Embrace it [ONE SHOT]



Don't be surprise but...this is not a Seulrene FF! Someone requested me back then and I promise I will write a story about Irene and Jisoo since she love the interaction happened in my previous story. So, I'm here to fulfill my promise to that person! Also, this is really challenging for me because I never write FF other than Seulrene and Yoonsic in the past. So...wish me luck and hope you guys like it!


This will be one-shot story. Enjoy!


“Let’s do a bet”


A playfull smile suddenly appear on her face. Of course it’s never a good sign.

“If your crush is single, then I let you. But if your crush is taken, you’ll date me no matter what” 

She always knew her best friend have many crazy ideas. However, this one is beyond crazy.

“Are you kidding me?” She nodded with a smile. Even at this moment, that girl still smiling.

“I’m risking my heart for you. That’s just show you how much I really love you” 

There is always something bothering her everytime she said that. Maybe it was what people always said. The Kim Jisoo affect.

“Alright. You bet your heart. I bet mine too”

“Carefull Bae Joohyun. It’s stings more than a bee”

Joohyun gulped. Is she ready? 





No, she’s not.


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Chapter 1: This is perfect. I love it. Thank you for writing this one.
Chapter 1: Ooohhh...I love it. I'm a shipper of them as well. I treasure every story of this pair I found coz there's only a handful of them plus only few people ship them tho it's nice to know that some people really do ship them. Thanks for this:)