Mission to protect the princess 101

Me and The Princess

Yesterday, was something Joohyun could not forget easily.

Did she call Seulgi her knight? SINCE WHEN? When did Joohyun grow so fond of that girl?

This is crazy! Well, as if Seulgi hadn't been in her mind lately.

Joohyun honestly can't believe she did that. But...does she regret it? No.

It just... makes her, even more, confused with her own feelings.

What did Seulgi do to her to the extent she doesn't understand herself anymore?

The confusion bother her to the point she wasn't paying attention to her friends.

"Earth to ing Bae Joohyun! Ya!"

"Huh?" Jenni scoffed.

"Oh my god. You didn't listen to me, did you?"

Joohyun bites her lips feeling guilty for not listening to Jennie.

Lately, Jennie notices her best friend has been bothered by something.

It could be about Kang Seulgi but Jennie knew Joohyun is hiding something from her. Something that Joohyun is not ready to share with her.

She can feel that and soon she will find out!

"Never mind," said Jennie disappointed.

"Jennie-ah. Mianhe," said Joohyun.

"You know, Hyun. I keep having this feeling that you're hiding something from me, you know? You have been very distant from me. Especially since you're so focused on the dance practice. I thought you will always share everything with me," said Jennie.

"Jennie-ah. If this is about Seulgi..."

Before Joohyun was able to finish her sentence, Jisoo suddenly came running to them which made her have a hard time breathing.

"What the did you do, Kim Jisoo?" asked Jennie annoyed and out of curiosity.

"Y-you...need to...see..."

Suddenly, all students in the canteen ran outside. Whispering to each other with a questioning look on their face.

Joohyun and Jennie exchange looks before they follow the others outside. Jisoo follows after them.

Once they are outside, a group of students circles the school garden. They have to walk through the crowds to see what they are looking at.

As she tried to walk through the crowds, her eyes searched for someone. Only to find the person she's searching for standing right in the front row of the crowds.

They exchange stares once their eyes met and Joohyun doesn't like the way Seulgi is looking at her.

Seulgi's eyes tell her to stop walking. But she keeps moving because she's curious.

At that exact moment, she regrets her action.

"What the hell?!," Jennie yelled followed by a gasp coming out of Joohyun's mouth.

Both of them are shocked by what they are seeing right now.

Right in front of them, lay a dead deer with blood surrounding it. A crown covered with blood was left there beside the dead deer by purpose.

Three words are written on the grass with blood. Those words are,

Death. Princess. Soon.

Joohyun is terrified. This is a message for her. Who would want her to die? And why?

"Students! Go back inside! Go back! Come on! Move! Move!," said Mrs. Kim who came rushing towards the horrible scene.

"Hey, you don't think this is a coincidence, right? The doll and now this?" said Jisoo.

Despite how much she wanted to deny what Jisoo just said, she can't. Apparently, it's not a coincidence at all. 

"What the is going on with this school? A killer is out there!" said Jennie fuming with anger.

This only means one thing. The killer knows she is the princess! 


"This is more serious than we thought, princess. For your own safety, we must tell the King about this event," said Mrs. Kim.

Joohyun excuse herself from her friends after the horrible event she witnessed a while ago in the school garden. She directly went to the principal room and both Mrs. Kim, as well as Mrs. Hwang, is there.

Clearly, this is far beyond their expertise. They couldn't handle the situation right now and it's becoming scarier not only for Joohyun but also for the other students.

However, she cannot let her father know about this. She doesn't want the King to be informed and she wishes to deal with this by herself. Maybe not alone but...she has got help.

From...Seulgi and her friends but sure just them are not enough. Maybe there is another way to protect her and the students without the need to inform the King about this matter.

Someone, she trusts the most. That doesn't mean she doesn't trust Seulgi...it just...the more the merrier...right?

"I don't want to worry my father, Mrs Kim. However, I think I can ask someone I trust to deal with this matter," said Joohyun.


"It was Mr. Choi's doing, right?" asked Wendy.

"I still can believe Mr. Choi is the stalker," said Rose. 

The four best friends gather together in Seulgi's and Wendy's room after the unexpected event earlier. Without saying anything, they know who is behind all of this.

However, they still cannot believe Mr. Choi is the one behind it. Seulgi remains silent during the whole conversation. Her mind flashed back to the previous event and without any doubt, she is sure that it was Mr. Choi's doing.

One thing that bothers her, is that it's impossible for Mr. Choi to do all of that all by himself. He might have someone else to help him out. But who?

Choi Sulli? That freak? They have been eyeing her but they got nothing. True that Choi Sulli is a school freak and the fact that she has a bad history with the royal family.

However, Choi Sulli is none other than a heavy smoker. 

"He must have another accomplice to help him, don't you guys think so?" Asked Seulgi. 

"Yeah...it doesn't make sense to me either," said Lisa.

