Me and The Princess

“Good job, Miss Bae” said Mr. Choi though he still has some grudge on her because of the accident. Nevertheless, he has to stay neutral because he is a teacher after all. And it was all an accident. Before he proceed, somehow the students look confuse. He intended to remain quiet because he expected someone else will interrupt like always. Surprisingly, they hear nothing but silence. 

Which of course Bae Joohyun herself found it...very odd. Usually she would hear someone protesting annoyingly like always. But this time, she hears nothing. That is what make her eyes shifted from her notebook to the girl who sits two rows from the front. Weirdly, the girl seems to be in her own world. Writing down notes on her notebook. Seemingly look very...calm. This is new, thought Joohyun. 

“Alright. Let’s continue” said Mr. Choi.

Amusingly, Kang Seulgi remain silent and continue with whatever she is doing. Not that Joohyun curious but...what game is she playing? 


“Sadly, our assumption is wrong. Kim Jisoo is nowhere near as the royal highness” said Wendy.

“What? What did you discover about her?”

“Nothing much other than her hooking up almost half of the freshman students! Girls to be exact” 


Currently, they are in the midst of lunch break. Sadly only Wendy and Seulgi gather together in the cafetaria. Because apparently Rose, Lisa, and Joy are busy with their group project. Making them very occupied even during lunch break. A little intermezo, the three of them targeted Jihyo. Kim Jisoo’s roommate. But they failed just like Wendy and Seulgi.

Now they are on their second list. Wendy and Seulgi pick Solar because her face look very different. Some say she is a true Korean but some say she’s mix. Obviously the King married with a Korean. But Wendy and Seulgi keep their bet on this one. Meanwhile, the three giants apparently chose Dahyun. The second most beautiful girl in thsi school. 

Ah! You probably wondering why they never chose Bae Joohyun as their target. That is because they are in the same voice that Bae Joohyun doesn’t fit to be the royal highness. Although she is pretty and her beauty is eternal, her personality is a no. Just like that, they refuse to put Bae Joohyun as one of their candidates.

“So, later?”

“Yep! You don’t want to miss it this time” said Wendy.

“Of course I won’t. Why would I?”

“Well I don’t know? I expect new fight will come anytime soon. Considering you did nothing in the class today”

Seulgi feel the need to tilted her head. Why would Wendy said that? It bothers her and of course Wendy notice it.

“Why you think that?”


“What? What is it that you know and I don’t?”

Wendy bite her lips. She shouldn’t have said anything. Let Seulgi know by herself but it seems Seulgi insist to know now. 

“Bae Joohyun apply dancing as her minor...just like you”

And when she thought the disaster will come to its end anytime sooner, guess she was wrong after all. Sigh. Can it be more...exciting?


“My class is just right next to Jennie! Isn’t that amazing?”

“Ughh...Would you like to switch with me?” Said Jennie.

“Ah! You both can go there together then! My class is on the left!” Said Joohyun.

“That’s fantastic! Come on Jennie!”

Joohyun could only laugh upon seeing Jennie giving her a sign she will kill her later. Seeing Jennie being drag away by Jisoo is a rare sight for Joohyun. It’s funny to see the two Kim bickering at each other.

Now! Shall we start the first minor class? To tell the truth, Joohyun quiet excited to start her minor class. She has been developing interest in dance since she was little. One of the basic lesson she had back in the days as the next leader of this country was ballet. She attended ballet class since she was 5 until 10. That is why she has great flexibility. 

After she was 10, she attended other tutors such as language and sports. She kind a missed dancing. She enjoy the vibe while on the stage. When she knew the school has dancing as their minor, without hesitation, Joohyun registered herself there. Hoping she will have fun there. But perhaps she must put aside the word fun for awhile. 

The moment she arrive at the class, she can’t help but to be surprise finding the least person she want to see right now. Obviously because the event earlier which she hasn’t find the perfect reason of Seulgi’s action. Her anger immediately boil the moment her eyes lay down to the culprit. Kang Seulgi having the best of her time, standing there looking all so confident. Like this room actually belongs to her.

How can she do that? How can...wherever she goes, Kang Seulgi always follow? And everytime she thought it’s time for her to shine, Kang Seulgi always interupt her? She thought by joining this class the lights will shine on her only. But there standing Kang Seulgi. Having all the confident and spotlight all by herself.

“Hello, Bae Joohyun” greeted Seulgi.

Joohyun is not sure how to respond. Her thought only goes to why the hell Kang Seulgi is here and what is she planning to do?

“Good afternoon class! How are you all?”

