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Me and The Princess

“Hey. Wanna go see the stars later? I heard the sky here is beautiful! Even the palace lose over this” said Jennie.

Which make Joohyun chuckle. How can Jennie said that when she never been to the palace before? If she said that then perhaps Joohyun must see it herself. Comparing whether what Jennie said was true. After all, amongst the student here she is the only who live in the palace. But they don’t know that.

“That’s rude of you. Comparing to a place you never been to” Jennie chuckle.

“You said like you been there too” 

That’s leave the two with a smile before they leave their room to the school garden. Unlike other boarding school, this school doesn’t have any curfew. Students here are taught to manage their own time between study and rest. Therefore, they are allow to go out from their room during nightime.

After all, they won’t be able to get out from the school as it has high fences and guards in each corner. Almost like prison...with good view actually. Joohyun can’t denie that part because apparently though it still has its own ancient feeling through its magnificent architecture, the school was renovated pretty well.

Ancient. Just a few days away from home yet she already miss her younger sister, Yeri. That rascal. What is she doing right now? Probably celebrating her freedom without her big sister in the palace. Joohyun smile to herself upon thinking about her sister.

Walking through the hall, they both went out from the building which lead them to the school garden. It’s not just them in the school garden, apparently a lot of the students sitting there. Enjoying the beautiful night view which grab Joohyun’s attention the moment she look up to the sky.

“Ha! Told you!” Said Jennie as she also look up to the sky.

Today mark as her fifth day away from home and for the past four days she hasn’t got the time to rest and enjoy the beautiful night and breeze during the dark. Because well the last two day she spent her time in her room, preparing herself for a war with Kang Seulgi. Which will be hold tomorrow. 

Now she get to see the beautiful night view with stars and moon filling the dark spaces, she can’t help but to smile. How nice. Apparently what Jennie said was true. This view is more magnificent than the palace. 

“A nice view with additional two ladies infront of me. How wonderful is that” 

“You and your playgirl personality needs to stop, Kim Jisoo. Otherwise, no boys will ask you out” said Jennie annoyingly.

“I don’t like boys just so you know. Hi Joohyun!” said Jisoo.

“Jisoo. Where is your roommates?”

“Gone. Probably hooking up with some boys. I heard Jihyo got herself a date”

“Just five days being here?” Asked Jennie kind a shock.

“Perhaps she is more attractive than you, Kim Jennie. Wow! You should give extra effort to get those men you like!” Said Jisoo.

Jennie can’t help but groan as she found Jisoo really annoying. Oh right! This is Kim Jisoo. They met during the orientation program because the three of them are in the same group. During those twi days of orientation, Jennie learned Kim Jisoo is such a playgirl. And an annoying one. She has been teasing her all the time. While Joohyun couldn’t help but to smile and join Jisoo on teasing Jennie. 

Though Jisoo has annoying personality, both of them feel comfortable with her companion. At the end, they become friends. Now the three of them gather together in the school garden, they decided to enjoy the view.

Tomorrow will be a big day for the three of them. Why so? Well other than the hot competition between Joohyun and Seulgi, all the student are expected to choose their minors. If you ask, yes. It is such a big deal because here where most of couples meet. 

“Any thought of minors you will pick tomorrow?” Asked Jisoo.

“I’ll probably be doing rap” said Jennie.

“You can rap? How y!” Said Jisoo which earn a glare from Jennie and like always Jisoo would ignore her and proceed to Joohyun who apparently find the interaction between the two quiet funny.

“How about you?”

“Dancing? Not really sure about singing and rap, so I probably choose dancing” 

“I see. Well, then perhaps we won’t be seeing each other in minor class! I’ll be choosing ballet!”

“Tsk. A chance to get close with girls, I pressume” said Jennie. 

“Why? You’re jealous?”

“Are you blind? Absolutely not!” 

Jisoo smirk the moment Jennie ignore her stare at drag her attention to the sky. Meanwhile, Joohyun has her eyes lock on someone. Someone who raise her rage for the last two days. That girl, laying on the ground freely.

