Me and The Princess

"I should say, you are the very first person I met who created chaos just in two days. It was brilliant that you made the floor wet and made Mr. Choi fell down to the floor which make him in crutches right now" said Wendy.

"Thank you" said Seulgi.

After a week with Wendy, being her friend and her roommate, Seulgi is used with Wendy's sarcasm. Everything she say is all about sarcasm. 

Oh and about detention the other day, Seulgi must admit she had fun with Bae Joohyun. Though it was too short but they had fun...or it was Seulgi's thought. Because day after that, Bae Joohyun remain still as the annoying, competitive Bae Joohyun.

Like the memory they made that day is gone. Is she disappointed? No...perhaps a little? But why would she feel that way? Seulgi doesn't know but for sure Bae Joohyun still want to compete with her. 

Kang Seulgi cannot help but to oblige with Bae Joohyun demand. It's fun after all. She enjoy every bit of the competition. However, Mr. Choi isn't please with their action. 

A week had pass and their action continues. Until one night, sittig alone in her room, Kang Seulgi studying so damn hard. Meanwhile, her roommate, Son Seungwan seems to be having the time of her life.


Oh, well. There is a party and the host is none other than the party person himself, Jackson Wang. Sadly, Kang Seulgi decided not to go because she's currently preparing for her competition with Bae Joohyun tomorrow.

Which obviously made Wendy rolled her eyes seeing how childish them both are. For Wendy, Kang Seulgi will never beat Bae Joohyun in knowledge because whether she admit it or not, the fact is, Bae Joohyun is the smartest person in this school. No doubt in that. 

But apparently, Kang Seulgi didn't believe that and want to prove to Wendy she is wrong. 

"You sure you're not coming?"

"I am very sure, Wendy" said Seulgi. Wendy shrugged.

"Oh well. If this is really your way to have fun...I'll go now!" 

Without even seeing Wendy leave, Seulgi remain sits still on her chair. Focusing on what the material tomorrow and get herself prepare for another competition with Bae Joohyun.

On the other side of the dorm building, 


"Are you ing serious?"

"Yes, I am and why do you sound so-"

"Surprise because I am, Bae Joohyun. Hey. I think you cross the line here, okay? You and your little competitiveness need to stop right now! Don't you realize how unhealth this is? For you!"

"Oh come on, Kim Jennie. You had seen me like this before"

"That's true but this...you cross the line already. Life isn't just about competition, Joohyun. Do you realize how ridiculous is this?" 

What do you expect? Bae Joohyun is a hard headed girl. She shake her head firmly. 

"None of these are annoying, okay? After all, Kang Seulgi is having fun as I am"

"No. You are torturing yourself and Kang Seulgi. You two may not realize it but sooner, you will. Ah! Will you excuse me. I need to go and have fun"

"Yeah, yeah. Go now and find yourself someone to hook up for the night. That's your fun" Kim Jennie sigh.

"No. My fun is having a real conversation with other people and meet with new people, Bae Joohyun. Unlike you, seems like fun is studying and going for unnecessary competition" 


But before Bae Joohyun able to argue more, Kim Jennie already left. Closing the door right on her face. If this is the castle, no one would dare to do that to her.

Again...she's not in the castle and she is just a normal citizen. 

She sigh. Maybe she deserve that attitude from Jennie. Don't worry. They will be alright. They always do at the end. Otherwise, they won't where they are right now. 

As two amazing best friend. 

So, what about fun, really? Bae Joohyun heard that word many times before. Even her father asked her about what is fun for her. The answer remain the same.

Competition, studying, experimenting. Everybody has their own definition of fun and yes Bae Joohyun is a unique young princess. Somehow, no one understand her way of thinking.

Which make her his favorite. Yes. The King. Because her father see himself within Bae Joohyun. Only that Bae Joohyun is a lot worse than him. He chuckled at his own thought about this.

The day he found out his daughter is very unique, he knew he had to put Bae Joohyun to the public school. Why? Because Bae Joohyun mind is very priceless and very important once she become the head of the state one day.

Her mind is...very precious and therefor, she need to use it wisely, correctly, and in the right place. Private tutor is not the right place for Joohyun to develop her knowledge and social skills.

A true leader need to have balance. In knowledge, social, life, and interpersonal skill. Her father wanted Bae Joohyun to have all of it. As his way to prepare his daughter if one day, he will step down from the crown.

