Me and The Princess

"You shouldn't made promise like that!"

"Ya! What else I could do? Joohyun was damn terrified and I doubt you weren't"

"I am terrified but it doesn't mean I want to search whoever sent that!"


"I'm not a coward!"

"You always been a coward!"

"Why you-"

As expected, Jisoo and Jennie never go along when they left alone without Joohyun. However, how would Joohyun know about that? She's busy with her own practice schedule and she will be back later at night.

Jennie will make sure to keep this as a secret. She doesn't want Joohyun to lecture her later. 

The main problem right now is, where to start from? 

Meanwhile, Wendy, Lisa, and Rose are not much different from Jennie and Jisoo. There are completely clueless where they should start. But they have a possible suspect.

However, in order to lure the suspect out...they can't seem to know how. For now, what they can do is keep their eyes on Sulli from where they are right now. 

Since this is weekend, not many students gather together at the cafetaria. But Sulli is a different case. She barely seen anywhere beside the cafetaria. They wonder why though.

And so, they have been watching over her since 9 in the morning. But nothing strange. She came to the library and borrow a book. Not a suspicious book. Just a novel from New York Best Selling.

They know they need to come up with an idea in order to lure out Sulli or whoever the suspect is. But they cannot come up with one. 


"Do you think we should make a fuss?" asked Lisa.

"Fuss?" asked Wendy.

"Yeah. Like...yelling that you have the tattoo? Then the rumor will spread and then maybe Sulli will come out? Or somebody else?" 

" one of us pretending to be the princess in order to lure out the culprit?" Rose stated again and Lisa nodded. 

Wendy smile as she heard that idea. That is a brilliant idea! She never expect Lisa to ever come up with an idea like that. Well, everybody knows Lisa is stupid but perhaps she not that stupid.

"Why are you smiling?" asked Lisa.

"Great idea, Lisa! Now we should plan everything in details. Come on!"


"Again! Come on girls! Cheer up!" 

It was early in the morning they have to kick their . But they aren't able to complain not because it's not the appropriate things to do. More like they don't have time to complain.

First thing in the morning, Miss Kim came to their room without knocking at all and then she literally asked them to wake up. They don't even get the time to wash themself.

Guess this is why most graduates from SM University indeed very professional and known world wide for their remarkable talents. To actually have those talents, there are always costs come with it.

This is one of them. 

"Stop. You two can rest now," said Yuri as she let the two girls take a rest.

After all, they have been practicing for three hours already without any rest! Yuri doubted they would last for one hour. To her surprise, they actually made it until two hours without rest.

So, she proceed on until it's nearly three hours and a half. For students here they most likely to practice up until four hours without any rest. Probably a little rest in the midst of practice but it won't last long before they proceed again.

Because they are still high school students, Yuri can tolerate them. However, given the fact they are able to practice until three hours without any rest, it's amazing. She's indeed impress with them.

They have good stamina. However, they still need to pay attention to the details of the move. They are still lacking with that. But Yuri thinks it won't be too hard for them to make the move perfect.

Meanwhile, Seulgi and Joohyun can't help but to throw themself on the ground and drink a lot of water. They are very exhausted indeed. Deep inside, both of them have the same thought.

This is torture! Physical torture and mental too! How can they complain though? This is for their upcoming school anniversary. Of course they need to do their best.

Especially there is a possibility that Joohyun's father, the king, will come and see. That will be her opportunity to see her father after a while. But it hasn't been confirm yet if the King will come or not.

Moreover, both of them knew this will be very important for their school. Rather than complaining, they just need to follow whatever Yuri told her too. After all, she's the best when it comes to dancing.

Joohyun take her time to actually rest by laying herself on the floor and close her eyes. It's been a while since the last time she spent more than one hour of practice in the practice room.

In the past she would practice ballet until she could barely feel her feet and that wasn't healthy at all. But her love for dancing cannot beat the tiredness she feel inside.

Also, she's quiet surprise that Seulgi able to keep up. For someone who probably do dancing without attending formal class, it would be hard to keep up with professional standard.

But Seulgi prove she have a good stamina. 

Oh. Talking about Seulgi...

She still haven't got the chance to talk about last night since they were so tired and went to bed immedietly. 


After Seulgi introduced Joohyun to her father as her close friend, Joohyun doubt she was telling the truth. Probably she was just trying to show off to her father. Don't know why that thought came up but it was gone as soon as she saw a genuine smile on Seulgi's face.

She wonder why though... Why told her father lie?

"I see. You have a beautiful friend, Seulgi. Please take good care of my daughter. She can be clumsy sometimes," said Mr. Kang which earn a light smack from Seulgi.


Joohyun smile somehow. Seeing the small interaction between Seulgi and her father remains her of her own father. They are so close and Joohyun missed him. Maybe she will call him once she gets back to the dorm tomorrow.

"She's been a very good so far, Mr Kang," said Joohyun.

"Good to hear that. Anyway, I should be going now. Your mom probably worried by now. Good luck with your practice and hopefully I will be able to attend your school anniversary"

"Please do come, father. I would like you to see me performing"

"Like I never see one. Good night, princess. Good night Bae Joohyun"

Joohyun slightly bow as she saw Seulgi's father left.

Afterwards, they didn't get the chance to talk about it. Joohyun might want to talk to her later after practice.

"Let's proceed, shall we?"


"You two did great during practice. I'm quiet surprise you both have good stamina. Keep it up and next week we will try to pay attention to details. That is the only thing you guys are lack of. Hyoyeon will help me to monitor. That's all. Thank you for your hard work and see you next week" said Yuri.

