Me and The Princess

"Are you kidding me? You and Seulgi will be partner for the school anniversary?" asked Jennie quiet surprise. 

"Do I need to repeat myself all the time?" asked Joohyun annoyed.

"Oh, I need further confirmation. No need to be a " said Jennie.

Relax everyone. They are not fighting. This is completely normal. Apparently this is how they talk to each other all the time when people isn't around. 

Don't get them wrong when annoyed each other. They love each other eternal...well that's what Joohyun believe for now. No one knows what will happen in the future especially after she reveal her profile.

She will worry about that later. For now, she has something much more important to worry about. Of course it's about her partnership with Kang Seulgi. 

Can't you believe that? First they were enemy...felt like eternal enemy but they managed to stop the game they were playing and they are would you like to call their relationship?

Post-enemy? Friend? Joohyun can't seem to choose because she doesn't understand their relationship actually. Sometime they would argue, sometimes they nice. Like having a normal conversation with a close friend.

Are they friend? Joohyun doubt that...

"Wow. Your teacher is daebak! She probably saw you two are perfect after the accident you made! Damn girl! Your teacher actually has a good eye" said Jisoo lightly.

Joohyun glare at her because she doesn't like the word perfect being put in that sentece. That accident was an accident! She never intended that to happened!

But it seems like Miss Kim saw it differently. She want to talk about it so bad but she doesn't know any kind of reason that make sense of why she doesn't want to participate in the school anniversay.

And by the way, isn't the school anniversary still three month from now? Is it that necessary to prepare their performance three month before? that's too...much! 

Is their school anniversary that important? 

Okay. Joohyun won't judge because the king's birthday consider as the nation anniversary. Where there will parades everywhere and Joohyun and her sister will only stay in the palace.

Watching their parent waving to the crowds and smile to them. Giving speeches there and there. Before going back to the palace and have family dinner to celebrate the king's birthday. 

It's their family tradition. So clearly school anniversary is very much important to the school. But...three months of preparation? Three days a week of practice?

"Come one, Joohyun! It will be fun! You both can get closer and get to know each other. Like me and Seori here!"

Ah! About Jisoo and Seori. Here's a quick update. Apparently, they decided to date. Kim Jisoo seems to fall hard on Seori's charm. And yet abandoned Kim Jennie who seems very much jealous seeing them together.

Bae Joohyun need to deal with angry and jealous Kim Jennie all night. Complaining there and there about Kim Jisoo. Say that Kim Jisoo is not allow to show her affection towards Seori publicly!

Said that's very unethical and making everyone around them uncomfortable. Joohyun would only agree with Kim Jennie since she doesn't know what to say. 

"I have no intention to get closer with Kang Seulgi, okay?"

"Why? She's attractive" said Seori as she join them and Kim Jisoo never forget to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Joohyun can feel the boiling Jennie beside her. However, she try to act nice like nothing happen.

"Ugh...can we talk about something else?" 

"Right! What about Suho?" asked Jisoo dumbly. Didn't she hear the news?

"Suho got drop out yesterday after the news spread he was trying to her. Technically he didn't tend to me but he might touch me without my consent"

"The school is exaggerating. But well SM high always known for its dicipline and strickness. Like the King himself" said Jennie which divert Joohyun's attention to Jennie.

What else people talking about her father? The bad and the good. Joohyun wonder though. But most important, she wonder what people think about her and her sister.

Part of it she already know some of them are judging them by their appearance. Which Joohyun cannot deny how offended she were. She might need to talk about this with her father during christmas holiday later.

Ah! Talking about princess! Apparently after Kim Jisoo dating with Seori, they decided to stop hunting for the princess. Which obviously very surprising yet good news for Joohyun.

She doesn't need to get paranoid everytime Jennie and Jisoo hunting for the princess. But it doesn't mean the other students stop too. Until now no one ever try to approach her, yet.

Maybe later? Or sooner? No one knows.


"Break time is over. Come on!" said Jennie as she drag Joohyun away from the canteen. Leaving Jisoo and Seori confuse. 


"Congratulation, my friend! You make yourself partner up with the famous Bae Joohyun!" said Wendy a little panting because they are currently in PE class and again Mr. Kim Jong Kook being so hard with them.

"COME ON! All of you are worse than the other classes! Get your lazy up or I'll make you all run for another 5!" 

To conclude, this much more than just  PE class. It's hell on earth. Feels a lot more like they are in the military training camp than PE class. 

Students groaned but they keep on jogging because when Mr. Kim said that, he really mean it. Honestly, they have been running for five round. Circling the soccer field and only five people remaining.

Including Seulgi and Wendy. Yeah...both of them quiet fit however Kang Seulgi is a lot more fit than Wendy. She's getting out of breathe by now.

But they keep running and Wendy try her best to follow Seulgi's pace so that they are in the same level. Maybe she will try to hold on a little longer since they haven't got the chance to talk since last night.

