In My Dreams [One Shot Collection]


Hi! Guess who's back? It's been awhile everyone. How are you guys? I hope everybody is doing well. The last time I checked in to this website was probably this February or maybe last year? I can't remember exactly when but overall, I was pretty busy with university 

Life gets tougher the moment you get older and older. First, it's all about friendship and boyfriend, girlfriend. Now, it's become more complicated than just friendship and boyfriend, girlfriend stuffs. 

Nonetheless, I worked things out and I miss writing so much that it keeps bothering my head. I keep trying to find ideas but none came. However, the urge, the desire to write as my way to shout out my feelings it's real...

So, maybe I will start slower this making one shot collection. Just short stories about Seulrene. Maybe the idea will come easier that way. 

So, yeah...this one is for me, for you, and for everyone who just join this website and happen to crash into my story. 


Sometimes it's just hard to get everything we want in real life. Ended up day dreaming all day. Losing focus when you're in the place to focus. 

Get scolded for wanting things you know you can't get. But how is that even fair? You work hard to get what you want yet, you didn't get it. Why? Maybe you didn't work hard to get it. Maybe it was just your conscious that tells you, you have worked damn hard. 

Turns didn't. It's bothering you so much that makes you lay down on the bed, your eyes shut close, and drove away to dreamland. A place where you can be whatever you want and gets what you want.

How is that fair when all you want to do is to think that you get what you want but ended being judged and laugh at for doing so? 

Well, as I get older, I realize the world is truly unfair. That is why you have to be firm to get what you want. You wanted it? Go get it. If people laugh at you, shut them off silently. You'll earn their respect but that's not what you want, right? 

All you want is to get what you want. What is that? Love? Wealth? Only you know it and these collections are for all of you who are trying so hard to get what you want.


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where are you right now author nim 😭
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anyway thank u so much author nim for update ❤
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seulrene more author nim ^^
Chapter 2: Nah...If you both aren't brave enough for each other to say your feelings out loud, you guys don't have the right to be together it's better if it's WenRene.
eunxiaoxlove #5
Chapter 1: Awww it’s sad but great