The Beginning

Me and The Princess

It was unlikely for her to hear that desperate tone of voice. Moreover, the look on her face. She gave up. After all these year of being together. She gave it all up because of her duty. W

ell everybody knows how important her duties are and how the country interests will always be above of everything. But doesn’t it sounds too old fashion? Meanwhile, the world is changing yet the monarch don’t. How come? Where it all go wrong? 



“I said no” said Seulgi firmly and her sharp eyes throwing dagger to the young woman standing infront her.


“Tell me Joohyun. Why? Why we have to end up like this?”

Joohyun scoff. 

“Do you think I want this?”

“Sounds like it”

Unbelievable. That’s what she thought. She’s angry. But she can’t let her judgement clouded by emotion. That’s what her late father told her. After all, Seulgi has the right to say that. Theh been through a lot. All together and of course Seulgi is doubting her decision right now. Or maybe Seulgi is just too naive and still believe there is forever waiting for them. 

She walk to the window and stand there looking right to the palace garden. It was the place where she spent less time as a child back in the past. Her parent, especially her mother always wonder why she never spent time running around the garden. Feel the freedom. Well, for the definition of freedom is different for each person.

Joohyun find her freedom through knowledge. Where she found herself free to know whatever she want to know and that’s freedom for her. Her father saw it and because of it she went to public school. Disguise as a normal civilian. Treated like true civilian. Also because of that she met Seulgi. Her true love.

Then how come they end up here? No. She wouldn’t blame her father. It was sooner or later she know she will replace her father. She can’t hide the fact that she have duties to fulfill as the Queen of the kingdom. And to go on with her duties, she must obey to whatever the rules are. The monarch never change though the world is changing.

“Do you remember what your father said to you about the reason why you going to the public school instead of having private tutor to teach you?” Asked Seulgi suddenly.

Of course. How can she forget that? 

“Of course” said Joohyun softly.

Seulgi feel the need to take step closer to Joohyun because what will she say next it is bery important.

“And may I ask who are you?”

It was odd. Why would Seulgi asked her that when she already know the obvious answer to that question? 

“Where are you going with this?”

“Just answer the question, Joohyun”

Whatever Seulgi’s going with this, Joohyun always knew Seulgi would never hurt her in anyways she possible could. 

“The queen”

Seulgi already expect Joohyun to answer that and yes that is correct. Bae Joohyun is the queen. Yet another question comes up.

“What kind of queen do you want to be, Joohyun?”

It wasn’t a hard question for Joohyun. Ever since she was a child, her parent always told her about what people expect her to be one day. A leader who could lead her people and protect the rights of the people. The only person who is brave and dare enough to cut her off is none other than Seulgi. Well, after all, she never knew who Joohyun was the firsttime they met.

“Don’t tell me what you’re parent told you to be." said Seulgi as she took another step closer to Joohyun.

Eyes never stop staring at Joohyun. Her girlfriend. Her love. Her future. Her everything. Seulgi has expect that one day they will come to this point. Where Joohyun will sacrifice her love for the country. After being together for about 5 years, Seulgi saw something. Something that perhaps Joohyun hasn't realize nor see it. But Seulgi did.

Seulgi took Joohyun's hands. Hold it like her life depend on her because it's true. Her life depend on her so much and she will never let this hands go. Not now. Not forever. She will hold this hands and protect her as long as she could even during the life time and after life. Call her naive and innocent. But that's just how she express her true love for the Majesty. Yes. Majesty. Her coronation is near. That is why Joohyun need to settle everything in her private life before she has no private space anymore.

Eyes staring at those hands, rubbing them gently and feel the soft skin on hers. She was mad. Yes. Indeed and it goes the same way with Joohyun. But she knew she could never stay mad for too long at Joohyun. She could never do that. What she can do is defend what she believe is right and need to do.