Yeah....And just to let you know Wendy is trying very hard right now.

Kang Seulgi looked at Wendy weirdly, part of her ask how did Wendy know about that. 

"Gossips! *panting Oh gosh! When will he say stop?!" Seulgi chuckle. With her fit stamina, she can do another five round actually. Fun fact, she used to exercise a lot with her parent every weekend.

That's where she develop her stamina. Should thank her parent later for this.

"Hey! Seulgi! I'm sorry, okay? Will you talk to me now? Cause I'll be out of breathe any time soon!" said Wendy yelling at the end and Seulgi can see Wendy is struggling to keep up.

Well, all this time Wendy always be the person who a lot. Might take this situation as her advantage to . So Seulgi increase her speed but Wendy try to keep on only to panting a lot and stop.


Seulgi smirk as she turn around and tease the girl with her middle finger before proceeding. Wendy take steps to the side field and take as many air inside her lung.

Panting so hard yet she can hear Mr. Kim yelling at her.

"Wendy! 10 round next week!" 

Made Wendy groaned as she walk back to the bench. 

Proudly she arrive in the bench. Take her water bottle and drink it. Meanwhile, Wendy looked like she went through hell. Hair quiet messy and she's sweating a lot.

Comparing her condition with Seulgi, they might thought Seulgi is an athlete, while Wendy is just someone who is struggling to maintain healthy habit.

But actually she had reach her peak awhile ago and if she push herself more, she could die...maybe. You know Wendy. Always exaggerating.

"Ya! Was it necessary for you to do that?" Seulgi shrugged looking cool about it.

"I was talking with you!" Seulgi can't help but to chuckle as she sit next to Wendy.

Most of the students in their class has collapsed on the ground. Panting so hard after the hard exercise. If they need to do this again for another three years, they don't think they migth graduate with their legs still attach on their body.

"Just feel th eneed to tease you" said Seulgi with a smile on her face.

"Yeah right" Wendy rolled her eyes.

"We're alright" said Seulgi with her beautiful smile, assuring Wendy that they are fine. She was quiet hurt last time but overall she knew Wendy was genuine when she apologize.

Doesn't need to make things bigger. It just a small fight between them. 

"Great. Now, let's talk about you and your little partnership with Bae Joohyun" 

Here she go again. Going back to the old Wendy. Annoying and chatty. But Seulgi already get used to her behavior. does it make her feel? Knowing she will be collaborating with Bae Joohyun for the school anniversary? Excited? Worried?

Yeah...she's more worried actually. Despite they are no longer enemy, their relationship is quiet complicated to define. Kang Seulgi doesn't know what to describe about their relationship.

Partly they are not that close but sometime when they talk, their conversation just flow like waterfall. But outside classes, when they cross each other path in the hallway, they are like strangers.

Quiet complicated and that's probably the reason why she see this partnership will be hard. Their start off starts next week and honestly, Seulgi is not excited. More like nervous.

"I don't know. It's complicated"

"Define complicated!" said wendy excitedly.

Weird to find Wendy always seems so excited when their conversation is all about Bae Joohyun. Maybe she has a crush on her? No? Yes? None of Seulgi's business anyway.

Seulgi sigh.

"I don't know, okay? It just sometimes we close but sometimes we're like strangers" 

"Huh! Playing hard to get!" It made Seulgi divert her attention to Wendy and looked at her in horror.


"Bae Joohyun playing hard to get! Or it was you?"

Seulgi scoffs. Seriously? She still having that thought? 

"No! You really should stop thinking that I have a crush on her and it apply to the other party"

"Oh come on. You're going to deny it right now but who knows in the future?" 

No. She's not going to argue with that. Too tired to deal with Wendy's crazy dream because that...will never happen. Seulgi will make sure of that! 

Trust her!




or not...

Wendy smirk seeing Seulgi become all quiet. She, Lisa, and Rose still believe there is something spark between Seulgi and Joohyun. Maybe right now they will deny it.

But sooner, they will not. When they hear the news they will be partnering up for the school anniversary performance, of course they were so excited.

They cannot wait to see their performances. It will be a huge topic in the whole school! Like can you imagine? Once they were enemies and now they are partnering up for dance performance!

Like a fairytale story! Where Seulgi is the prince and Bae Joohyun is the princess. Ah! Wait! About that!

"Anyway! The game has stop. But I heard people still competing on it" said Wendy. 

Not so surprising. However, it did attract Seulgi's attention though. 

"So, you're thinking of going back to the game?" asked Seulgi while taking of her running shoes.

"I don't know. Maybe not? I don't know. Like...we have listed all possible female students. But we never really check within our group or the other group. If you know what I'm saying" 

"You believe that one of us could be the princess?" asked Seulgi 


"Well then let's start with you" said Seulgi challenging Wendy.

Wendy smirk. Of course she's not the princess.

"Do you actually believe I am the princess? This annoying and chatty behavior of mine wouldn't exactly represent the king himself"

"Well the princess spend her education life until now. So, she can disguise herself to be one of us" said Seulgi and that make sense.