“Good afternoon miss!”

“Alright. My name is Kim Hyoyeon! You can call me Miss Hyoyeon. I’ll be your dancing teacher and today we are going to start from the basic. Come on everybody! Get your lazy up!”

Bae Joohyun make sure to stand far away from Kang Seulgi. She doesn’t want to stand any near her because somehow, seeing the confidence in her, made Bae Joohyun feel so small. This is her very first time feeling like this. First time feeling so small and it all happen ever since she met Kang Seulgi.

All this time, she always have her own spotlight. But ever since she met Kang Seulgi, the spotlight seems to be shifted. Honestly, she hates it when someone stole her spotlight. Yet somehow, meeting Kang Seulgi...she can’t seem to compete with someone like Kang Seulgi. Particularly in this field, dancing. Kang Seulgi seems to have every spotlight in her. 

Based on the way Miss Hyoyeon keep on complimenting her. Seems like Miss Hyoyeon has found her new favorie student in her first day of teaching. Meanwhile, Bae Joohyun stand still as a normal and steady person. Which very uncommon for her. However, she didn’t complaint. Because it seems like her dancing skills is far away from Kang Seulgi. And so she decided to remain silent. For the first time ever, she decided to be a normal student.




“Great job everybody! Please try to improve your energy! I’ll meet you guys next week!” Said Miss Hyoyeon and they all said thank you before the teache leave.

“Someone seems to declare herself as the teacher favorite student today!” Said Lisa teasing Seulgi who currently gathering her things for the next class. Seulgi smile shyly. Oh right. Lisa and Seulgi share he same minor class. While Rose and Joy they both attended singing class.

“I don’t, okay? I just simply did my best”

“Of course you did! You made the famous Bae Joohyun stand in the corner during class! She completely looked very small earlier” 

It grab Seulgi’s attention the moment Lisa said that. Made her stop gathering her things for awhile before continuing. Today Bae Joohyun seems to be out of the spotlight...or she did too actually. It was odd to see Bae Joohyun out of the spotlight. When usually she would be in the spotlight for her smart . But earlier she’s...

“Anyway, buddy. I go first, okay? Rose insisted that I accompany her to the library. Said it was the least place she want to be and the saintest place and she is not a saint”

“No one is a saint”

“The King is! Bye Seul!”

Seulgi just hummed. After she collected her things, she was about to leave the room when she saw Bae Joohyun still standing there in the corner. Seems like staring at her own reflection. What is she doing? Thought Seulgi. Somehow, the girl look...sad and disappointed. A very rare sight for anyone to see. Including Kang Seulgi.

Her plan was nice. To ask the girl how is she doing. But the moment she was about to walk, the girl immedietly left. Without looking at her. Like she notice Seulgi about to walk to her. Seulgi sigh. She was just trying to be a friend. Perhaps friend is not in Bae Joohyun’s dictionary.


“How nice of you for calling us”

“Why would you say that, mommy?”

“Oh well, everybody here knows how ambitious you are. So we thought you won’t bother to call us unless there is something important to discuss” Joohyun sigh.

“Our relationship sounds like business. No mommy. I call because I miss you all”

“Hah! How sweet of you, sweetie. Your little sister seems having the time of her life while you are gone” 

Joohyun could imagine Yeri running around the house. Claiming her victory of being alone. To finally have the place all for herself. She smirk. They are probably having fun without her in the palace. 

“But we all do miss you too, sweetie. Your father too. He has been do you say this? Soft”

“Soft?” Said Joohyun scoff.

“Yes. All night he would complaining how he missed you and know that he won’t be able to contact you because of your ambitious personality. He missed you so much, sweetie”

“Well, we’re still months away from christmas”

“You’re right” Joohyun smile. She took a peak behind her only to see some of the students already lining up for their next turn to call. It’s a payphone and Joohyun paid lot of coins. 

“Before I go, mommy. I wanted to ask”

“Sure sweetie. What is it?”

She took seconds before she ask the question. Somehow kind a hesitated whether her mother will respond to it properly or not.

“The spotlight is mine...right?”

For some reason, the queen and her daughter have complicated relationship. Therefore, only the two of them will understand what they say to each other. Meanwhile, Joohyun and her father are most likely have a normal relationship of father and daugther. Supporting each other and for Joohyun, the king is her mentor. While the queen is role model. 

“Of course, sweetie. But it always good to share some of your spotlight to others. Sharing is caring. Also kindness above selfishness”

Joohyun hummed. She done some thinking today and it is somehow related to Kang Seulgi. Perhaps ever since coming here, competition has blind her perspective. She beed self reflection lately. Just like what her father told her always. 

