Fate of the Winx Saga


I can't stop myself from searching for seulrene fanfic that contains a similar story as the Fate of The Winx Saga. I guess no one publishes or is interested to adapt that story for Seulrene...so here I am. Trying my best to create one. I couldn't contain the wild fantasy I have and here I write it. Will take a while but I just want to enjoy it and let my fantasy run wild.

Enjoy the ride and long update...lol


Seulgi never thought of leaving South Korea alone. Leaving her parents to another world she just knew existed. However, she knew her decision to go is for the greater good. It is the best decision to protect her family from...potentially getting killed by their own daughter.

Who...surprisingly owns a superpower. A superpower she doesn't know how to control at all. Perhaps in this new world, she can learn to control her power. That's what the woman told her.

Her goal is to learn how to control her power but she never thought she will be part of a new revolution together with the other kids. More than that, she never thought she will fall in love with Bae Joohyun.

The coldest and most charismatic girl is also her leader. The Kwangya's hero. The first fairy to be transformed in decades.



"I love you," she said desperately.

She chuckles but then regrets it when she feels the sting pain in her abdomen. Blood still coming out unstoppable and the girl who is laying down on her girlfriend's lap smile upon seeing her girlfriend.

Although the girl is crying right now knowing the love of her life is in pain. 

"Ironic...isn't it?" Said the girl covered in her own blood.

"N-no. Don't talk, please"



She wipes away those tears running out from Seulgi's eyes and she took her time to stare at Seulgi's face. She wanted to make sure before she go, Seulgi face is the last thing she will see.

She will never forget Seulgi's beautiful monolid eyes and those memories they made. Although it was short she was glad to meet Seulgi and be her girlfriend.

"Love...and hate...do exist. They...coexist"

"Don't talk, unnie. You'll hurt yourself," said Seulgi with tears keep coming out but the dying girl keeps going.

"That's the first time...you call me...unnie"

"What choice do I have? You're my girlfriend. I should call you my baby or honey," said Seulgi jokingly. 

The girl didn't say anything other than smile. She could feel it is her time to meet the end. 

"Seulgi, I...want you...to...know that I...I love you"

"I love you too. Don't leave me. I can't live without you. Please," said Seulgi begging.

But it was too late. Joohyun could feel her eyes getting heavy and she can't help but close her eyes and drifted herself to darkness.

"No. No. Joohyun! Stay with me! Stay with me! NO! This is my fault. No. Hyun, wake up!"

Seulgi desperately shook Joohyun's body. Hoping to get the girl back from the dead. Tears keep running out and the pain in her heart is unbearable. This is not what Seulgi wanted for their stories to end.

Not the way she would have imagined. 


She screamed in pain letting out all of her frustration and without her knowing her eyes turned blue. All around her are surrounded by blue fires, pulling her away from Joohyun's dead body.

She clenches her hands firmly, feeling all her powers in her body as she goes up and up to the sky, flying. 

Joohyun wouldn't have to die if only she could protect the girl from the Black Mamba. The one who created her. Her...own mother.




Hi, I know it's been so long since I came here. Hope you guys enjoy the new update!


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