"Do you think that Mr. Choi is related to Sulli?" asked Seulgi suddenly.

"WHAT THE , SEULGI? I got goosebumps because of you! This is so scary!" Said Lisa hiding behind her girlfriend, Rose.

"There is a possibility, I guess. But we checked her out. She is nothing but a heavy smoker and doesn't give a ing about what's going on in this school," said Wendy.

"Well, doesn't that give us more reason to suspect her? I mean...she could have known what is really going on because she did it," said Seulgi.

What Seulgi said does make sense. 

"Do you think we need to investigate Sulli again?" Asked Rose.

"I think we should," said Wendy. 

Four of them exchange looks and nodded at the end. 

This is more serious than Seulgi thought.


"Start again! 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, 6. Great! That's great Joohyun!" Hyoyeon shouted.

Seulgi and Joohyun start their routine practice in the evening. Tomorrow they will stay at SM University for two days to practice again with Mrs. Yuri.

The school anniversary is near. This means they must practice more intensively than before which as result they will meet very often. However, none of them have any problem with that.

"Alright. It's really nice to see you guys grow. Yuri will be very happy to see your progress. I guess that's it for today's practice. You guys may dismiss," said Hyoyeon.

"Thank you!" Said Seulgi and Joohyun together.

As always, Joohyun sat down with her back leaning on the wall and close her eyes for a moment. This dance is the most tiring dance she had ever done before.

The amount of power she has to show during the performance is unacceptable.

However, she enjoy it. She enjoy the intensity and the burden she hold on her shoulder.

She likes it but the weight she carries because of the stalker...is something she wish she could throw away as soon as possible.

Talking about the stalker, it is her time to meet him. Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Hwang agreed to her plan on inviting an investigator who is her closest acquaintance in the palace.

Joohyun trust him her whole life and that person is undoubtedly a very royal person. He was also her teacher back when she was five years old. Though they only spent two years together before Joohyun was sent to public school, it was the best year ever.

"You okay?"

She opens her eyes only to meet with those enchanting stares from the one and only Kang Seulgi. The girl who has been bothering her mind lately.

Joohyun didn't mind at all as time goes by. Seems like she has grown fond of Seulgi that every night, the girl's appearance clouded her mind.

"After the dance, yes. But if you were referring to...No. I'm not," said Joohyun honestly.

It becomes a casual thing for Joohyun to say everything that comes to her mind. Without her even realizing it, she's getting more comfortable with her.

However, Joohyun hasn't come to the point where she is able to admit her feelings. Her true feeling.

"We are planning something. I think that Choi Sulli is involved," said Seulgi sharing the information.

Yesterday, as they sat down in the school bleachers, Seulgi gave Joohyun all the information she got. Including Mr. Choi.

In additiong, after what happened during break time, Joohyun is sure that her father couldn't know about this.

Her father would have send his Team A to deal with this problem and Joohyun wouldn't want that at all.

Team A also known as the first protection team. Trained and devoted to protecting the royal family at all costs. Even if it means killing people. They have a good reputation.

But Joohyun wouldn't want them to get involved because she doesn't want to see any blood, especially in this school.

Moreover, this is about her. There is a possibility that Mr. Choi will do something to harm her. It does scare her but...at least she gets the chance to deal with him by herself and help from her friends.

"What are you going to do with her?"

"The pawn has to die to protect the King," said Seulgi.

"Seulgi, you woul-"

"No. We will try to shut her down. At least, try to make her confess. We thought that there is no way Mr. Choi would have done all this by himself. Sulli is his accomplice because they are related. By tonight, we will catch Sulli."

"Do you think that...the person who keeps bothering students at night in the bathroom was not Mr. Choi but Sulli?"

"We thought about that" Joohyun hummed.

"One thing that we are not really sure, why Mr. Choi showed up. He is the king. A King wouldn't want to reveal himself unless..."

"His pawn made a mistake," Joohyun added.

Seulgi nodded.

"The question is what mistake?" Asked Joohyun.

"We have to find out."

That mischievous smile undoubtedly made Joohyun's heart beat uncontrollably. She can even feel her cheek blushing which made her look away immediately.

Seulgi went to her bag and wrapped it up.

"Hey," called Joohyun.

Seulgi hummed.

"I have someone I like to introduce to you"



By the time, the clock hit midnight, Kang Seulgi and Bae Joohyun went out of their bedroom and didn't forget to make sure that their roommates are sleeping before they leave. 

Joohyun told Seulgi to meet her in the school lobby because it will save time for both of them. Seulgi wonders who is the person Joohyun wants to introduce to her. 

Seems like this person is very secretive and mysterious that they have to meet this person in the middle of midnight. Afraid something might happen to both of them, Seulgi made sure to bring her baseball bat though she doesn't play baseball. 

It just looks like the perfect disguise. A weapon that everybody thought was a tool for her to play. Turns out, she actually uses it as a weapon for self-defense. 