Meanwhile, for Bae Joohyun, arriving to the public school at first was challenging. Here is a fun fact. Bae Joohyun never step down from challenges. Therefor, she remain very comeptitive and so fast at catching up what she missed throughout 4 years back.

Turns out she doing pretty good at school. Keep doing what she's good at and that is studying. However, she seems didn't notice the point of going to public school.

His father objectives are Bae Joohyun learn to open her eyes, ears, and feeling to the people. Hear what they need, say. Look what they don't want people to see. Feels what the Monarch can't feel. Because Monarch have its own boundaries. Boundaries that cannot be cross by the crown.

There are rules. Rules that the king himself wish one day Bae Joohyun able to change. Why not him? No. He can't. He is not modern. Unlike his daughter. Bae Joohyun is the soon to be symbol. Symbol of modernization. One day, the king will tell her. 

Now, Bae Joohyun just need to find out herself. Only that, it seems unsuccessfull...so far. 

Sitting on her study chair, her eyes stay focus on the material for tomorrow morning. Didn't even let her guard down though it's about midnight, yet there is no sign of Kim Jennie.

Where is she anyway? Oh well, she's partying don't you remember Bae Joohyun? Party which hosted by Jackson Wang. The most entertaining party in this entire school.

Because there is alcohol and he will always get away with it everytime! How? He is the guy with the secret...so no one knows. 

While Bae Joohyun is very serious with her study, on the other hand, Kang Seulgi seems to get bother by what Wendy said to her earlier. 

Honestly, she is smart. Damn smart. But she never push herself to study like this before. Like...she was born to be smart and therefor, there is no need for her to study so hard.

At the end she will get good scores and that's it. With no extra effort. Then how come she become like this? Like a maniac. Studying like there is no tomorrow and this is so unlike her.

Kang Seulgi...just realize that. Wendy made her realize that. So...she wonder...perhaps a little fun won't be a waste. After all, seems like she had enough with all of this.

So...should she...go?


"You look great, Kim Jennie!"

"Done flirting with me?"

"Is it working?" asked Jisoo grinning. Kim Jennie roll her eyes and walk to the bar to grab a drink.

The whole party is amazing. There is live music by the vocal club and Jennie must admit that the vocal club really have amazing talent. But neither she really put much care to them. 

If only Bae Joohyun is here, she will be a clingy koala and save herself from Kim Jisoo. Jennie may look like she doesn't like Kim Jisoo...but honestly that's wrong. She like Kim Jisoo.

But sometimes she still find herself a bit awkward around Kim Jisoo. After all, she's a playgirl. Not that Jennie have problem with that. It just that she wanted to protect herself from Kim Jisoo. 

Otherwise, maybe she will get hurt someday by Kim Jisoo. No one knows and she want to protect herself from that. Therefor, right now she is trying to find someone that can accompany her. 

She told the bartender which is Taemin, a second year student, a glass of martini for her. Oh yes. She is indeed a high class drinker. No worries. She is so strong because her father love to drink. 

And she took her father legacy. 

"Martini! Not so surprise with that" said Kim Jisoo.

"Yeah, right" said Kim Jennie as she took the martini and drink it one shot.

Kim Jisoo look kind a surprise but still amaze at how good Kim Jennie can drink. Just the perfect type she like. A smirk being form on her face. Tough girl. I like her, thought Jisoo.

"Don't look at me like that. Anyway! Don't you have girls to hunt tonight?" asked Jennie kind a annoyed.

"I slept with all of them excpet you and Bae Joohyun, don't you remember?"

"Tsk. Yeah right. You slept with Sulli too?" 

"Well that....she's an exception" Jennie scoff.

But before Jennie could say anything else, her eyes spot a very familiar person who look a bit different today. She wonder how could someone look very different just because she attend a party?

Jisoo darted her eyes to the person that grab Kim Jennie attention which in fact made her kind a annoyed. But she cannot denie herself with the view she see right now. 

Indeed...pretty. Though a simple white loose shirt tug inside her black ripped short pants, slippers, and her tied bun hair, she look damn cute. And very different than what everybody saw in class.

The nerd, the smart ...turns out to be a very pretty one. 

"Kang Seulgi! You came!" shout Wendy who came to her imidietly. 

All she want tonight is to have fun with some music and find new friends. Perhaps it is more like she want to stay away from Kim Jisoo. But Kang Seulgi distracted her for awhile. 

She can't help but to smirk. Wishing that Bae Joohyun is here with her to witness this beauty right here. 

