Dancing With Your Ghost


Another story from me. Hope you're not tired of me. Hehe...This story is inspired by a song by Sasha Sloan. The title itself are the same as the song too. Might listen to it on Youtube or any other platform. It's a good song and have deep meaning. 

So again it's Seulrene fanfic! Hope you guys like it!


"Do you know how bad I want to touch you? Feel you? Like the old time?" said Irene.

Seeing Irene  with teary eyes and the urge of wanting to touch her, really hurt her heart badly. This is not the way she want this to be. Perhaps this is her punishment for asking this favor to God.

The pain of not being able to give what Irene wants when back then she able to give everything the woman asked her. Now she's just a hopeless ghost.

She blame everything. She blame the nature. She blame God. She blame everything that cause her death. If only she didn't insist on going...she won't be here.

Standing infront of her girlfriend, coming here as a ghost of herself. Begging God that she want to see her girlfriend one last time and spend some time with her because she still has regret. 

She was given 180 days for her wishes and at the same time she also need to make Irene happy and move on from her. How? How when both party still love each other and attach to each other like sticky notes?

Seulgi herself doesn't know the answer to it. 

All she's asking right now is to grant Irene's wish. To actually feel her skin. To actually touch her. To actually feel her warmth body. But how can she grant Irene's wish when she's just a hopeless ghost?

If only she's the God herself, maybe she can. Maybe she can give what Irene wants right now. The answer to that question is clear.

But what happen when Irene can actually touch her? Feel her? What happen next?

From where she stood, she brave herself, walking closer to where Seulgi is right now. Desperate, frustrated mix into one and it result with tears. 

Crying desperately because despite how much she want to tell herself everything that happening in her life wasn't real and it just her unstable mental state, everything feel so damn real.

The ghost appearance, the ghost behavior, the ghost voice...everything resemble Seulgi. How can Irene avoid those? How? 

For years she receive treatment from professional helps. It did help her with her own imagination she built. Seeing Seulgi when obviously that's not real and that her mind is playing with her.

Medication help her with that but this time...even her medication cannot help her. So...is she gone mad? Is her mental state really...that bad? Is it time for her to go to psychological ward? 

That place will be the last place Irene wanted to go. 

Despite how many time she already told herself that this is not real and this is just her mind playing with her...it's been like what? Two weeks? Yes two weeks ever since Seulgi ghost came into her life.

Everything seems so real. Talking to her. The exchange feeling. The stories...it felt so real though it still vividly unclear.

Yet there is only one thing she believe that everything happening right now is completely real. That is she cannot touch Seulgi. Seulgi's body are transparent. She cannot touch her.

She can go through walls and Irene walk through her and the chill of cold touching her skin. That is her only reason to believe this whole thing is damn real. She's talking to Seulgi's ghost. 

They went through everything together. Going to Irene's consultation session. Going to Irene's meeting. Going to the mall. Shopping and etc. 

She felt like...Seulgi is really here with her. She want to believe that so much because for the past years after she left so quick....all Irene want is to feel her touch again.

Not this. Not the talking, jokes, and her by her side. No. 

Irene missing Seulgi's touch. Her comfort. Her warmth. 

Despite how many times she already told herself she unable and will never be able to touch Seulgi...she still let herself drawn into disappointment. All because of her stupid decision.

Taking small steps towards Seulgi, closer, and closer. The ghost remain where she is. Just stood where she is right now not even moving an inch. Because both party know all the frustration will remain there. Without any solutions to fix the frustration. 

But what happen when their frustration become a surprise? 

Irene let her hand reach for Seulgi's shoulder, wanting so desperately able to touch her and hug her like they used to be. As she getting closer and closer, Irene can feel herself crying.

So do Seulgi. Nervously standing where she is...feeling all the sadness in her heart because of the fact that she's just a ghost. As she close her eyes, tears falling down her cheek because of how disappointed she is with herself.

Only to feel something really strange on her shoulder. Very soft...warm...and gentle. Is she dreaming? Maybe. But ghost can't fall asleep. She's awake 24 hours a day.

What is this strange feeling on her shoulder? She wanted to believe what she thought it might be...but it seems very impossible. Nevertheless she still get the nerve to open her eyes slowly only to see a person so close infront of her.

She bring her eyes to the person infront of her only to see a surprise face. Eyes seems cannot believe what she saw right now and what her hand is doing.

Her body feel tense yet she bravely turn her head around to where that strange feeling come from. To her surprise...Irene's hand....touching her shoulder. 

For Irene...she cannot believe this is happening. That her hand touch Seulgi. Seulgi the ghost. She can't bring herself to believe this is ing real. 

Tears falling down on her cheek. She doesn't know what kind of feeling is this. Sad? Happy? Glad? Confusion? She doesn't know. But one thing she is sure of...the person infront of her is not a ghost anymore. 

She can finally...touch her...feel her...is this God's work? Is He giving them time for each other? Is He...giving up upon seeing their beautiful love and affection towards each other? 

Irene doesn't have the answer to that. 

"S-Seulgi" called Irene.

Seulgi can't bring herself to speak. She's beyond than shock. this whole thing...what is this? Again she stare directly to Irene feeling overwhelme and confuse at the same time. 

"I-I...I can touch you" 

Perhaps, this is where everything gets a little complicated.


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update please author nim🥺🥺
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Chapter 12: I'm crying fr 😭😭😭
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Chapter 11: Seulgi is dead but she is a ghost and talk to Joohyun. How and why did she die?.
Wendy assaulted Seulgi?. Wow I'm hooked now. I can't wait for next update.
Thanks author nim.
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Chapter 9: its Schizophrenia Author-nim. :)
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Will this have a good ending? I’m scared to read the angst
Chapter 1: I love the storyline also curious too who wants to hurt Irene? JENNIE? maybe I Don't know. wendy is an interesting character I hope what I am thinking of Wendy is going to happen.......🙃
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Looks so interesting looking forward to it
the foreword is interestingg!! when are you going to continue the story authornimmm?? i'm excited to read your story XD