Me and The Princess


A story about the Royal Highness and a commoner. Too general, yes. But let's give it a shot, shall we?


Summer should be the season where people would enjoy it together with their loved one. Going on a picnic in the nearest public park. Enjoying the beautiful blue sky. Then they would kiss each other, throwing jokes, and having fun in each other company. But not everyone happen to have those beautiful moment in life. Certainly not someone who was born with a title in their names and happen to loved commoners. Unordinary commoners.

A gulp was all she could do. Standing there facing the royal highness with sadness and disappointment. Why? 

“Is this the end? For us?” She feel numb the moment she asked that.

None of them both ever wish to arrive at where they are right now. They had extraordinary life for the past few years and it all because of each other companion. Hug. Kiss. But they both knew the consequences long before this happen yet none of them wanted to talk about it. Well, what do you think?

Two people, two young people who are madly inlove with each other. They would prefer to live in the happy moment rather than facing the truth and the reality because their world are much more beautiful. However, this time will come sooner or later. In fact it’s too soon. Too soon. 

She, who stand firmly or rather wanted the other person to see how serious and firm she is, remain still to where she is standing. Hands clutch together. A habit when she is nervous. The thought of letting go the only person she love, adore, was never been in her mind before. But now it comes to her sense that no matter what she do to protect and hold on in thsi relationship, she doesn’t have a choice.

The world is changing. But certainly not the monarch. It comes to her realization that duty will always be her priority. Considering now the life of millions people is in her hands, she cannot be selfish. Duty and the country are the priorities. She used to believe she will never come to this state. Where she believe duty will be her priority. Perhaps she was wrong. Or more likely as innocent. 


How she wish she could hear that voice again tonight in her bedroom. How she wish they wouldn’t end up here and how she wish the girl infront of her never come to her life. So that she will never face this.

“I’m sorry Seul”

Patient guys^^ You make me impatient as well! This is my way to tease you all. Relax! Soon, you'll get Seulrene
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