With no pressure and just enjoy the breeze and the moment. Alone. Kang Seulgi. A very interesting woman. The first women who made her feel...intimidated. If only she wasn’t a princess, perhaps she would have a fist fight with the girl. Good thing she has a well manage emotion. 

She wonder what is in the girl’s head right now. Perhaps preparing a plan for their next fight that only both of them knows. By only staring at each other, they both know how competitive they are and certainly they won’t let anyone of them wins.

She smirk before she chuckle as she find the challenge very interesting. That is because she never receive this kind of unspoken challenge before. The urge to win really eating her up and sure she will make herself win in the next challenge.


“So I come up with few names” 

She was having the time of her life when suddenly the most talkactive person came interrupt her moment. Just one day! She wish to be away from Wendy. Not because she hates her but she just need me time. After all, the past two days were hard enough for her. Why? Well, the look on Joohyun’s face surprisingly bother her a lot. 

A beauty yet at the same time kind a annoying and complicated. She never someone like Bae Joohyun before. Perhaps this is the first time. Making her change her judgement ablut wealthy people. No one ever made her do that and Bae Joohyun is the first person.

“There is some people who perfectly meet the criteria! First! Kim Jisoo”

“Kim Jisoo?” 

“Yes! She’s quiet pretty too! Resemble the King’s face too!”

“But didn’t we hear rumors about her?”

“Rumours are rumours, Seulgi. They will always follow the princess wherever she goes. So? Kim Jisoo?” Though Seulgi not quiet sure she decides to say yes. After all, she has no candidate in her mind. 

“Okay! We will follow her for the next three days. Find out what might be solid evidences” said Wendy excitedly before she left.

Leaving Seulgi all alone again. Alright where did she miss ealier? Ah! Yes. Bae Joohyun. That girl is quiet competitive. She wonder how much does she know about the world. Perhaps she shall test her tomorrow. After all tomorrow she has science class and apparently that is the only class they met. What a shame. She want meet Bae Joohyun in every classes she attend. Just so she be able to debate with her everytime. Testing her knowledge. 

What a unique competition, don’t you think? Seulgi never try this before but she never back away from any challenges. That is what her father taught her and she won’t disappointed her father. Not now. Not forever. 

Once she clear with her mind, she decided to go back to her room. When accidently she make eye contact with Bae Joohyun who sits with the other two girls who she know goes by the name Kim Jennie and Kim Jisoo. Hah! Wendy’s right. Kim Jisoo does meet the criteria. She broke the eye contact moments later and walk back to the building. Didn’t know why but her heart race just by seeing the complicated beauty. What is wrong with her?


“Who could tell me the relationship between law of bernoulli and law of the gravity?” 

Before Mr. Choi able to ask his students to raise their hand, someone else already did. Quiet determine to be the first one to answer because the other day she didn't get the chance to be the first.

Yet, Kang Seulgi remain naive for thinking this competition will be fair and square. Well, what can you expect from Bae Joohyun? She is again very complicated and mysterious.

"Yes, Miss Bae"

"The law of bernoulli stated that the total mechanical energy of the flowing fluid, comprising the energy associated with fluid pressure, the gravitational potential energy of elevation, and the kinetic energy of fluid motion, remains constant"

"That is correct, Miss Bae-" 

When Joohyun is about to have the time in her life because she finally defeat Kang Seulgi, she was wrong. Here comes Kang Seulgi adding new information. And it make Bae Joohyun furious.

"It was correct indeed. But I do have other opinion, sir. I don't quiet agree with the principle of the law itself which generally stated that within a horizontal flow of fluid, points of higher fluid speed will have less pressure than points of slower fluid speed. I am one of those people who finds the law quiet controvertional because obviously with the definition it stated, why does it only apply to horizontal flow? And then about the relationship with law of gravity, the law of bernoulli obviously against the law of gravity. I thi-"

"You missed the whole point of the principle! That is why you disagree with the law stated"

"Oh really? I don't think I am. Sir, am I wrong to disagree with the law?"

