She knew?

Me and The Princess

"I'm alright, sweetie. I overworked myself"

"No! I want to see you right now!"

"Joohyun what did I say? Education is more important"

Joohyun sigh as she looking down to the floor. Feeling so disappointed and hopeless at the same time. The kind of feeling she doesn't want to feel but honestly it's what she has been feeling for her entire life.

She never saw her father got sick before. Her father always known as someone who is very strong and dedicate to his work. Duty will always be number one priority within the royal family.

However, sometimes her father forgot to rest and loosen up a bit. But that's just how he is and she never saw her father got sick because he overworked. Perhaps because she was away from home now.

Therefore, no one yelled at him for overwork almost everyday. 

But seriously. The thought of seeing her father got sick never cross her mind and hearing the news earlier, she was damn concern and worried. Right now she is arguing with her father.

Whether she should go back and visit him. But the King insisted he will be alright. He even used the card to prevent his daughter coming back home. 

Since day one she went to public school, the King always remind her this is one of her duty. A small one but very important. Therefore, duty will go above everything else.

But how can his father health less important than education? Joohyun can't comprehend with that. More like she cannot accept that.

"More important than you?"

Joohyun knew the answer, however she felt the need to ask that. 

On the other side, the King sigh. Although it's hard for him too but duty always be number one priority. That's their job no matter what and he want his daughters to know that.

That is why he always taught Joohyun and Yeri how important duties are. Even when they need to make hard decision between duties and their own family, duties will always be the main priority.

Perhaps that is why the Monarch never move forward. Always stay the same. By sending his daughters off to public school, He as the King, hope that one day they able to change the monarch.

After all, no one can deny that one day his time will come. To step down from the crown and let his daughter lead the country. He promise himself that he will be the last leader of this country that use the tradition. 

His daughter who will be crown one day, she will change the tradition. Create a more modern, adaptability, and communicative leader. In order to achieve his dream, Joohyun and Yeri need to be taught at public school.

There they will learn about what their people needs from their leader and build strong mind, mentality, and physics. Hopefully, one day when it's time for Joohyun to be crown, she will be adore by the people of this country and change the old tradition.

Despite how much he would like to change the tradition, his ancestor legacy will remain stuck with him. But Joohyun...she's different. She will be the main attention of the whole world because she will be the first woman to be crown and to be the leader of this country.

"Yes, sweetie. More important than me"

Joohyun sigh for who knows how many time she did. Silence is all she can do because no words or sentence able to describe how sad and hopeless she is right now.

Her father notice it because of how strong their bond are. 

"I need to go now, sweetie"

Joohyun sniffle a little. She has been trying her best to stay strong. Not wanting her father to know she's crying right now. But she was too late. Her father notice it but the King knew Joohyun wouldn't want to talk about it.

He really hope he able to hug his daughter right now. But it appears he have something far more important right now.

"Rest well...father" said Joohyun tyring her best to hide her sobs.

"I will, sweetie. Stay strong now, okay?" Joohyun hummed and the call ends there.

The king sigh before he looked up and meet with his private doctor and Mark, his private secretary. He took deep breathe. Getting himself ready for whatever comes next.

After he went unconcious and woke up five minutes later, he soon told Mark to call the Royal Doctor. Of course Yeri and his wife visit him as soon as possible in his room.

They are worried but the King remain to smile. Telling them he just overworked. But he knew something is not right in his body. Afterwards, he told his wife and Yeri to leave him alone so that he can get some rest.

But honestly, he wasn't. 

"So what is the result?"

The doctors pressed their lips together. Exchanging eye contact before the lead doctor brave himself to tell the bad news. Unpleasant news.

"After going through several tests, we came with the result and it have...Lung cancer, Your Highness. Stage 2"


“Thank you for telling me” said Joohyun to Mrs. Tiffany and she left without waiting for the principal to talk.

Spoken with her father had always been something she really love. Her father is a very strong man and a wise one as well. 

Joohyun always gain new insight from him. Everything she’s learn about how to be a princess and soon to be queen of this country, it all came from her father.

Who is known as one of the best leader in history. Joohyun adore him as much as others too. 

One of the time she always doubting herself if she able to be just like her father. It came to her realization that she will be the first woman to lead this country in history.

A patriarch country ever since the first century and her grandfather suddenly changed the rules of the succession line. 

Whoever was born in the first line, either it’s a boy or a girl, they will rule the country just like their ancestors.

But overtime, boys was born first. Until the time came to her. The first child to be born as a girl.

Long time ago, her great great great great grandmother was born as the first child. However, the new rule wasn’t applied back then until her grandfather changed it.

And so the one who lead the country back then was her great great great greatfather who was born the second.

As she spoke to her father earlier, it came to her realization. She’s worried. Damn worried.

