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Me and The Princess

From here and forward until further notice, the story will mainly talks about the past. Might as well shows the present time event, but most of it will tell about the past. Therefor, the next story will be in normal text rather than using italic format to tell the past. Enjoy!


“Joohyun, I know you adore the tradition as much as I do. But your father, he saw something within you that might bring the monarch into something bigger. Something that no one dares to do in the previous generation” said Seulgi.

Seulgi’s right. Her father saw something within her. But right now she’s at the edge of whether she should be selfish or not. If only her father is here which he is not, he would have tell her what she have to do. Perhaps that is where she is wrong. She is the queen and she need to decide by herself.

“Do you remember our first meeting?” 

Joohyun chuckle. They both could never forget their first meeting. It was childish but memorable. Seulgi smile the moment she saw Joohyun relax abit. All of this is very hard for her, Seulgi knows that. She will carry the weight on her shoulder from now on and she know how hard it is. Right now, she’s trying to help Joohyun going through it. By opening her eyes to the world. Perhaps Joohyun already did but traditions and rules blind her again. 

Seulgi want Joohyun to open her eyes again and see that the world is changing and therefore, the monarch has to change. In order to survive in this world where most monarchs are gone. 

“How can we both forget that?” Said Joohyun.



“Good morning class!”

“Good morning, sir” 

A tall handsome man probably in his early 30s, standing infront of the classroom with a smile on his face. He has confident which can be seen through his body posture and surely he is very handsome for someone who probably in his early 30s. 

Most of girls in the classroom starts to whisper to each other, talking about how handsome their science teacher. Some of them imagine things very unappropriate but how can you stop teenage girls from thinking about that? 

Whether a man or a woman, Bae Joohyun never care about it. As long as they are intelligence, smart, and she can argue a lot with them, that is just enough for her. Bae Joohyun always love to argue with teachers. It always been her habit ever since she joined the public school. 

To keep it short, she has no interest in love life. 

"My name is Choi Minho or you could call me Mr. Choi. I will be teaching science for the rest of the two semesters! I hope you don't get bored of me"

"No, sir!" yelled one of the students who is none other than Kim Jenni herself. Joohyun have to hide her face out of embarassment. Jennie just smile at Joohyun meanwhile the princess could only roll her eyes. 

Today is mark as their very first time studying here at Rv High School. The last two days was all about orientation which most of it talked about the school histories. Something Joohyun had read about it in her father's personal library.

She sneak in to the library back in the past and was caught by her father's private secretary. Her father told her not to sneak to his library again because it was wrong. 

Instead of prohibiting the young princess in his library, the king didn't. He let his daughters come to his library and read together with him. But when one of them wanted to go by themselve, they need permission from the king.

Of course, he would never say no to his daughters. They are allow to be anywhere in the place. He just doesn't like the fact that his daughters sneaking behind his back like some kind of thiefs. 

Afterwards, Joohyun and Yeri never did that again and will always ask permission to their father when they wanted to enter rooms where the king usually spend his time such as the library, his office room, etc.

To keep it short, the last two days was kind a boring because she already knew everything. But she had to pretend to not know all of it and go with the flow for two days straight. Which happened to be fun because there is Kim Jennie, her best friend. 

"That's all for the introduction. Shall we start with the lecture now?" asked Mr. Choi.

That is where Bae Joohyun gets excited. If man and woman doesn't suit her interest, then science and math does. She excitedly, eagerly, keenly, open her bags and grab her notebook, pen, and the science book.

She even have some additional books she bought. Her father always told her that one resource will never be enough. There she goes. Adding more information when most people doesn't. 

Being best friends for almost her entire lifetime, Kim Jennie is used with Bae Joohyun's personality. For her it's not a rare site more like very usual site. When other students would look at Joohyun weirdly and whispering, Kim Jennie always there to them off and tell them to mind their own business.

Well, Joohyun never been bothered with people talking about her. There opinions never matter to her anyway. 

"For the start, who can tell me why an aeroplane can fly?"

Of course Bae Joohyun can easily answer it. But the problem is, she's a bit too slow. Or perhaps she never expected someone can answer it too other than herself.

"Yes, you. What is your name?"

"Kang Seulgi, sir"

"Yes, Seulgi. What is your answer?"

"Airplane can fly because they are able to generate a force called Lift which normally moves the airplane upward. Lift is generated by the forward motion of the airplane through the air. This motion is produced by the  of the engine(s)." said Seulgi.