"Well, yes! You disagree with the law that has been used for century!"

"I didn't ask your opinion!"

“Alright you two! STOP! Detention after class!” 

Joohyun scoff in disbelief and so did Seulgi. The school really wrong to put them together in the same classroom. The whole class weren't able to interupt them because of the tension between them. It is very clear for each of them inside the classroom.

Both Wendy and Jennie can also feel the tension. Can’t help but to wonder why the hell both of the competing with each other. The reason for their childish action.

“You should stop, I suggest” said Jennie whispering to Joohyun.

Who apparently full of anger right now and it's not the right time to advice her for now. Joohyun bite her lips. For sure she wins in today’s competition. But she hate it by the fact that she need to attend detention with Kang Seulgi. In a room with her only. How ed up is that?

Meanwhile it goes the same with Seulgi. Of course she’s in the losing team now. That makes her quiet annoyed. Last night she was so determined to win but ended up in the losing team today. Of course she’s disappointed with herself and that is all because of her. The annoying Bae Joohyun. 

Now she’s going for detention with her after class. Just great! It will be damn awkward. Also the tension between them is intensely crazy! Seulgi can’t never cope with that kind of tension. She just wish to go back to her room or to the library and enjoy her time alone. That’s all she need actually. After being in the same toom with a very talkactive person none other than Son Seungwan herself. Who is sitting next to her, teasing her.

“You’re going to miss the fun! Ah right! You’ll be having fun with Bae Joohyun! Have fun competing with each other” said Wendy whipering to Seulgi.

, thought Seulgi. Can't Bae Joohyun stay quiet and just admit that there is someone else smarter than her too? No. Seulgi would prefer to say they are in the same level. Though maybe Bae Joohyun wouldn't admit to it. But that's the actual fact!

Now because of the annoying Bae Joohyun, she has to missed the opportunity to follow Kim Jisoo and missed the fun she will have with Wendy and the others.

They promise to follow Jisoo after class. It will be much more fun rather than sitting in a classroom all alone with Bae Joohyun. Sure it will be a lot more fun than being stuck in a room with Bae Joohyun.

What are they suppose to do? Just sitting and listening to what? Lectures? 


Unfortunately, Seulgi is wrong. Not lecture but doing activities. What kind? Cleaning the whole classroom. 

“They’re serious?” Asked Joohyun more to herself actually.

“What do you think?”

“I didn’t ask you” Seulgi roll her eyes.

Both of them sigh together which make them glare at each other before they take the equipment to clean up the classroom. Certainly it is something Joohyun never done before. Or perhaps she did but most of them the maids in the palace are the one who clean most of her room.

So it’s quiet unfamiliar for her to use a broom nor a mop. When she got a broom and Seulgi took the fabric, she curse at herself for not being able to copy whatever Seulgi is doing. At the end she has to suffer with herself. Mopping the whole floor only to get mocked by Seulgi.

“What?” Asked Joohyun.

“You weren’t mopping. You create flood in here!” Said Seulgi.

Well in Joohyun eyes, she has done nothing wrong. She’s mopping. That’s what she thought. But for Seulgi, Bae Joohyun is just like other wealthy people. Except for her brain. 

“I am mopping as you see! Just do what yours and I’ll do mine!” Said Joohyun as she proceed on ‘mopping’ the floor. 

Seulgi shook her head. Even at this time, Bae Joohyun still a hard headed girl. Though she wanted to leave Bae Joohyun alone, her inner self just can’t take it seeing the wet floor. People who come here would probably fall the moment they step their foot on the floor. 

Didn’t think of the consequences, Seulgi put away the fabric she used to clean the board. Walking to Joohyun carefully as half of the floor are wet. The girl is busy mopping the floor when obviously she’s creating chaos and danger for people around her. Once she’s close enough, she inmedietly grab the mop. 


