Hunting the Princess

Me and The Princess

Double update...cause why not? 

"So, you admit that Kang Seulgi influence your weird behavior for the past few days?"

"No! Of course not! She just...happened to give me a very good insight"

"She influence you"

Joohyun sigh. How can she make Jennie believe that Kang Seulgi didn't influence her to change her behavior? Perhaps she can't. 

She start to gether her things on the table because there is no other reason for her to stay in the library. More like she has nothing to say anymore to Kim Jennie.

If she want to believe that way, let her be. Because Bae Joohyun will never admit Kang Seulgi was the person behind her decision to change. Jennie notice it and rush to Joohyun side, preventing the girl from running away.

"Alright. Alright. Sorry" said Jennie. But Joohyun didn't bother to look at Jennie because somehow she feel kind a pissed off at her.

"Bae Joohyun. I'm sorry, okay?" said Jennie softly. Sounding very much at fault and sorry. But it didn't stop Joohyun from gathering her things. After all the library will soon shut off their lights.

"Mm" is what Joohyun could say. 

As she walk away from the desk and out from the library, Kim Jennie followed right behind her. 

Guess she need to do more than just sorry. 


Two weeks later~

"Homework for everyone. Please help me pass these sheets, Solar. Thank you. Now, now come down. This homework will be put in your report. So do it seriously and I expect the sheet to be collect next Monday on my desk. That's it for today class" said Mr. Choi.

Meanwhile, the students didn't stop complaining due to the sudden homework.  They are hoping to enjoy another week without homework because apparently there will be an annual school event this Friday.

An annual event which the school will be hosting. Let's say it's a home coming party for freshman students and some of the seniors will be performing. Students have been talking about this event.

The school corridors are quiet noisy upon the news spread all over the school. Freshman students start to choosing what outfit they should wear during the events. 

Ah right! It's been two weeks after the gossip spread and students are done gossipng about Kang Seulgi and Bae Joohyun. But they aren't finish talking about the cold war between the two.

Not technically a cold war because their little competition has finished and it was because both parties decided to stop their own decision. Some students came up with some theories of why Kang Seulgi and Bae Joohyun stop their little competition.

Kang Seulgi didn't know the things between her and Bae Joohyun becomes the house talk. She didn't expect it to be such a big deal for everybody. Some of the theories are funny though.

For start, one of the theories say that Bae Joohyun managed to make Kang Seulgi shut the up by offering her bunches of money. Which completely insane and crazy.

People really see Bae Joohyun as a girl who came from a very wealthy family. Considering her very fancy figure. It's annoying that people actually see Kang Seulgi as a girl who came from low class. Yes, she's quiet offended about that theory but well, she doesn't have time to deal with that.

The other one was quiet surprising because they actually believe that Kang Seulgi and Bae Joohyun make out in private. During that make out they make a deal to stop whatever they are doing and date in secret...

Ugh...none of it make sense. But there is one theory that surprisingly, caught Kang Seulgi attention.

That perhaps both of them were attention seeker and they are playing this game where they make the teachers annoyed only to make them confuse at the end with their changing behavior. 

Quiet interesting. But honestly, they didn't even knew each other since the first place. They really hate each other the moment both of them make eye contact the first day.

However, somehow the eye contact now changing. From something more...

No. Kang Seulgi cannot describe it, yet. Anyway, after two weeks both of them haven't talk to each other, yet. Specifically after that accident. Not a single thank you from Bae Joohyun, either.

Kang Seulgi didn't mind though because maybe distance is what both of them need. After all, they both seems to be busy with their own things.

For example, 

"Ya! We told you we will stalking Nayeon!" said Lisa.

Yep. They still go on with the princess hunting thing. Well, to tell the truth, Kang Seulgi is quiet curious of who is the princess because like everybody knows, no one have seen the princess face. 

Though her face will be reveal next year, they are eager to know first hand. Currently, the five best friends are sitting in the school garden. Rather than the cafetaria, they prefer to sit in the school garden.

Much more quiet and not many students sits there during break time. 

"Sorry. We happened to saw her down the hall looking all suspicious only to caught her making out with Jimin. My eyes were hurting because of the sight I saw last night" said Wendy dramatically.

"So...she's not the princess?" asked Joy.

"No" said Seulgi and Wendy together.

"Okay. Seriously guys. Is the princess really study here?" asked Rose as the only person who find this game very childish yet at the same time can't help but to join the game. 

"Rose, are you giving up already? We still have plenty of girls that we haven't discover, yet" said Lisa.

"Let me remind you. This school has about 350 students with 250 girls and 100 boys. We already checked 4 girls in total. So that mean we have 246 girls minus us, 5 people so in total we still need to stalk 241 girls. How can you do that?!" said Rose calculating the fact.

"Quiet fascinating for you to calculate that" said Joy completely didn't care about this little fight.

