive and denying, Wendy laugh. Which Seulgi didn't know what part of her statement was funny. 

"You actually thought I'm the stalker because I was teasing you?"


Wendy scoffs.

"I knew you would be like this. Yo! I was teasing you yesterday! Come on, Seulgi. We've been friends since day one! You should have know about me. I was joking!" 


Wendy sigh. Seulgi can be slow and innocent sometimes. Maybe she's more a straight forward person. 

"I was joking, okay? I was obsessed yes. But then I witnessed how those press were very crazy with the sudden news. They might hurt the princess if the rumors is true which I still believe it is. However I have no intention on doing something crazy like that. I don't want to end up in their underground dungeon which they actually still have until now" said Wendy.

Well, when Wendy said they had known each other since day one, it was true though. However, Seulgi still confuse to know when she is joking and when she's being serious.

Too confusing for her because she would rather stating the truth directly. Sometime she's having a hard time reading Wendy because she's very unpredictable.

Might notice it since day one.

"'re not the stalker?" 

"I'm not, okay? Seul. Are we even friends?"

"Yes. Yes we are. I mean...I'm confuse sometimes"

"Well, then maybe before you make assumption about me, better ask me first before doing something you might regret later. For instance, like this!" said Wendy.

Now that Seulgi knew Wendy is not the stalker, then the problem is,

"If you're not the stalker...then who?"

Which obviously drag Wendy attention and come to her realization that someone else, other than her, knew about the royal family secret. Therefore, the princess, whoever she is, in great danger right now.

Who knows what that person can do? Wendy and the other only curious of who the princess is but certaintly, this person might has other purpose. Maybe good. Maybe bad.

"" said Wendy.


This chapter is lame! Do you guys want more elaboration or prefer to have conversation? I, personally think this chapter is quiet lame. But will do my best for the next and next chapter.

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