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Me and The Princess

"Girls! This is Seori. Seori this is the famous Bae Joohyun and sit next to her is her puppy, Kim Jennie" said Jisoo introducing Seori to Joohyun and Jennie. They are in the school canteen after PE class and Jennie swear she will die unless she get something to eat.

"At least I'm a puppy. That means I'm cute. Unlike you, monkey!" said Jennie teasing Jisoo back which earn a glare from Jisoo. Seori just laugh.

"It's nice to meet you" said Seori.

"Nice to meet you too, Seori. I'm Bae Joohyun" said Joohyun offering her hand for a handshake.

Seori gladly accept it and smile warmly to Joohyun.

"I know you. Who doesn't know the famous Bae Joohyun?" said Seori stating the obvious. Joohyun just chuckle. She still doesn't understand why people keep saying that.

Somehow, it makes her even more paranoid to know that she's quiet famous around here. For what? For her beauty? Oh lord. She always find herself more than just a beauty.

Joohyun prefer to stay silence when people say that. As if it a signal for Seori to sit, the couple sit infront of the two best friends. They aren't suppose to be in the canteen because it's not break time yet.

But since Kim Jennie feel like she's about to die due to high intense workout, she feel the need to come here and apparently Kim Jisoo and Seori are not attending class.

Typical Kim Jisoo. The naughty and playgirl. Why canteen out of all places in this school? Joohyun thought she probably having in the class. Teasing each other with whatever trick Jisoo has.

No. She prefer not to imagine anything. 

"Did no one see you guys here?" asked Joohyun.

"Oh, pardon my friend here. She's quiet a dicipline freak. No, Joohyun. I have my own way to deal with that. After all, we both are very invisible" said Jisoo while glancing at Seori with her most seducive expression.

Making Seori smile shyly. Joohyun and Jennie glance at each other, feeling very awkward. They shouldn't feel like that because they are here first! Jisoo and Seori should be the one to behave.

However, Kim Jisoo is Kim Jisoo. She's a free girl. She can do anything she want and there is no way they can stop her. Instead of running away from this awkward situation, Jennie let Joohyun take the initiative to talk.

Since Kim Jennie has lost interest in this situation. More like she's jealous. Yeah. Bae Joohyun can see that through Jennie eyes. Clearly they are burning with flame, seeing Kim Jisoo being all so lovey dovey with Seori.

Problem is, Kim Jennie never want to admit she like Kim Jisoo. Fall into Kim Jisoo's charm. Because well, she was a playgirl back in junior high school. So she know how Jisoo plays.

"Right. She's very capable of doing that" said Joohyun, forcing a smile on her face. 

Inside her mind, she just hope Jisoo will notice Jennie's behavior. Or not, Bae Joohyun will need to deal with angry, jealous Kim Jennie tonight. Which she doesn't want to hear any of it.

She prefer to listen to lectures rather than listening to Jennie's complain for one hour straight...worse it could more.

"Anyway, you lovey dovey couple. Might want to do whatever inside your dirty minds later. Here, my friend. She got herself a secret admire!" said Jennie wanting to annoyed Jisoo and it did.

"Jennie, stop"

"I want to know who is it! We cannot deny Bae Joohyun have plenty of admire in this school. But I keep on wondering why they haven't make any move, yet" said Seori so excited.

They better not making any move, thought Joohyun. 

"So, who is the lucky person?" asked Jisoo.


"Ah! Rumor say he really likes you" said Seori.

Jennie evil smile always not a good sign for Joohyun. That is why she's making a distance from Jennie...moving to her left, ready to run away from this situation.

Well, Kim Jennie dated a lot back then. But she never see her friend here dating anyone. She is so eager to her friend dating someone. More like she want to see her friend falling inlove.

Either she's with a girl or boy, they are fine. 

"No! No! Kim Jennie! Stop with that stare!" Joohyun yelled as she saw how Jennie keep on smiling at her evily.

Before Jennie could tease Joohyun even more, the bell for break time rings. Joohyun exhale her breathe. Very much glad to hear the bell that save her life. 

She immedietly pack her things and left her friends.

"Ya! Where are you going?! We aren't finish here!" yelled Jennie.

"Going to the library! Bye!" said Joohyun rushing. 


"Aren't you going to tell me something?" 


"Wendy. Pay attention with the chemical" said Mr. Kyuhyun and Wendy nodded.

However, Wendy keep on stealing glances at Seulgi who has been very quiet since last night. Of course as her roommate, Wendy notice Seulgi's sudden weird behavior.

Last night, when she cameback she seems to be off. Instead of talking with Wendy or just a simple "You're not asleep, yet?" Seulgi went to bed immedietly.

Which is something Seulgi never done before. Judging by her face, seems like her mind is very occupied with something. Even until this morning, the girl didn't say anything.