About what? Her father’s health? Yes. But more than that, she’s worried about her. Will she be ready? No. Is she ready?

This might look selfish but she knew the drill. If the current leader dies, she will lead her father’s funeral before her crown.

The whole country will mourn and they will too. But the duty of the crown never stops.  She must be crown as soon as possible to protect the Crown and keep its legacy go on.

To even imagine day...she will lost someone she truly one can describe how desperate she is.


“You can’t find the books?” 

“Weird isn’t it?! I am sure I put it there!” Said Wendy.

“Do you think the stalker stole it?” Asked Lisa.

“Maybe? Or this could be proof that the princess actually here?!” 

That could be possible. Why would the school hide it if the princess isn’t here? And why would the school let the book out in the public when it supposed to be kept hidden?

Now that it become even more suspicious, seems like this is more than just a mission to find the princess.

Perhaps attempted murder? Or kidnapping? The more they think about it the worse scenario came up.

And it doesn’t make the condition better than before. 

“What are we going to do? Should we tell the school?” Lisa suggested.

“No” said Seulgi. 

The attention now is on Seulgi because of how serious her voice were. Not to mention how her eyes burning with anger and determination.

She need to catch whoever the stalker is because if the stalker managed to find out or hurt the princess, Seulgi could only blame herself for that.

And she knew she cannot live with that for the rest of her life. So right now the only people they could trust is the four of them.

Even the school cannot be trust because how can they not do anything about this stalker? Seulgi is sure they already heard of it.

So, why there is no preventative action taken by the school?

“We could only trust ourselve. The school is quiet suspicious and I feel like we cannot trust them” said Seulgi.

“True. I feel the same” said Rose agreed with Seulgi.

“I agree with Rose” said Lisa and all of them roll their eyes.

“Well, what do we need to do, captain?” Asked Wendy.

The thing they can do might sound risky and dangerous at the same time. But if it really necessary, then Seulgi has no other choice. If the school involve in this then there is one thing they need to do.

At least to confirm if what they thought is true and honestly, everyone knew how low security this school is though they are famous for its education quality.

"We need to break in to Mrs. Tiffany office"


She didn't know why she end up in this place. When there are plenty of rooms in this school but she chose to be here. Inside a room fill with mirrors on the wall. 

Out of any places, she chose to be here in the practice room. Perhaps because she doesn't want to meet other people. She need time for herself. To just think and reflect on herself.

Going back to her dorm would only bring her headache because of Kim Jennie's endless interview. The least thing she want right now is chaos and seeing Kim Jennie right now would only bring her that.

Perhaps she thought practice room can provide her peace that she want. Hearing news about her father went unconcious bother her mind lately. Even put more on her plate because she's not only dealing with the stalker that have possibility of invading her privacy but also about what happened at home.

Up until now, she cannot stop her mind from imagining bad things that might be happen. Which she hate it the most. She want it to stop but she can't. She's too enrvous and scared at the same time.

How can she not? If one day her father die then all responsibility will be on her shoulders. Question she ready? Ready to become the leader of this country?

For what she know, no one ever ready. Even her father told her he wasn't ready when he had to be crown as the King. But that is one of the consequences of being born in a royal family.

Either you prepare or not, you will be the leader of this country. Responsibile of the people and its reputation. However, her father once told her that being a leader not only about protecting the people and the country, but also able to become the symbol.

A symbol that everyone could look up to. He told her it was one of the hardest thing he need to do as a King. 

With the amount of works she need to do and the responsibilities...Joohyun keep asking herself if she is ready. She never been seen in public. Never interact with the citizen...

Perhaps that is where she is wrong. Joohyun doesn't realize she has been interacting with the citizen her whole life. Maybe Joohyun hadn't seen the bigger picture yet of the reason why her father sent her to public school.

Maybe that is because why she is doubting herself.

"Bae Joohyun?"

And here is another random question. Why is it everytime she is doubting herself, the person who always there for her is none other than the monolid girl with white pale skin?

Staring at the reflection on the mirror, Joohyun notice the way that girl dress. Making her raising her eyebrow.

"Are you here to practice?" asked Joohyun. 

The latter nodded as she approach Joohyun who are sitting on the center of the room. Joohyun turn herself around, facing Kang Seulgi who is now standing infront of her.

From her position, she really need to look up to meet the monolid eyes. Which somehow she managed to capture a good sight of Kang Seulgi. Wait...what?

"I was gonna left when I saw this place is occupied but when I saw it was you, I decided to come in" Joohyun nodded.

"Are you here to practice too?" asked Seulgi.

"" said Joohyun didn't know how to explain why she is here. 

Seulgi notice that and so she just nodded because she doesn't want to ask any further. Perhaps she came here for personal reason. Seulgi came here sometime when something is bothering her mind.