"Thank you" said Rose as the most polite girl in the group. 

"Come on guys. I heard it right, okay? After all, we already decided the criteria. It shouldn't be too hard, right?" said Wendy trying to be very optimistic.

"The criteria we decided were based on our own assumption. Maybe that is where we are wrong" said Seulgi. Wendy scoff in disbelief.

"And I thought you are in my team" said Wendy rolling her eyes. 

"Okay, okay. How about this. We stick to the game until the very end. And if anyone happen to stop in the middle, then we stop" said Joy trying to be the negotiator or maybe mediator?

Her idea wasn't the best. Wendy is not satisfied with Joy's idea. However, Seulgi must admit that this game kind a tiring. Because the monarch really keep good secret of their princess.

They never knew her face, what kind of personality she has, and everything about her being kept in secret. So how the hell they can find the princess among these student?

Nevertheless, all of them agree to Joy's idea. Including Wendy. But Wendy still determine to find the princess before anybody else. Why is she so eager to find the princess?

Well, as you already know, Wendy happened to listened to a conversation she shouln't listen. Since herself is a big fan of the monarch family, she always wonder what the princess looks like.

Because she can't seem to understand the reason why the King hiding his daughters from the media and everybody else. Rumors said that the King sent the princess, his oldest daughter to public school since she was 7 years old.

However, no one know who is the princess. The school kept very good secret of the princess profil and the princess herself have a very lowkey life. 

So, the chance to know who is the princess really close to zero. But Wendy really determine to find her because her chance is right infront of her. The princess is among them. It's real.

And she need to find out who is the princess.

Meanwhile, as the five best friends having so much in their own conversation, they do not notice there is someone who listened to their conversation from a far. 

Eyes wide open, surprised with the sudden news and that person knew, she has to tell her friends about this. Might as well make it a big news to the school. An evil smile appear on her face because perhaps she will get the chance to sleep with the princess. 

Or maybe she already did. Who knows? 

First thing to do is find her friends. 


"Tell me again why you need me here?"

"To evaluate me, of course! Jennie. Your role here is very clear! In two days Miss Hyoyeon will evaluate us and I need you to give me advice about my moves! Why is it so hard for you?" said Joohyun looking so pissed off because Kim Jennie did nothing other than saying good instead of giving her critics.

Perhaps Bae Joohyun picked the wrong person. Well, she picked Jennie because the girl still sorry for making her pissed off two weeks ago. And just a reminder, she only have two friends. Kim Jennie and Kim Jisoo.

And just to let you guys know, you cannot depend yourself on Kim Jisoo. Because that girl is completely useless. So, she ended up asking Jennie for a favor. Which clearly her biggest mistake ever.

"Well, I'm sorry! I know nothing about dance, okay? Why you asked me instead of someone from the dance club?" Joohyun scoff.

"Are you my friends or what? I don't socialize, remember? People ran away the moment I try to approache them" 

"Then you should at least try to smile more instead of having that poker face" said Jennie.

Jennie completely useless right now and Joohyun has been dancing for an hour already. She's sweating and her effort resulted nothing other than compliment. Which is the least thing she want to receive now.

But she cannot blame Jennie for this. At the end, she try to cool herself down by taking deep breathe and release it slowly. Like meditating while standing in the center of the practice room.

While Kim Jennie just watch over her best friend doing whatever she's doing only to smirk. When she first met Joohyun, everybody told her how lucky she is to be friend with the most beautiful girl in the school.

She is damn lucky. Looking at Bae Joohyun right now, she truly is the eternal beauty because she never change since the day they met. There is tiny bit of differences on her. She become more mature and y.

Oh well, even Kim Jennie herself cannot denie how y Bae Joohyun is while she's moving her body to the music and sweating all over her body. 

Bae Joohyun notice her friend smirking at her and she roll her eyes. Kim Jennie and Kim Jisoo are the same. Both of them are playgirl but Kim Jennie stop that since junior high school.

Let's just say she want to change herself. Wanted to become a good version of Kim Jennie. Which Joohyun found it quiet hard to digest in the first place. Over time, Kim Jennie had prove that she has changed.

And Joohyun is proud of her best friend. Lately, Kim Jennie told her about her secret admire towards this boy name Kim Jongin, a.k.a Kai. He also attend dance club and also one of the most talented member in the club.

So don't ask when you will see Jennie very often waiting outside the dance club room because she is there to stalk on Kai. Obviously Kim Jisoo notice it because while Kim Jennie is waiting for Kai, Kim Jisoo is waiting for Jennie outside her singing club room.

Only to lie about accompanying her to the dance club saying she's waiting for Bae Joohyun. When obviously Bae Joohyun knows that Kim Jisoo is trying to prevent Kim Jennie from approaching Kai.

It happened once and Joohyun can see Kim Jisoo regreted for doing that because Jennie didn't talk to her for two days after Jisoo prevented her from talking to Kai. Obviously making the brunnette very angry.