But before Mr. Choi able to compliment Seulgi, eyes quickly directed to the person who talk even before Mr. Choi let her. Seulgi also do the same thing, only to make eye contact with the most beautiful person yet somehow she found the person flaming with fire, looking all furious. Of course she doesn't know why but something tells her this girl will be trouble.

"What she said explain generally but it doesn't explain other factors such as air pressure and downward. Air pressure is the main focus here. It has a very important role in aeroplane, should say it plays the most important part in the flying world" said Joohyun with a smirk at the end as she proudly explain additional information which she was supposed to talk about before Seulgi raised her hand.

"Well, that is completely true, young lady. What is your name?"

"Bae Joohyun, sir"

"Your answer isn't complete wrong but we here to learn the-"

"The basic. Unless you want to be a pilot then it is the right information but since we are just a normal students who studies science and math, I don't think that information is necessary" said Seulgi sounds like challenging but honestly, she just said what she thought was right. 

There is nothing wrong with Joohyun's answer and Seulgi knew about it as much as Joohyun do. But she didn't think those information are necessary because the first material for today is about lift and drag. Adding that information will only lead to broad information which probably will be too confusing for most students.

Hearing that from a stranger, someone she barely knew, make Joohyun completely furious. Eyes glaring at this girl who of course she remember her name is and that is Kang Seulgi. 

"Well, I completely disagree with you. My information also needed and is very important for us to learn about it. What's the use of knowledge if we don't use it entirely? It will be a waste!"  

"Tsk. What are you? A princess? Well, Miss You Know It all, I say it's not that necessary to add those information because again we are just a student. Unless we are at a flying school then perhaps we shall have this arguments. But I don't think we are at a flying school. Therefore, those information won't be needed, don't you think?"

"Why would I think the same as you when mine didn't matter to you too?!"

"Okay! That's enough you two!" yelled Mr. Choi who happened didn't get the chance to interrupt the two girls.

When Kang Seulgi thought no one would argue on such things, she was wrong. There is someone who is as eager as she is. Now she understand why the person is flame with fire, looking all furious. Is because she thought high of herself. Perhaps before no one was as smart as her.

Oh well, now you found someone who is in the same level of knowledge as yours, Bae Joohyun-sshi, thought Seulgi. 

Joohyun on the other cannot help but to feel annoyed. How could possibly someone be so damn annoying and smart at the same time? Isn't she herself also abit annoying? Well how could Joohyun possibly know that? Anyway, this is her first to encounter someone who apparently, she should say quiet smart.

But of course she thought herself way smarter than this one. She should say, the girl whose name is Kang Seulgi is a very interesting person. For the first time ever, she met someone who made her feel very intimidated. 

To find someone who share the same level of knowledge and personality as her. In the past, she rarely find one or never to be exact. In fact, that what's make her eager to challenge this girl again in the next meeting. 

She cannot wait to argue again with her. Well, this is a competition then. Who is smarter? Kang Seulgi? Or Bae Joohyun?

Let the competition begin, Kang Seulgi, thought Joohyun. 

Meanwhile, Seulgi share the same thought as Joohyun. The difference is that she never thought to meet someone who judging by her look came from wealthy family happen to share the same level of knowledge as her. 

She always thought someone who came from wealthy family is all about money. They have wealthy financial while their minds and knowledge are not that....wealthy. 

To see how Bae Joohyun reacted earlier make her found the girl very interesting. It's a competition then. Judging the way the girl glare at her and so she is. For her, this is very fun to finally encounter someone with the same level of knowledge as her. 

Well, maybe she will really enjoy her study at this school. Just like how her father wish her to have. 

Let's see who is smarter, Bae Joohyun, thought Seulgi.

"I will be expecting you two to stay here after class ends. Now, shall we continue?" said Mr. Choi.


“The first time we met, we weren’t in a good terms" said Joohyun while remembering the unforgettable event.

Hearing that make Seulgi smile softly as she approach the soon to be queen who is sitting on the arm sofa while looking down with a small smile on her face. It was full of determination yet that exactly what makes Seulgi drown into Joohyun. Keep on challenging her everyday is what she do since that day.

Knowing there is someone who love challenge as much as she do, made her keep finding ways to make the competition interesting each time. At the end, when they thought they wouldn't be able to become friends, well look at them. Standing right here inside the most beautiful palace in the world, arguing with each other whether to protect this relationship or ends it.

Certainly, Seulgi doesn't want to end up with the second option. Her love for Joohyun is endless and eternity. She believe that because they been through a lot together. There is no way Seulgi would give up just like that and she doesn't want Joohyun to give up either. It is very unlike her at all.