“Quiet. Look around you. You weren’t cleaning. The floor is too wet and that is because you didn’t dry the mop. People will slip the moment they enter the class” said Seulgi softly. 

She thought Joohyun will yell at her and she has prepare herself for it. But the moment she has been waiting for never come. Instead of it, Bae Joohyun remain still and lower her head. Honestly this whole thing is very new for her and she felt embarrassed for not knowing the basic. 

Meanwhile, Kang Seulgi can and she find herself very small around Seulgi. Perhaps that is why she is very firm to always won over Seulgi. She never met or encounter someone like Kang Seulgi. And she felt very intimidated and small around Seulgi.

“Aren’t you going to yell at me?” Asked Seulgi. 

“Why would I?” Seulgi shrugged. Didn’t even know why she ask that question.

“Isn’t that what you’re good at? Yelling at people?”

“I’m not!”

“Whatever you say” said Seulgi as she now took the role to mop the place.

Silence suddenly come between them. Joohyun just stand where she is, getting her eye busy with the classroom decoration. While Seulgi doing most of her work, mopping. This isn’t what sign at first. Somehow, Joohyun didn’t know what urge her to break the silence. 

“I don’t know how to mop” said Joohyun mostly to herself because she inteded to talk in small tone. But Seulgi heard yet she want to tease the girl.

“What?” Asked Seulgi.

“Tsk! You heard it! I know it!”

“I don’t. Why? You don’t want to repeat it again?”

“Ugh! You’re unbelievable!” Said Joohyun groan.

Seulgi smirk as she took the initiative to close the gap between her and Joohyun. Of course the princess a bit startled. Surprise to be exact. Because the close gap between them.

“W-what are you doing?”

“You said you don’t know how to mop. I’ll show you”

“W-why?!” Seulgi roll her eyes.

“Say it’s one of the basic to survive in life. Unless you have plenty of maids b-“

“I do have” 

“But you cannot always depend on them. They are human. Born, live, and die” said Seulgi.

Joohyun doesn’t have any arguments on that one. It hit her hard and sure she never thought about it before. She always have everything done by her maids. 

That make her become quiet. Of course Seulgi notice the sudden changes on Joohyun. She sigh.

“I wasn’t trying to make you look bad. I’m just saying what my father always told me”

But Seulgi didn’t receive a respond from Joohyun. A stare is all she gets from her. She wonder whats in Joohyun’s head. Maybe Seulgi know a bit. Her own assumption of what’s going on inside Joohyun’s head. Perhaps her inner self told her to remain steady of her own value. That is not to be weak. Stick with her own ego. 

When she want to proceed, suddenly she stop. Something she never imagine would have happen. What she mean by that is she never imagine, a person like Bae Joohyun would lower her guard down and let all her ego away. Perhaps Bae Joohyun is not an ordinary wealthy people Kang Seulgi thought. And it makes her curious and eager to know more about Bae Joohyun. 

Yes. She must admit. Bae Joohyun attract her attention. Though she hate the fact that she did, it is more wise to acknowledge her curiousity than not. After all, Bae Joohyun never meant any harm to her physically. Just mentally and her knowledge. Which still in the good phase of harm.

“Can you teach me?” Asked Joohyun.

“To mop?” Asked Seulgi.

Honestly, this is not easy for Joohyun. To know that she’s asking Kang Seulgi to teach her. She never ask anyone to teach her. Unless her teacher and other people with good education background. And she never ask her maids to clean her room. They done it by themselve without her told them to. 

Obviously this is going beyond her ego. She let her guard down and honestly that is because her inner self told her too. Be kind. Be honest. Alive. Hear. People above the crown. That’s what her father always told her. 

“Yes” said Joohyun.

It took her seconds to process what is happening here. Before she finally give the mop to Joohyun ad teach her how to mop properly. Which ended up quiet fun... a bit too fun, until they have fun with themselve. That made her didn’t realize someone coming into the room of wet floor.

“Girls! I hope you two have d-!” 


“Oh gosh!” 

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