"Don’t ever forget the reason why your father and your mother sent you to public school. The objective of their reasons. Remember that”

She stare right at Joohyun's eyes, showing her love through her eyes before she ask,

"Tell me, Joohyun. As the Queen, what do you want the people to see within you?"


Cheers and loud blabbering noises fill the whole school front garden. It always happen in the first year of school. Every freshman would bring their parent to tag along and see the school. Since they will be staying there for the whole semester. Excluding big days such as christmas, new year. Before they parted away, they are given the time to look around the school and bid goodbyes. That is exactly what the Kang family is doing right now.

“How do you feel coming back here, father?”

“Hmm...coming back here as a former student felt nice. Like coming back home” said the professor, Seulgi’s father. She already expected that answer. But she never expected this.

“But coming here as a father, I cannot describe how proud and happy I am to drop off my daughter who happened to get a scholarship here. Rare. And I’m proud of you very much”

Seulgi smile. Her father always has his own way of saying sweet things. Sometimes very unpredictable and that always make Seulgi eager to know what’s in his mind. Anyway, her father caress her hair and continue to walk down the hallway back to the school front garden. 

It seems some of the student already bid goodbye and form groups of line. A very rare sight since she never been into a boarding school before. 

“I hope you enjoy studying here as much as I did” said her father.

“I will father” her father smile.

“Say goodbye to your mom too” 

Seulgi hug her father before turn to her mother and smile at them. She will surely miss them. They will reunite again for christmas.

“Love you all” said Seulgi.

“Now get in the line. Remember to be decipline and study hard”

Seulgi nodded before she get into the line and her prent left afterwards.

Honestly, her social group mostly are in the middle class. That is because she live in the middle class environment. So she feel kind a left out and doesn’t fit in the moment she get in the line. All of them wearing fancy outfit, fancy gadget, etc. Meanwhile, Seulgi always been taught to be wise with her own money.

She still has a smartphone but it wasn’t the latest version yet still in good condition. Which made her hide her smartphone and decided to use it later once she’s in the room.

“Never expect students here will be wearing fancy outfit. I didn’t even prepare myself for that. But Whenever it’s about fashion, I never have suggestion about it. Just wear something comfortable is enough” said a complete stranger who are now standing by her side giving her a warm smile. 

Her first impression of the stranger is pretty. Warm. Kind. But crazy too. She never encounter people with random lines. Or perhaps she is too old school. The stranger saw the confusion on Seulgi’s face which make her laugh.

“You should see your face. The confusion is very clear”

“Oh uhmm...sorry. I never encounter someone like you before, so”

“Well there always first time for everything. I’m Wendy or you prefer to call me by Seungwan that’s okay. Oh! Son Seungwan! My name is Son Seungwan”

Wendy offer her hand for a hand shake and Seulgi gladly accept it with firm grip and shake.

“I’m Kang Seulgi. Pleasure to meet you, Son Seungwan”

“Wow so formal. Who does that greeting in this era? Silly me! The King still does that. Anyway, just be cool with me. I’m fine with informality”

Hmm...maybe Kang Seulgi is too naive to see the world still remain the same. Perhaps the world is changing and Kang Seulgi is too late to realize that. A simple smile she form before her gaze turn away to face the headmistress of this school...maybe. 

“Good morning fellow freshman. My name is Miss Tiffany Young and you can call me Miss Tiffany. I am here to welcome you all and also to wish you all good luck. Coming here wasn’t easy, I know the hard parts and you all had pass it. Congratulation to all of you and so now I will proceed to bring you to your rooms. Mr. Leeteuk will assist the boys while Miss Taeyeon will assist the girls”

The students start to mumbled and move on as the head of the room start to call their names. 

“A very short and concise welcome, don’t you think?” Said Wendy mocking the headmistress. 

Meanwhile, Seulgi just stay silent because her mind is being occupy with something else. She wonder who is the other awardee. Perhaps she will share a room with her...or worse not. Why does it matter? Well maybe he or she came from the same background as her which probably will help her adjust to the new environment. Or more likely help her to fit in. 