Honestly, what bothers her not only the fact that the nerd is secretly a beauty but what really bother her is that why the hell Kang Seulgi is here? Isn't she supposed to be like Bae Joohyun?

Overly competitive with their own competition and prefer to stay at the dorm, drowning themselve with books and books. However, her intention to get that information was disturb by none other than Kim Jisoo.

"Yo! Enough with that stare! You look like you want to eat her" Jennie stare at Jisoo cynically because the girl just ruined her thought.

Now her thought is full of Kim Jisoo again! She is trying to find the perfect way to avoid her. Not that she's uncomfortable with Jisoo's presence, it just that she want to stay away from whatever Jisoo had in mind.

Either flirting, sleeping, or make out...Jennie make sure Kim Jisoo won't get it from her any time sooner. She want Kim Jisoo to know she ain't an easy girl to get. Not that she want Kim Jisoo too...because she happened to have a crush apparently. Joohyun knows too.


"I can't believe you made it! And what's with the outfit? You look damn amazing!" said Wendy exaggerating. 

Seulgi duck down shyly because fact is she did put much effort in her outfit, though it just a small garden party. Her effort pay off actually. People staring at her and notice her strong presence. 

But that wasn't her intention actually. She wanted to try something new...you know? After a week drown into Bae Joohyun's game, she needed this fun. 

So yeah. That's why she came with different outfit, different look. Looking all so y but innocent at the same time with her loose shirt tugged inside her ripped short pants.

"Thanks. Anyway, where is everybody?"

"Yo yo yo! Seulgi is in the house, baby!" said Lisa.

"Don't mind her. She always this hyper" said Rose and Lisa pout while wrapping her hand perfectly around Rose's shoulder.


"Is she drunk already?" asked Seulgi kind a worried.

"Dude! I have high tolerance in alcohol, okay? Don't worry about me!" said Lisa while Rose shake her head telling everyone there what Lisa said completely the opposite.

"Oh, well. Perhaps we can enjoy tonight's party then?" asked Seulgi trying to get along with Lisa as she doesn't want the girl to get annoyed or anything. 

Joy and Wendy looked at each other, giggling at how innocent Kang Seulgi is. Well, this is her first time partying, so she is kind a new with the party vibe. But she's a fast learner. Everybody knows that.

And so Joy took a glass of alcohol, share it with Seulgi and initiated a toast in the air.

"Welcome to the club, Kang Seulgi" said Joy.

"Yes! Welcome to the club!" said Rose, Lisa, and Wendy together as the five of the toast their glass together in the air. 

Kang Seulgi gladly drink the alcohol one shot which surprise everyone who saw that. They clap in amuse because apparently behind the innocent look, Kang Seulgi is quiet a drinker. 

"Didn't know you're a drinker, Kang" said Wendy. Seulgi shrugged. Though that was her first drink, she thought that she should tried it.

Feeling the burning sensation going down for the first time and just enjoy the happy vibe in the party along with her friends. She thought she need this. After all, high school is about fun, right?

And here she is trying to have fun with her friends. Instead of getting herself drown into books and knowledge, this is what she should be doing. At least once in a month. She doesn't want to disappoint her father of course. 

That night, Kang Seulgi had come up with a decision. Despite how much she enjoy the competition she had with Bae Joohyun, she thought that it's enough.

She is smart and she doesn't need to prove that to anyone, including Bae Joohyun. If Bae Joohyun want to prove her smart then let her be. 

What Kang Seulgi want is a normal high school study...minimizing unnecessary competition and play with her friends more. See the world more rather than reading books everyday.

Human being need to socialize and that is the most important thing. 

So, she had decide. Tomorrow and tomorrow, and continues on, she will stop. Stop proving her smart to Bae Joohyun and everybody else. 

It was fun, truthfully. But there is more about the world and studying is not always the main priority. You can study. You can prove your knowledge. But other than that you deserve to seek happiness. Have fun. Smile. And laugh.

Surely that is what Kang Seulgi doing right now. Laughing so freely and enjoy the jokes and games they are playing during the party. Teasing Lisa for being drunk but the girl said she didn't. In fact Lisa really have zero tolerance in alcohol. Just two shot of soju and she's completely drunk.

Kang Seulgi look at the beautiful night sky and smile to the world. 

"It was fun, Bae Joohyun. But I think I had enough. I want to enjoy this moment and looking forward in this friendship with my friends."

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