She's waiting for Seulgi to talk to her but it seems whatever she's thinking right now, making her very much occupied. That she can't even do a simple chemistry calculation for their project.

"Talk to me, Seul. This isn't you" said Wendy. 

"I'm fine" 

"Don't give me that bull. Come on" 

"Aren't you still mad at me right now?" asked Seulgi. This girl over here really is innocent. Yes, Wendy still mad at her for not supporting her in the game. 

But they stop the game already. However, seems like the other students are on their plan to get the princess. Of course Wendy still wonder who the hell is the princess, but after seeing the crazy press, she decided it's best to keep the princess safe for now.

By not intruding her privacy. So, in conclusion, Wendy still mad at Seulgi. But they are friend. She cannot bear to see her friend seems off and out of place.

Wendy still care for Seulgi. Deeply care. 

"Does it matter now? It was childish, okay? I admit I was wrong. What's important right now is you. You! You can't even calculate this equation right. How are we suppose to know how much chemical we need to put now?" said Wendy.

That make Seulgi realize she has been spacing out and write the wrong answer for the equation. She sigh and corrected the answer before proceeding with the project.

Wendy took that as a signal for her to shut up. Maybe Seulgi is not ready to share whatever in her mind right now. Perhaps what she need right now is space.

If that what the girl needs, then Wendy gladly give it to her. However, she still very much worried for the girl. Perhaps now she could only give Seulgi some space and just hope she will tell her soon. 


"Please put the equipment back to its place and I will wait for the report next week" 

After they gather their things, they went out from the lab room and Wendy about to talk to the canteen direction, only to see Seulgi went to the opposite direction.

She wonder, what is going on inside Seulgi's mind. 

Wendy mean well and Seulgi was being mean. That's what Seulgi realize and she should have apologize back there. However, her mind is very occupied right now.

After what happened last night, after she called her father...all she can do is sigh. 

Right now, all she want to do is being alone. Probably avoiding other people and the perfect place to go is the library. Hoping there is no one there but she has gut someone is there.

Someone she really knew and the least person she want to see right now. After all, that person is the one keeping her mind occupied since last night. 

Despite how much she want to avoid that person, she need to go to the library to borrow some books she need to read for tomorrow lecture. Let's just hope they don't cross each other path. 

From the lab to the library only required 8 minutes of walking. The library isn't far from here and during break time, usually not many people in this pathway.

Since most of them prefer to be at the canteen or at the school garden. For everyone in this school and perhaps everyone who hate reading books might have the same thought.

Walking towards the library, she thought she will not encounter anything weird because of the silence invading the corridors. 

However, she was wrong. 

Here, where she stood, she can see a group of boy. Apparently they are her senior. Prefer to be called as EXO. Weird to find them here. Of course the least place Seulgiw ould want to see them is right here.

Because there is no way a group of boys like them come to library. There is no reason for that. Just her thought about grou of boys like them. 

Seulgi intended to ignore them and just walk pass by only to get surprise seeing this very similiar person. More like very similiar. 

From far, she can see the boys are cornering her. At first Seulgi thought that person able to scare them away since particularly she hit her so hard on her back.

Still can still feel the sting afterwards. However, her power cannot be compared with these 5 boys! Though she cannot hear what they are talking about, judging from Irene's face, she's clearly afraid and uncomfortable.

And at that exact moment, when the group leader, Suho, lays his hand on Irene's face, she knew Irene is in danger.

...thought Seulgi.


"Why don't you want to date our leader? He's handsome! More importantly he is your senior!" said Baekhyun.

"The answer is simple! I don't want to"

"Don't tell me I'm not your type?" said Suho.

Irene wanted so bad to rolled her eyes. Not just he is not her type, she doesn't want in a relationship at the moment.

She sigh. Never once she thought she will encounter this kind of approach from someone. Especially when she's in her way to the library.

Perhaps next time she will ask Jennie to come along with her. But it will be useless though...and she promise herself not to bring Jennie nor Jisoo to the library ever again.

Basically....she's ed up right now. So ing ed up.  

"Come on. Everyone die to date me. How come you not?" asked Suho as he touch Joohyun shoulder. 

Joohyun push his hand away and glare at him. This is a ual harassment! What will people say when they knew their princess was once got ual harassment during her school time?

Probably not so good reaction. But...she cannot expose her profile right now. What should she do right now?

Before she could do anything, white smoke start to blur her vision. Who would done that? Whoever that is help her to get away from Suho.

In the midst of white smoke invading their vision, suddenly she can feel someone grab her hand and drag her out from the smoke. And she also heard someone fall to the floor after a hard punch.

She guess whoever this person have good intention on helping her.

"Come on!"


She know that voice...




Kang Seulgi?!


If it wasn't because they were running away, Joohyun wouldn't stay silent like this. She would have run as far as she can rather than being here. Inside a closet...with Kang Seulgi...hand on . Preventing her from speaking.