The moment she arrive at the school lobby, she saw Joohyun wearing her pajama. Completely different from what she is wearing. A white shirt and a pair of jeans. 

Judging by the way Joohyun is wearing, Seulgi thought they are going to meet one of Joohyun's acquaintances. Someone that is very close to her. 

Meanwhile, Joohyun cannot hide her chuckle the moment she saw Seulgi with her baseball bat. He's going to like her, thought Joohyun with a smirk on her face.

"You were being mysterious about this person. I should be prepared for what's coming," said Seulgi explaining the baseball bat.

"My bad," said Joohyun. 

Without waiting any longer, Joohyun leads the way. At first, Seulgi thought they are going to meet in a secret place where they must go through a dark tunnel.

Or maybe in the underground basement. She let her imagination play with her mind only to get disappointed that they are walking to the library. 

There is no way, Joohyun would waste her time at midnight to meet someone who seems very important in a library. Seulgi finds it hard to believe.

"So...who is this person you want to introduce?" Asked Seulgi.

"You'll see," said Joohyun as she open the door to the library. 

Honestly, if she must compare this with the horrible event she witnessed this morning, this is a lot scarier than the threat. Imagine you are walking with someone you thought you knew.

Only to get killed with silence and end up dead without you even realizing.

Seulgi doesn't want to die in the hands of someone she...like...no...love. She finds it hard to believe that Bae Joohyun is capable of killing people.

Then she heard a chuckle in the midst of silence. 

"Relax. You don't really think I'm going to kill you, right?" Asked Joohyun.

"Anything is possible right now," Seulgi blurted out.


"Yeah...but my heart keeps saying that you're a good person and I believe what my heart said to me," said Seulgi. 

Joohyun didn't respond because she doesn't know how to respond. Her heart beat uncontrollably again and again. Like Seulgi has this spell with her words that Bae Joohyun couldn't seem to find the cure. 

Therefore, she let it be. 

Once they finally arrive right in front of the painting that is located far at the back of the library right in the corner of the building, Joohyun waits for Seulgi.

"From here and forward, anything we say must stay between us only. Not even your friends can know about what we do right now," said Joohyun.

Seulgi doesn't want to prolong this conversation. She's impatient and she wanted to know what is going on in here. Who is this person that Joohyun would like to introduce?

The monolid girl nodded. 

With that as Joohyun signals, she stares at the painting of the Great War 1957 before her hands move behind the painting. She pushes the hidden button that only the Royal Family and the principal know about this. 

A secret door is revealed. The wall turns around slowly, revealing a secret passageway to the underground. Seulgi...couldn't hide her shocking face. 

It is no longer a secret that this school is keeping the Royal Family history book. Kept here because King Arthur the third used to hide in this school back during the War between South Korea and North Korea. 

He hides here under the order of the secret service or known now as Team A. During his hiding time, he spent most of his time writing about his family history. 

Thought that if he dies in that war, the story of his family will still live and passed it from generation to generation. To honor his devotion to the country, this school created a secret passageway to the underground room where they keep the books hidden. More like that passageway was the room where King Arthur the third hid.

What students see in the library is a copy of the real one. The copy is not the same as the real one. There are some parts that are not included to protect the Royal Family's image. 

All Royal family knew about this passage and they have access to it. They were instructed that they could only use this in times of emergency and Joohyun thought she can use it this time considering the risk.

Once the wall is fully open, they are welcome by a tall young man with a formal suit, smiling at them. He bows and it only means one thing for Seulgi. That this guy works under the Royal Family.  

"Good evening, your highness," said the young man.

"Long time no see, Jinyoung. This is Kang Seulgi. The girl I talked about," said Joohyun introducing the two of them. Jinyoung bows to Seulgi and so is Seulgi.

"Nice to meet you, Kang Seulgi-sshi. I heard a lot about you," said Jinyoung.

"Ah, yeah"

Joohyun smile. 

"So, are we ready to discuss?" asked Jinyoung which made Seulgi quite confused. 

"Discuss what?" Asked Seulgi.

"Mission to protect the princess 101," said Jinyoung.



Hi, everyone. This story is longer than I intended it to be. But so far, I enjoy the storyline...how about you guys? Hmm...this story might get longer than I planned it to be. If you have read this story from the beginning, I am still writing about the past. Meanwhile, I planned to just give a glimpse of the past between Seulgi and Irene...like just telling you guys how they met and fell in love blabla....turns out the story getting pretty long...I hope you guys still enjoy this story as much as I do. Right now, I am planning to cut the story so it won't get too long...I don't want this story to have 40 chapters or more....I'm exhausted...lol. So...I'm going fast right now to quickly end the stalker part and Choi Sulli blabla...Then quickly move on to Seulrene moments and back to the present time. So....I guess...stay tune? Hehehe! Enjoy the update! Hope you guys like it!







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