"Thank you Miss Yuri" said Joohyun and Seulgi at the same time.

"You go take a shower before we go back. I'll wait for you at the gate by 2, okay?" Joohyun and Seulgi nod. 

On their way back, none of them talk. Seulgi is busy looking around the amazing architecture and her father is lucky to be a professor here because he is able to witness this beautiful architecture almost everyday.

Meanwhile, Joohyun is contemplating with herself whether she should ask Seulgi about yesterday. Now or never...right? 

"Hey" called Joohyun. 

Seulgi hummed not looking at Joohyun because her eyes still staring at the ceiling. Which Joohyun find it cute actually. Wait what?

"Uhmm...about yesterday" that make Seulgi turn her head to Joohyun.


"Why did you-"

"I want us to be friend, Joohyun" said Seulgi.

That was...bold...and very surprsing...

Seeing how confuse Joohyun is, Seulgi take this as the time when she should elaborate more.

"Well, I've been considering what Miss Yuri said. As partners we should at least know each other well. So...I think we should take this opportunity to get to know each other? Like starting fresh and forget our first encounter?"

Joohyun knew after awhile that Seulgi is just a nice and genuine girl. What happened during their first encounter was just her ego eating her and it shouldn't happened.

If only Joohyun able to control her ego, they would have met in better circumstances. However, given the fact that they have the chance to start over, with something fresh, maybe that's a good thing.

After all, Jennie has been asking her if they are friends now because they have been caught being together sometime at school. It was merely coincedence but throughout it, Seulgi has help her a lot.

Maybe this is the time she should return the favor. Being friend with Kang Seulgi shouldn't be that bad, right? 

"Sorry for being selfish during our first meeting. I should have able to control my ego" said Joohyun. 

Honestly, Seulgi is kind a suprise with the genuine apologize. Joohyun had done that before but it wasn't as genuine as now. Well, the heartless Bae Joohyun appears to be kind after all.

She know about this for sure. There is more about Bae Joohyun she need to know though. Although perhaps she have a little glimpse of who Bae Joohyun really is.

However, she doesn't want to come with her own conclusion.

"I'm sorry too. So...friends?" asked Seulgi as she offer her hand for a handshake.

It didn't take a while for Joohyun to accept it and she lightly shake Seulgi's hand with a smile on her face.


Turns out Kang Seulgi is not bad at all.


"You can rest for three days before we proceed on practicing. Good job you two" said Hyoyeon as she left them in the main gate.

"I'll walk you back" said Seulgi.

Please remind Joohyun again how many times Seulgi had done this before? Joohyun had no idea actually. Maybe two? Three? Well, it doesn't matter at all.

Throughout those time, Seulgi never done anything that made her uncomfortable. She was actually helping her and making sure if she safe that's all.

The more she think about it, Seulgi isn't so bad actually. She's quiet, kind, and come to think about it, Seulgi actually an observant. Joohyun had notice this though since Seulgi always the quiet among her friend and most of the time she know what she really need.

For example, since yesterday, Seulgi has been offering her water and help her with her bag although it wasn't that heavy. Like now.

"Have you always been this nice?" asked Joohyun suddenly.

Seulgi look at her weirdly since that question came out of nowhere. At the end she just smile and shrugged. 

Joohyun has nothing more to say or ask. She's at the edge of not knowing what else she should ask or say. More like she doesn't want to make Seulgi uncomfortable.

"I'm always a nice kid, Joohyun. I was triggered by you in our first meeting. Didn't blame you though. We were at fault I guess"

"I think so too" said Joohyun and Seulgi just smile.

The more she spend time with Seulgi, the more she notice how beautiful her smile is. Sometimes her eyes would disappear because she's smilling too much. Which actually cute.

Not so long after, they finally arrive at Joohyun's dorm. Joohyun took her bag away from Seulgi as the monolid girl gave her. However, none of them speak nor walk away from each other.

It seems like they have more to say to each other but can't really say.

But then Seulgi take the courage.

"I guess I see you tomorrow?" asked Seulgi.

"Yes. Thank you, Seulgi" 

"Anytime. Goodnight Bae Joohyun"

"Goodnight Seulgi"

It become her own self note that there is something about the way Seulgi called her by her full name. Bring shiver through her spine and somehow her cheek become so hot.

She rush to her dorm wishing Seulgi didn't see that.


As soon as she push the door knob, she can hear bunches of voices inside her dorm. Deep down she groan because honestly all she wanted right now is to take shower and proceed to sleep.

She barely had enough sleep at SM University. Didn't know it was a place full of torture. But it's the cost when you want to get amazing result at the end. 

Despite how much she want to get mad, she just can't because they are her friends after all. Maybe they are talking about what the found while she was gone.

That might be something Seulgi really look up for.

"Hey guys" Seulgi called.


Once she's inside her room, she had to witness looking at Wendy's back. Which honestly kind a freak her out although they are friends though. So she close her eyes as soon as possible.

"Geez! How old are you? 4? Just open your damn eyes, Seul" said Wendy as she put on her clothes.

Seulgi was hesitated at first but when she see Wendy has her clothe on, she open her eyes fully only to see the mess her friends made in her room.

"Oh! I hope you don't mind with the mess. We are executing our plan to lure out the culprit!" said Rose excitedly. 

"Plan? You guys have plan?" Lisa nodded proudly.

"Well, jump me in" said Seulgi excitedly.



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