Me and The Princess

"It was Mr. Choi?" asked Seulgi.

"Yes. Anyway, where the hell were you? Lisa and Rose were sedated by him! I was alone! He would have killed me!" said Wendy.

"I'm sorry. You know I need to watch the hallway incase someone came and I need to deal with some of the princess fans. Did he hurt you?" Wendy shook her head.

Seulgi sigh.

"Glad he didn't do anything"

"Yes. But we had nothing to prove it was him!"

Seulgi hummed. There's a murderer in this school and has been hiding for years to get here. Honestly, she's quiet amaze at how patient Mr. Choi is.

Well, he has been waiting for this moment and she knew very well that Mr. Choi isn't someone that capable of killing the King himself. Hurting the one he love is the most powerful way of revenge.

While she's here, she will not let that happen. Not when her feeling for the princess is real and that she made a promise to herself to protect the princess at all cost.

Gosh! She's just a high school student. There's life a head of her, yet, she chose to be in this advanture that suppose to be the Royal family guards job!

Or it could have been the Royal Special Service job! But instead of reporting this problem to them, Seulgi chose to risk their friends life. No. This wasn't just her idea. This is her and Wendy's idea.

Perhaps leaving Rose and Lisa out of this would be a good idea.

After all, Rose need to take back her own reputation so that those fanatics fans of the princess will stop invading her privacy. But she know them too well.

They are stubborn after all. So there is no way she able to stop them.

She didn't know this will go completely out of her hands and honestly this brings her headache. 

"Let's lay low for now. We don't know how far Mr. Choi will act if we keep on pushing him" said Seulgi.

"Isn't that too late now, Seul? He knew exactly who the princess is!" said Wendy.

Seulgi did not expect that at all and it occured to her that this is completely out of her hand. She need help. 


Joohyun is lying if she say she's not worried. Well, damn she's worried as . But she knew her safety is number one priority. If someone managed to kidnap her then the whole military services will come and find her.

Then the whole country will know who she is. Which will ruin the royal family new tradition. This could gone bad.

Other than that, somehow her inner self told her to trust Seulgi. Those beautiful doe eyes staring at her with so much power yet fragile at the same time, begging her with those stare.

Wanting her to stay away from the trouble and stay safe.

Is she...selfish? Arrogant? She should be the one protecting them! They are the citizen! While she's the protector of this country!

How can...How can she just ran away without a fight?

None of this self bickering made her calm. It makes her hate herself even more and she can't sleep. More like she pretended she fell asleep so that Jennie wouldn't notice that she sneak out from the room to meet Kang Seulgi in 15 more minutes.

Perhaps she should go now.  

She make sure to not make any noise because she doesn't want Jennie to wake up and make a fuss when she's not in the mood to handle Kim Jennie's annoying bickering.

As she open the door, she saw a person she recognized. The girl she should be seeing right now in the school garden apparently stop by her dormitory.

What a pleasant surprise? 


The monolid girl smile. There is something about Seulgi's smile that made Joohyun freeze all the time. Apparently, Kang Seulgi has this charm that able to make Joohyun struggle with herself.

"I thought I'll stop by and we could walk together?" asked Seulgi.

Joohyun...Well...that idea doesn't sound bad at all. She nodded.

Come to think of it, they have come so far to their relationship. They were enemies before and then they are friends. 
There is something between them that she quite don't understand, A relationship Joohyun unable to describe.

Which of course confuse her. The comfort feeling of being around Seulgi and the way she stare at her while she's smiling with those cat eye look...somehow managed to make her heart beat uncontrobally.

Honestly, she felt like her heart is about to break her rib and this kind of feeling is uncommon for her. She doesn't know what this feeling is or maybe she doesn't want to admit it?

Too soon to admit feeling like that, don't you think?

On the other hand, Seulgi is so sure about her feeling yet she think this is not the right time. Might scare the princess more than Mr. Choi. 

She will find the time when the princess is ready and so does her heart. Although she is damn sure, the situation is not right. One day, one day she will make sure to confess.

Not now, the princess has a lot on her plate right now.

"Did anybody hurt, Seulgi?" asked Joohyun.

"No one was hurt, Joohyun," said Seulgi with a slight smile on her face trying to convince the princess.

Well...Rose and Lisa weren't hurt. They were...sedated...Let's just skip that part for the sake of the princess's mental. 

"Please don't do that again. It was reckless of you guys and....childish" said Joohyun.

Now she sounds very much from the royal family, thought Seulgi.

"Do you know why my friends and those people out there are willing to save you?"

It was like they share the same thought. A while ago, Joohyun was asking the same thing in her mind about why her people were willing to sacrifice their life to protect the royal family.