And so here she is. Trying to bring some realization to Joohyun that their relationship is worth to be protected by the government and the monarch itself. Joohyun only need few realization of their past and what is really happening in the real world out there. She just need a little pinch of what her father wish her to become. A Queen. Not just a queen who wave to people and fake smile during parades. No.

It is certainly not what her father wanted. He want Joohyun to become something bigger than just waving to people and smile during parades. But he want Joohyun to become more. A symbol that the country could look up to. A role model for young adults because right now young adults will be the key of this country future.

Surely, Joohyun knows that but because of all the traditions and rules she is being blind by them all. Seulgi here want her to open her eyes and realize that she actually has the power to say 'no' to the parliament by giving her reasons. Joohyun has the power to persuade people. Seulgi saw that during their time at school and even during her speeches.

"I was so desperate to win over you and that’s exactly what makes me drown to you. You are a strong, ambitious, smart young woman. I saw something that perhaps what your father saw within you too. A symbol of modernization” said Seulgi which grab Joohyun's attention in instant.

“Me?” Her Majesty asked.


“The parliaments hate modernization” 

Seulgi sigh. She hates it everytime Joohyun brings up the parliament. Her personal life, her ing's not them to decide! It is by nature that every individual must has their own value. 

Therefore, Joohyun herself should be the one who control her own life. She is the one who could determine what is right according to her own values. 

People look up to her and of course they want a leader who can be their role model. A symbol they could always remember. The parliament can't see that. All they could see is everything related to politic. Meanwhile, The Queen, Your Majesty, has a role to be the symbol of her people.

The world is changing and therefore the monarch has to adapt to this changes in order to gain people love and trust! In order to get that, Joohyun must get their hearts and sympathy!

To get that, the first thing she need to do is to have room for herself to decide her own values. That values are what Joohyun will bring for the rest of her life and show to her people.

“Perhaps that is where you are wrong, Bae Joohyun" said Seulgi.

Joohyun feel the need to stare at Seulgi because that line...was Seulgi's iconic line during their school time. There is determination in Seulgi's eyes. Something Joohyun always adore.

"The world is changing, Joohyun. But the monarch doesn’t. That is exactly what your father wanted you to do"

"How do you know what my father wanted me to do?" Seulgi tilted her head to the right. Sometimes she thought Joohyun could be the more slow than she is.

"Isn't the fact that your parent bring you to public school is enough as evidence?" asked Seulgi.

It did make Joohyun think again of what her father said to her years back. Where she is wrong? Is protecting the traditions are wrong? Or perhaps she can make a little difference? What is it really takes to become a true Queen? What could possibly her father answer to her question?

"A true leader is the one who can be a role model, a symbol to the people. People nowadays doesn't need a simple wave and smile without values behind those wave and smile. They want something more than just that. I hope by entering the public school, you'll be able to see what our people needs. Their needs will become your value. Values you use to attract our people hearts and be their leader who understand them" 

That was what her father said to her during christmas party after she received a very weird present. A mirror. Which her father believe that one day, when it's time for her to lead the country, everything she need is within herself. Self-values.

"Here is where you are wrong, Joohyun. The only person who could determine what is right in your life is yourself. Not the parliament. Not your private secretary. No one. It's you. Only you who could determine what is right for yourself and what is right for your people. You could use what you had learn at school to determine your own values, Joohyun. But the most important lesson I got from your father is that he wanted changes. I talked to your father years before and he told me that he sees you and the new generation are in the same age of revolution”

"Therefor, he looks at you as a symbol of modernization. Where Queen's and King's aren't just about giving speeches and waving but they are more than just speakers. They could be a symbol of their own country"

Modernization. She heard that plenty of time and as someone who is very smart and intelligence, modernization is what people has been talking about recently.

Her knowledge, her freedom, her gender orientation....those are quiet difference than what the monarch wanted her to be. A normal young princess with normal gender orientation.

But the world is changing. Gender roles playing more important parts in the world these days. Sure people around the world, as from the eye of God and how the world sees them differently...they wanted someone who support them. That is exactly what they are seeking for the past few days.

Which also something she has been searching for together with Seulgi in this palace. A recognization and a support. Which was approved by Joohyun's father but not her mother. Her mother support doesn't matter. What matter is that her father did, as he was the king at that time. 

Once she's crown as the queen later, she will be their leader. Her voice will be matter. Right now will be her decision to choose. Go on or give up. 


"So, tell me, Bae Joohyun. What kind of Queen you want to be?"


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