“Thank you mommy” 


Most of the time she would spend all day with Kim Jennie. But the girl is currently occupied with Kim Jisoo. Joohyun doesn’t want to interrupt their business. Because apparently, Joohyun notice how Jisoo gain interest on Jennie. Though she already slept with almost the whole freshman students, girls precisely, it seems thag Kim Jisoo will only have her love for Kim Jennie.

Of course, Joohyun notice it. She’s not blind and Kim Jisoo is being very blunt on her affection towards Kim Jennie. Who apparently being so...naive for Kim Jisoo’s feeling. Or maybe she already know but turn blind because the fact that Kim Jisoo is a playgirl and that she only playing with her heart. Kim Jennie doesn’t want herself to get hurt.

So, here she is. Sitting in the school garden all alone. Admiring the beautiful night sky. Which apparently grab her attention so much. She should admit that she adore it so much. While star gazing, she find herself reflecting her action for the past fee days. To tell the truth, she notice how recently she was never like herself. It would be much more easier if she has her father here. Where he will always told her what is wrong and what is right. But perhaps this is the challenge. The challenge her father told her about. 

Therefor, here she is. Trying to reflect herself for her own action lately. Which occur to her that probably, Kang Seulgi never wanted the competition. Or maybe Kang Seulgi was being nice to her. Or maybe, again, Kang Seulgi is not her enemy. More like...someone who share the same level of knowledge and she is not harmful to her. Kang Seulgi was just beingKang Seulgi. There is no problem in it and why make it such a big deal? 

Sure if her father knows about this, he will be disappointed. Knowing his eldest daughter being all selfish and think high of herself only. Of course this is doesn’t represent the value of the crown. It is nowhere near the value at all. Joohyun found herself getting disappointed at herself. She blame herself for being like this.

“Penny of your thought?” 

She didn’t mind accompany for now that is why despite how much her mind is being bother by the one and only Kang Seulgi, she didn’t shoo her away. Joohyun just chuckle before she say,

“You going to need more than just a penny”

The monolid girl let out a smile. Can you see how the night changes so fast.  Thought she did nothing but to simply be there wherever she goes. It’s not that Seulgi did it on purpose. She was just happen to be there where apparently Bae Joohyun is there too. Weird and how small the world is actually.

“Sorry that I stole your spotlight today” said Seulgi.

Honestly, she didn’t know why she apologized. She just feel the need to do that. Though she know she is not wrong at all. But the way Bae Joohyun acted...Seulgi always been nice towards people and very sensitive. Probably explain why she apologize though she done nothing wrong. 

Joohyun on the other hand can’t help but to sigh. A week ago the girl beside her was so determined to win over her. Gone into several fights in the class. Even wentto detention together. But now...she’s the one who apologized when obviously she done nothing wrong. Joohyun was the one who initiated the fight and clearly she’s being very selfish right now. She is disappointed with herself and to know Seulgi might never meant any of it Just make her feel sorry even more.

All this time she was wrong. Being so selfish and blinded by being the number one. Her action was wrong and now the person who done nothing at all pay the price by apologizing to her. It is...the truth about unfairness living among them. And she, the royal highness, Princess Bae Joohyun is the one who initiated.

What would people say about her action once she is being announce as the royal princess next year? Probably she will see herself on the front page of the newspaper. “Royal Highness or Royal Selfiness?” 

How will her father react to this once he heard this news? 

“You don’t need to apolgize," said Joohyun honestly which prompting Seulgi to take a peak at the girl sitting next oher.

She found it very odd to hear that voice came out from Joohyun's mouth. There is sympathy, empathy, and disappointment mix together in her voice. Something she rarely hear from Joohyun.

"The only person between us that owes an apology is me. Not you” said Joohyun making eye contact with Seulgi. Her eyes says everything and Seulgi notice it. 

Somehow it attract Seulgi’s attention from the way Joohyun talk. Very much sound like someone who came from high class. More like came from a royal family. She can’t help but to stare at her. The way Joohyun express her feeling, she show sincerity and honesty. You can see those from her eyes.

Which somehow manage to make Seulgi drowning in those beautiful doe eyes. She whisper to herself about how can someone be so beautiful and very much down to earth at the same time? Only Be Joohyun able to do that with her eternal beauty.

“I’m being honest” said Joohyun who seems to misunderstood Seulgi’s behavior. 

“*cough uhmm...yes. I know” said Seulgi. 