No one can resist the peace this room make them feel sometimes.

"Well, if you don't mind, we can practice what we learn yesterday? Perhaps it can help ease your mind a bit. If that is what you are looking for" said Seulgi.

Very much attempting but although it might be awkward, perhaps dancing is what she need right now. After all, they really need to work on their chemistry.

Sure they look very much awkward yesterday and Mrs. Hyoyeon wouldn't want to see them looking so awkward during the performance later. 

And so, just like that, Joohyun agreed. It doesn't matter if she's wearing a jean and a black t-shirt, at least she can still move comfortably with this outfit then it won't be a bother.

Seulgi nodded and get everything prepare start from the warm up music and the Monster song. Both of them took their time to warm their body and after five minutes of warm up, they proceed on practicing the first part.

"I think you need to bend your knee a bit" said Seulgi as she checked on Joohyun's posture. Joohyun obey.

Didn't know since when she obey to Kang Seulgi's word but she did. Maybe because she knew the monolid girl is talented in dancing, so there is no doubt everything she say will eventually help her.

After all, Kang Seulgi is a lot talented in dancing than her. That...fact she finally admit.

Then they proceed on practicing the detail. Every detail of it until they didn't notice they had spent one hour doing the same part. Both of them cannot deny how hard the move is.

Other than details, the move also require concise and strong move. They need to put full energy on every move to make it look powerful and energetic. 

Joohyun must admit ths is her first time having a hard time on breathing due to the high intensity she got from doing the move. Though it's just the first part or the opening part, still. The move is quiet intense.

"Let's take a break?" Seulgi suggested.

"Yes, please. I would like that" said Joohyun exhausted.

Seulgi turn off the music and rest herself on the floor. Didn't forget to take her water bottle and lying down on the floor about five feet apart from where Joohyun is.

Honestly, after practing about an hour, Joohyun feel her mind a bit lighter than before. More at ease than before. But still the thought of her father never left from her mind.

But being here, in this practice room, doing the move, makes her able to rest and enjoy her own life for awhile. Maybe not just because of the dance but someone here also accompany her.

To tell the truth, it's been in her mind lately that Kang Seulgi help her a lot. It came to her realization that everytime she's with Kang Seulgi...her mind feel at ease and all she can feel is...happiness and joy.

Why is that? Joohyun wonder. 

The way the monolid girl make her feel so secure and safe, everytime they are together. How? How can she do that when the first time they met they were enemy?

Maybe Kang Seulgi is right all this time. The world work in a very weird way and she always expect everything to go according the theories. Perhaps some thing in life doesn't go according the theories.

"Thank you" said Joohyun all of a sudden.

Which grab Seulgi's attention, making her divert her attention to Joohyun who are now also lying down on the floor. Her eyes looking straight to the empty ceiling.

"Thank you for helping me" said Joohyun again.

But Seulgi didn't say anything because she feel like Joohyun about to say something. That is true though. Right now...Joohyun decided to be honest with herself.

Didn't exactly know what happen to her but maybe what happened to her father really give her realization that time and honestly are very valuable. She would like to respect those.

"I appreciate everything" said Joohyun.

Although it wasn't so romantic but Seulgi nodded and smile warmly. At that moment, they share eye contact without them noticing it. Somehow Joohyun found herself drowning into those beautiful monolid eyes.

For Seulgi, she already drown into Joohyun since the day she lay her eyes on her. Though she cannot deny Joohyun was a bit annoying and quiet a strict person, Joohyun is a mysterious person.

She can be nice but can be annoying at the same time. She can also be soft sometimes. In conclusion, Bae Joohyun is a complicated young girl but it was never been complicated after she know the truth about Bae Joohyun.

"Your welcome...princess" 

No one under this roof ever called her that. Even Mrs. Tiffany and Mrs. Taeyeon. No one. To hear that word came out from Kang Seulgi's mouth surprise her a lot that she need to confirm what she meant by that.

Right now she doesn't know why her heart is racing so fast. Is it because of the way Kang Seulgi called her with the most warmest tone of voice ever or the fact that Kang Seulgi called her princess?

It could be two possibilites. Kang Seulgi knew her true identity or she was just playing.


Hi guys! Author speaking here. So, the more I see the more I realize it took quiet long for me to reach the too much elaboration I think? But I would like to know if you guys enjoy the story so far. Let me know down below. Also I would like to ask if you like the story so far or you guys want it to be a little faster? Because honestly I didn't plan to write up until 20 chapters and more...because there will be two parts of this story....guess I elaborated the story a bit too much. Well, anyways if you guys like the story so far then I will continure. If you would like me to fast forward the story, it's okay to me too. Just finally realize I put too much elaboration. 


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