Joohyun should say there is no distance between them. She can see Seulgi's face up close and the last time they were in this kind of situation was during the dance class. After that, Joohyun try her best to prevent that event from happening again. 

However, it seems like she has failed. Considering the position and situation they are right now...Joohyun has failed. As someone who always go by the books, certainly none of those books taught her how to get away in this kind of situation.

All she can do is remain still and lock her lips. Perhaps, Kang Seulgi is true. She need to be more flexible and...live a life without books for once. Because this situation clearly stated that not everything can be solve by theories.

She find herself gulping, as she stare at Seulgi's facial side. Only to notice her pale white skin and her small monolid eyes. Joohyun swear there is something inside her that keep telling her to walk away right now.

But she also find something else inside her that keep telling her, she able to stay like this forever if this is what she will see everyday. Which make her throw away that thought and bring herself back into sense. 

Outside the closet, their seniors who are known as EXO are running and making noise. They were running away from them after Seulgi punched Suho, their leader for touching Joohyun and cornering her infront of the gym.

Which at this hour, the gym is empty and it also the hallway that have access to library directly. Most students would take that route, however, during lunch break, no one ever go to the library. It is almost empty.

Seulgi been to the library once and twice awhile. During her visit, she notice the library barely have visitors during that hour. Everytime she came visit, it would be empty or there are only two people inside. Bae Joohyun and Sulli.

She was heading towards the library when she notice a group of boys seems to be cornering someone. There she notice it was Bae Joohyun. She looked so terrified and weak. Thought that with her cold stares, Bae Joohyun can scare them away or perhaps she has hidden defense talent.

Turns out, she had nothing. It wasn't need. It was more like a must. Seulgi must help her. It was her insting and she knew she must help Joohyun in every possible way she can do.

Here they are. After she punched Suho right in the face and use the nearest fire hydrant to create white smoke, she grabbed Joohyun's hand and drag her away from them.

Ended up in one of the closet in the school corridor. Apparently it's the place where the school janitors would place their equipment. Seulgi torture herself inside for taking them here.

Very unappropriate place for them to hide. However, it did make them completely out of sight. Exo having a hard time searching for them. While waiting for the fuss outside the room calm down, Kang Seulgi has been trying so hard to calm herself.

No distance between them. Kang Seulgi is very much awar. e of that. 

"Are they gone, yet?" asked Joohyun whispering. 

And holy . Seulgi can feel Joohyun's breathe touching her skin. This is not good.

"I don't hear anything" Joohyun nodded.

"Should we get out?" 

Yes. That's a very good idea.

The longer they are inside, the more the place seems so small and suffocating. 

Seulgi push the door open and finally she can breathe properly. Goes the same with Bae Joohyun. However, they both didn't notice how red their cheeks are.

Being so close like that...it was like the third time? The fourth time? Seulgi lost count. However, she wanted to make sure this won't happen again in the future.

Now she notice how Bae Joohyun's presence able to make her feel so...nervous. Only Bae Joohyun able to make her look completely dumb sometimes. 

Especially during times like this. Awkward fill the air but Seulgi still trying to make sure the coast is clear. Since maybe Bae Joohyun quiet traumatic because of ealier event.

Seulgi is curious though. Did Suho asked her to go on a date with him? By cornering her like that? Wow. What might Kai say about his leader when she tell him this?

"*cough...thank you for helping me" said Joohyun shyly, not even trying to make eye contact with Seulgi as she still trying to cool down her red cheek.

Seems like she need to postpone going to the library. Apparently break time almost over and after what happened, she sure need to find Jennie asap.

"Y-your welcome" said Seulgi grabbing her neck, feeling a bit embarassed. 

Since none of them know what to say, Joohyun was about to leave and bid her goodbye when suddenly someone came. That person isn't the last person they wanted to see.

But more like...weird to see her running out of breathe.

"Miss Kim" called Seulgi.

"I've been searching all over for you two! Anyway, let's get to the point. You two have been selected to participate in the school anniversary performance. Don't ask how. I recommend you both!" said Miss Kim excitedly.

However...it's not so excited for both party. They completely surprise that none of them say anything. 

"We will begin practicing next week. Three days a week might be good. I'll be waiting in the practice room next week! And good luck!" said Miss Kim.

At that very moment, they both knew they are very much ed up and screw. 




This cannot be good, thought Joohyun.


You guys are so eager to see Seulrene. So this is the first chapter of Seulrene moments. This is the start and hope you guys like it. Like to hear your reaction about it! I also eager to read your comment! Make me so happy and wanting to hear your reaction in each chapter! I hope I won't be disappointing you guys in the next, next chapter! Hehe...I am trying to write smooth Seulrene moment but maybe step by step so this story won't feel like I am rushing. Anyway! Enjoy!

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