When she knew there are so many things need to be fixed inside and outside. They weren't perfect. In fact, they killed a lot of men back then and Joohyun knew some of the family still have revenge.

Two years ago, someone wanted to kill her father as an act of revenge to his brother that died protecting the royal family only to receive nothing but money as compensation for his brother's services to the country.

For the brave young soldier family, it wasn't enough. Money can't bring their beloved son and brother back alive. 

So, why did they sacrifice their life for her? 

That question made them stop in the middle of the hallway, facing each other where Joohyun could see Seulgi's face clearly from the moonlight coming through the window right behind her.

Seulgi is incredibly...pretty and mysterious in her own way.

Joohyun doesn't know anything about her other than her father is a professor at SM University which explain where she get the brain. Other than that...she likes dancing and....

She knew nothing about Seulgi but why does her heart trust her damn much? 

"They are curious about who you are. Want to know the face of the future Queen that will rule South Korea. The very first female leader of this country" 

"Obviously," said Joohyun, and Seulgi smirked.

"More than're the symbol of modernization, don't you know that?" 

She bites her lips. Honestly, it's nice to know someone is actually on your side. But this felt wrong. Knowing what they did for her was actually very dangerous.

Joohyun doesn't like to have blood on her hands. Today...if they hadn't been careful with their action, somebody could have been hurt. She doesn't want that to happen. 

"Look. I appreciate your effort and loyalty but... this is dangerous, Seulgi. It has to be my father's guards that handle this matter. I don't want any blood on my hands, okay? I don't want it to be yours or any of your friend's blood on my hand. Please," Joohyun begged.

To be honest, this is a rare sight for everyone to see the princess of South Korea begging to someone. Seulgi did not take advantage of this at all.

She is more...cautious, honestly.

It breaks her heart to see the princess begging at her and she realizes now, that Joohyun is nothing but a hypocrite. A hypocrite who hides behind a mask to fool everyone.

Because she knows how dangerous it is for everyone if someone knows her real identity. She's...being so careful all those years, yet, secret will always be told. 

It breaks her heart knowing the princess sacrifices her life and soul just to protect everyone else. Even in this case, she barely thought about her safety.

"You can stop being selfless, Joohyun," said Seulgi. 

"Seulgi, please unders-"

"Stop, Joohyun. Stop," said Seulgi.

The monolid girl has enough of this. She doesn't want to hear anything from the princess. Not when she only talks about others, not herself. 

Both girls never make it to the school garden. They stop in the middle of the empty corridor, standing face to face. From where she stood, Seulgi is able to see the princess's beautiful face.

The moonlight on the back helps her to see it. 

It is always funny when she remembers back to their first meeting. They were fighting, they hated each other back then. However, look at them right now.

Both of them are worried about each other. One was selfless and the other just wanted to protect her biggest role model.

Seulgi wouldn't want anybody to hurt Joohyun. No. Not when she's her role model and she has fallen in love with her. 

She reaches for Joohyun's hair and caresses it gently. 

"Just a thank you is enough, Joohyun," said Seulgi.

The princess want to argue more but the look on Seulgi face made her decide not to. It is always about Seulgi's eyes. Those beautiful monolid eyes always try to talk to her.

As if they enchanted something to Joohyun. 

For Seulgi, it means the world to her if her plan is ruined and Joohyun got hurt. All she wanted is to protect the princess and...stay beside her as long as she could.

Because she knew, the moment she take the throne, Seulgi will be nothing but a memory left or maybe she flies like dust for Joohyun. Moreover, if Joohyun decides to tell her father about this, who knows what could happen to her?

She wanted to be selfish just once. She wants to stay a little longer with Joohyun and one way to do that is to catch Mr. Choi and ruin his plan. 

"Thank you, Seulgi," said Joohyun finally.

A smile appeared on her face and as she was about to walk, she freeze at the sudden action made by Joohyun. Something she thought she would never receive from her.

Hands are perfectly wrapped around her body and she can feel the lightweight on her right shoulder. 

"I still not sure why you willing to risk your life for me but thank you. Thank you for being my knight," said Joohyun.

Seulgi need time to absord the information she just received. What was that? Did Joohyun just address her as her knight?

Should she be honored? No. She's flutter. Feels like her heart about to break her ribs and she hope that Joohyun didn't hear her beating heart. 

Because that would be embarassing. When she was about to wrap her arms around Joohyun's waist, the girl pull herself away and Seulgi just lost her chance.

Her only ing chance. 
, cursed Seulgi.

"There will be time when I pay you back for all your kindness," said Joohyun.

"I expect nothing in return of my action, Joohyun," the princess chuckled with her mischievous smile which Seulgi grew fond of.

"I knew you would say that," said Joohyun.


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