To conclude, their relationship are quiet complicated but fun at the same time. Joohyun enjoy Jisoo's company and very much looking forward to her plan on getting closer to Kim Jennie, her best friend.

"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't blame you for this when I was the one asked you this favor" said Joohyun as she walk closer to Jennie and sit beside her while took a towel from her bag.

"It's okay. I deserve it" said Jennie and Joohyun just chuckle. 

Silence come between them before someone interupt the not awkward silence*comfortable silence by opening the door widely. Made the door hit the wall and making a really loud sound. 

"What the , Kim Jisoo? You could have broke the wall!" said Jennie a bit surprised with the sudden grand entrance from Kim Jisoo and so did Joohyun.

"Not gonna sorry for that. But you guys need to hear this!" said Jisoo rushing towards both of them.

She sit nicely infront of them, crossing her legs and stare at them with eyes glowing. Like she had just won a lottery or like a child just got a candy after winning a quiz from the teacher.

Kim Jisoo surely very unique in her own way. 

"I heard a rumor but I think it's real. Like damn real!" said Jisoo.

"Alright just cut the already" said Jennie wanted Jisoo to go straight to the point. Jisoo squinted her eyes before proceeding.

"I heard from Wendy's gang that they are currently hunting the princess. They said the princess attend education here!" said Jisoo and it attract both girls attention, especially Bae Joohyun.

"What?! Are you serious?" asked Jennie and Jisoo nodded firmly.

"Yes! I overheard their conversation awhile ago" 

"It's not polite, you know" said Joohyun but Jisoo just shrugged it.

"I happened to walk pass them and overheard their conversation. So technically I did not do it on purpose. It was an accident" said Jisoo.

"Oh . If the rumor is true then we must join their little competition!" said Jennie excitedly. Jisoo never thought this topic will attract Jennie's attention.

However, Bae Joohyun felt the other way. Not excited but scared and intimidated at the same time. Because her profile should be expose next year and this school should have kept her secret well.

Who started this rumor? Probably someone from Wendy's gang started this either they overheard something or they just make a false rumor to make a fuss in the school.

But other than us and Wendy's gang, who knows about this rumor too? This thing never happened before in her previous school. She done everything she could to keep her profile lowkey and so did the school.

Sure the school staff can be trusted but perhaps this school need to fix their walls because apparently it's not sound proof.

"I wonder who is the princess. Oh my god. Aren't you eager to see the princess face too? I am very curious of the princess look. The King really done a great job on keeping her daughters profile hidden from the press. I wonder why" said Jisoo.

"Well, instead of being all so curious about who the princess is, don't we have to respect her privacy and the King's decision on keeping her daughters profile lowkey? After all, you could wait for next year. Since you guys might know they will reveal the princess next year" said Joohyun trying to be as neutral as possible and not to be so obvious at the same time.

Jennie and Jisoo looked at each other.

"Ya! Are you saying you are not excited to see the princess face?" asked Jisoo.

"I'm excited too and curious! But is it really that important?" asked Joohyun.

"Oh my god. I never knew you are one of them" said Jennie which made Joohyun tilting her head. Wondering who is them that Jennie refer to.

"You hate the monarch, right? You are one of billion people who hate the monarch" said Jennie accusing Joohyun.

"No! I love the monarch. I support the monarch. I mean is it really necessary?"

"Of course! The citizen are curious what the princesses looked like. And the news had spread that the oldest princess attended public school since she was 7 years old but no one has ever reveal the princess profile. Because the school and the staff really keeps her profile hidden perfectly. And this is the very first time our sovereign came up with this idea! So of course everybody is very damn curious! This little competition should have done years ago! How come they just come up with that idea this year?" said Jennie.

Now Jennie seems so excited and eager just like Jisoo. For Bae Joohyun this is not good at all. 

"I agree! So! Are we up to the competition too?" asked Jisoo excitedly.

"I'm in!" said Jennie.

Both Jennie and Jisoo stare at Joohyun, waiting for her decision. 

As much as Joohyun found this ridiculous and unnecessary, she need to join them. Play along their game to keep her profile as lowkey as possible. 

She will be reveal next year and she doesn't want to let her father down for unable to keep her profile lowkey as they had promise before. After all, they have gone this far. They cannot waste this because her father told her this will remain as their new tradition within the monarch.

Bae Joohyun doesn't want to become a disappointment for her father. Therefor, what she need to do right now is play along the game and pretend like she's put lot of interest in this.

However, she already know the consequences. Worse part in the future, Jennie and Jisoo will probably hate her. For making them look like a fool. And that she doesn't trust her.

Even worse, Joohyun will be alone for the rest of her high school year. Well...this is what it takes to born in the monarch family. Tradition above everything else.

"Alright. I'm in" said Joohyun faking a smile while inside she is deeply worried about this. 



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