While her mind is busy, she didn’t realize her name being called. A sudden called which made her quiet surprise. She jump a little. Almost too much actually.

“Kang Seulgi!”


“Ha! Took you long enough to raise your hand! Make sure to pay attention Kang. Alright. You’re roommates is Son Seungwan as she also the awardee. The same as you”

At that moment she realize how much she hates public attention because every eyes are on her and Wendy. Is her status should be said publicly like that? Wouldn’t it be consider violating her privacy? Isn’t this a school with high quality education? They should have known about privacy matter. 

Talk about the other awardee...seems like Wendy had knew all along. Their first interaction wasn’t unexpected but was plan by Son Seungwan herself. Which lead to a small grinning and a good old silent as her way to tell Seulgi whatever she is thinking is true.

“Come on girls! Put your bags in your room and proceed to gather in the main hall!”


“You knew all along?”

“Not too long. One hour precisely. I went to The headmistress office before the gathering and I found out you are the other awardee! Miss Tiffany happened to let me see your profile. Oh don’t worry. I don’t read it. I just need your face and that’s all” said Wendy.

Seulgi never knew a question could lead her to various answer. Make her a bit stun and confuse however with Wendy’s talkactive personality which she notice recently, she doesn’t need extra effort to find the answer to her curiosity. Talking to Wendy really convenient. Now that they are going to the main hall, Seulgi and Wendy walk side by side not knowing what will they do in the main hall.

But it wouldn’t be a waste of time and energy to ask a question to Wendy. Since most of the time she will be the person who talks too much. A bit too much actually. It suddenly occurs to her that she will need to deal with Wendy blabbering chatty for the whole three years because they are roommates. nice is that?

“Do you have any idea what are we doing here?”

“Probably a greeting from the King himself. Do you know this school was built because King Edward the second initiated that every young people in this country needs proper and high education when they’re in the age of 17?”

Another too much information from Wendy leads to another question from Seulgi. Ever since she was a child, her parent always told her stories about the palace. The place where the royal family lives.

So she is really close with the kingdom stories and is aware of the royal family. This school was built and created few controversial news back then. Said that this is too modernized and only boys are allowed to get proper education.

Meanwhile, young girls only need to learn how to sew and be proper girls in their age. Not allow to go for an adventure and stuff only boys are allowed to do. But it's different now. They are allow to do whatever they want and that is because King Edward save them all.

Unfortunately everyone in the kingdom never knew the face of the princesses. The royal family never introduce their daughters to the public. Rumors says they want to keep their daughters away from the crazy media and some also say the royal princesses are ugly.

But Seulgi happen to argue a lot with the second rumors. She believe the princesses are beautiful like everybody else. People just love to make up stories and believe in it because they want to believe what their mind are saying. While Seulgi chose not to easily believe in those rumors. Inconvenience and wasting her time. So to answer Wendy question,

“Yes, I do”

“Great! You and I can play who find the princess first and be the winner!”

Wait what?

“What?” Wendy smirk.

“I’m not surprise you didn’t know”

“And why is that?”

“Because the rumors never been out to public, yet”

“What rumors?”

There she goes again. The naughty, mysterious, and annoying smirk from Wendy. She knew a lot even though she just got here? Sitting on the empty chairs, students are chatting with each other. Filling the big and wide main hall with students from the first year to third year. Sitting on different section depending on their education year.

The first year students are sitting on the lower level while the second year sits on the second level(balcony) and third year on the third level. They have eyes around the main hall. While Seulgi eyeing the whole room, Wendy take the chance to bring her face closer to Seulgi and whisper.

“The princess is among us. Specifically they say she's the same age as us” said Wendy which really attract Seulgi’s attention.

So that’s what Wendy was referring to. A competition of who will be the first one to find the princess disguise amongst them. Interesting...but why would she bother to do that? Before Seulgi could ask any further, all the students rise from their sits as the King finally arrive to the main hall.

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