Wendy nodded. She agreed with Seulgi. However, she doesn't know if Seulgi also knew that the royal family also has their own secret. 

Two days they didn't talk, Wendy went to the library and search the most sacred books. With about 500 hundreds pages for one book and there is like 3 books of it.

If you want to know, it is the history books of the royal family. As someone who is a fan of the royal family, Wendy has been following them since she was a child.

Reading news about them everyday. Her parent also bought her books about the royal family. However, those that sells publicly only says good thing about the royal family.

There are bunches of secrets about the royal family that only some people know about it. Because again the royal family is a very mysterious family in this country.

They could only hear about rumors and gossips about the royal's. However, none of it gets any confirmation from the royal. One that no one probably know is that each of the royal family own a tatto on their back.

A secret that Wendy just knew when she finished about 200 pages in the first book.

"True. But what if we can discover the princess with something else? Something very secret?" 

Seulgi raise her eyebrow. Well, everyone in the world know that the royal family kept many secrets that only they know about it. Though there are books about them, only certain people able to finish it.

Because when you dig in even more, you will find secrets that no one able to take it. Some says there is darkness within the royal family and it's best to stay away from discovering those secrets.

What else Wendy knew about the royal family that only her knew about it?

"What are you trying to say?" Wendy smile evily.

Then she pull the top of her sport clothes and show her back to Seulgi. Which of course Seulgi quiet surprise and needed time to stare somewhere else.

"Y-ya! What are you trying to do?!"

"One of the books said about the royal family having a tattoo that identify them from everybody else. During the cold war, many of the royal family member went into disguish. In order to discover the secret behind the Russian. Become a spy and during that time some of the royal members dead. But they cannot identify them because they were killed brutally. They cannot identify their finger prints, their faces were raptured"

"Okay okay. Enough with that. You're point is?"

"Since the royal family really love each other and said they have the strongest family bond ever, they decided that every royal family member during that decade will receive tattoo. Not just ordinary tattoo written numbers in latin"

"So, you are saying that we can discover who is the princess by looking at their back?" Wendy nodded.

That's...sound very intense and dangerous...How can Wendy knew about all this?

"Are you...have you..-"

"Yep. I read almost 500 pages in two days"

"The books are here?!" asked Seulgi.

"Yep. But no one can borrow it. It could only be read in the library. So, do you see any tattoo on my back?" 

Seulgi doesn't need to look again because obviously there is nothing on Wendy's back and so she nodded. Wendy smile proudly but next thing she do was very unpredictable.


When Seulgi said that Wendy can be so annoying and unpredictable, it's true though. Look at her now. Being abuse out in public with Wendy push her to bend forcely. Making Seulgi yelled in pain.


"Well, you're clean. So none of us are the princess" said Wendy lightly as she get back to her sit and sigh.

Perhaps Seulgi would not want to mess with Wendy again next time. She only once! And look what she got. 

"So? What are you going to do next?" 

Wendy smirk mysteriously and Seulgi doesn't like that at all. Knowing that there is someone that could possibly meet the criteria. 

"You'll see" 

Though it was a simple answer, Seulgi knew, Wendy is in the game again. This time....she has something no one know. However, Seulgi knew about it and she might need to do something with that.

"Class is over! Next week we will do 10 rounds! And you! Wendy you will go 20 rounds!" 

Karma does exist.


A little shower in the midst of hot air during summer will always make your body relax and feeling a lot better. Especially during this hour before going to sleep.

She turn on the shower and she can feel the cold water touching her skin. What could be better than this? She smile as she feel a lot better after the shower touch her skin.

Today has been a very long day for her. Dealing with angry best friend really drained her energy a lot. She might need to cool her down again later once she get back to their room.

However, thoughout the day, it was fun though. Getting new knowledge there and there. Learning new experiences. But still she cannot imagine how next will go.

After the sudden news, she just doesn't know what to do. What moves they will do? No one knows since it still remain a secret until next week.

Just thinking about that really giving her headache. And she tried to avoid thinking about that the entire day and just focus on the tasks.

Once she's done cleaning herself, she's putting her clothes on and she hear someone else also inside one of the cubicle in the bathroom. Seems like she's not the only whose taking night shower.

But before she could, she heard screaming from the next cubicle. 

What's going on?! 

"What are you doing?!!!" 

"Sorry. But I need to look at your back" said that mysterious voice. 

Oh, lord. They knew? Thought Joohyun.

Staying here won't do anything good that's what Joohyun knew. She need to get out of this place. Or else...her cover will be blown out. 

"This is ual harassment and you clearly crossing my privacy!"

"I'm sorry. But I just need to see your back"

"What for?! Get out!"

For sure, Joohyun knew. She has a stalker now.

And beyond her expectation. If they knew about the royal family secret...then she should be really careful by now. 




It's getting scaries here....

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