“I’m sorry...for being selfish” said Joohyun.

Seulgi smile and nodded.

“Apology accepted”

Most of them time Seulgi only see angry Bae Joohyun. But not today. She saw her smiling at her though it just a small and very short, she get to see a glimpse of her smile. To tell you the truth, it was very pretty. However, she remind herself to stay focus. 

Bae Joohyun might be a beauty. But she could be bad news too. At least for Seulgi or that is only her own thought. Bae Joohyun is not a bad news. Sometime she could be a bit...annoying. But it will never last long. That’s what Seulgi learn from a week of getting to know Bae Joohyun. Or more like competing with her.

“It really bothers me how you didn’t do anything in the class. Why?” Ask Joohyun suddenly. 

Why? The girl wonders. It was simple honestly. But Seulgi doubt that Bae Joohyun will accept her reason. Despite that, she still bravely say it.

"Tired" said Seulgi very short and consice. Which abruptly made Bae Joohyun widen her eyes and stare at Seulgi weirdly. Not only Kang Seulgi is annoying but she surely weird. But Bae Joohyun didn't complain at all. Much rather curious why.

"Why?" asked Joohyun and her curiousity can be heard lour and clear in just a word.

"What's the use of this competition? I mean...somehow I found it very toxic for myself and so I decided to stop. After all, no one can deny how smart you are. I, myself also recognize it" said Seulgi with a smile. A very sincere smile which surprise Bae Joohyun.

First, she thought Kang Seulgi enjoy the competition they had together. But it seems it was only her who enjoy the competition. So the question seems to not stop.

She ask herself, why? Why she is the only one who enjoy the competition? Isn't that fun? 

"Competition is not about win and lose, you know? You can find fun in it too" 

Seulgi smile as she hear that. Well, Bae Joohyun isn't wrong. She is actually right. Competition is not just about win and lose. There is fun in it too and experiences too.

But they are two different person after all. Therefore, Bae Joohyun and Kang Seulgi doesn't have the same mind and thought.

"I should say you are right. But again we are two different person with different perspective. So, perhaps this is where you are wrong, Bae Joohyun" said Seulgi as she stare back at Bae Joohyun who are staring at her too.

Wondering what the hell is going on insice Seulgi's little mind. Is that all? Certaintly not. Somehow, Bae Joohyun notice how she's amaze with how beautiful Kang Seulgi is.

Especially with her monolid eyes. This probably her first time seeing someone so beautiful with monolid eyes. As she realize her thought start to go mad, she throw away those thoughts and get her mind focus. 

"I agree that competition is not about win and lose. There is fun in it too. But you do know the law of diminishing marginal utility, right?" asked Seulgi.

Of course, Joohyun know that. Economic is one of the subject she love. Without giving any respond, Kang Seulgi know that Bae Joohyun is very familiar with that concept. It's a rhetorical question.

"It's exactly like that concept. Where I finally at the top of my satisfaction. To tell you the truth, I honestly enjoy the competition we had. I gained much new perspective throughout our fight. Even went to detention together but well overall it was nice. But as I said before, I already at the top of my satisfaction. Therefore, I don't feel excited anymore and eventually my satisfaction drop down. Just like how the law of diminishing said" 

"Sometimes, you can't do the exact same thing all over again. You will get tired of it. That's where you are wrong, Bae Joohyun. It was fun but I got tired of doing the same thing" said Seulgi sincerely and without hurting the other party. 

The way Seulgi said that made Bae Joohyun realize how she never thought about that before. Being a very ambitious and active child since little, she is very used of doing the same thing all over again.

Especially when you were born in a royal family, you are doing the same routine everyday. Didn't realize the day had pass and finally the end of year is just right at the corner. Then you will do the same routine again despite after welcoming new year.

Though she is ambitious and active, inside those same routine, she will always find something very interesting and different each time. Such as eating breakfast with her family every morning, there will always be new topic everyday with different meal each day. And then going for a private tutor such as ballet, she will learn new moves.

But she didn't notice she keep on doing the same routine all over again because inside it she found diversification. Or perhaps she was blind by it. 

So, what Seulgi said really hit her hard. Making her wonder what she has been doing for the past few years only to end up with nothing because she has been doing the same routine all over again. 

How...surprising is that?

Joohyun is being occupied by her own mind that she didn't notice Kang Seulgi is standing beside her.

"You're going to your room?" asked Seulgi which made Joohyun direct her attention to Seulgi.

"Umm...I'll stay here for a bit" said Joohyun and Seulgi nodded before she left.

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