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Me and The Princess

"Why are we stalking Hyeri?," asked Joohyun kind a annoyed. 

"Can't you see her? She's beautiful, slim body, obviously glowing skin, and she's tall. Just like the King. Completely represent the King himself!" said Jisoo.

This is ridiculous! They judge me, the princess, from my appearance! I wonder if this is what people really excited about, thought Joohyun. 

"You think you can find her by judging her look?" asked Joohyun trying to look confuse when in fact she is ing offended.

Jennie nudge her shoulder and stare at her confusely. Meanwhile, Kim Jisoo is quiet busy cheering up for Hyeri who is on the field. Oh, sorry. They are in the school field and Hyeri plays for the school soccer team.

Since Joohyun barely contributed in whatever they call this, hunting the princessfind the princess, whatever that is, Kim Jisoo and Kim Jennie had come to decide that whoever the princess is, she surely damn beautiful.

Like she actually have the definition of eternal beauty. Oh well, if that so then Joohyun clearly fulfill the criteria. However, if she really is the princess then she wouldn't be hesitate to tell them right?

Why would she hide that fact? Especially to Jennie since they have been best friend since they were 7 years old. So, Joohyun out of their list. After all, would a princess, the first in line have annoying behavior like Bae Joohyun? Certainly no.

"Just follow us, Joohyun. You didn't even contributed on anything in this" said Jennie which made Joohyun roll her eyes. 

"Alright. So what is your brilliant idea?" asked Joohyun.

"Well, the playgirl over here will try to sleep with Hyeri" Joohyun widen her eyes, surprise to hear their so called brilliant idea. Which for her is a crazy idea.

Their plan made her feel the need to hide her identity even more. Because first, she doesn't want to sleep with Jisoo. Not now. Not never! She need to make sure that her profile remain credential and as lowkey as possible.

Maybe that way, there is no chance Kim Jisoo will sleep with her and then open all her secret when they are....oh gosh Joohyun doesn't even want to imagine what they are going to do. 

Brings chill all over her body already.

"Then?" asked Joohyun.

"First she need to make Hyeri drunk"

"Oh my god! Are you both trying to her?!" 

This is insane!

"No. Hyeri could never accuse me for that. Relax, Joohyun. I did this many times before. Trust me. She's going to fall for me instead of reporting me" said Jisoo confidently.

Joohyun decided it's best to not aski any further about this matter because she doesn't want to know more of what Kim Jisoo will do. Best to not ask anything.

"Oh! Oh! She scored! GO HYERI! GO! WUHOOOO!" cheered Jisoo.

This is not good, thought Joohyun. 


As you walk passing the practice room, you will never see that place empty nor quiet during lunch break. That is almost possible because the one and only person, Kang Seulgi, find this place as her heaven.

Where she is able to be creative and just be who she really is. Embrace her own passion, hobby, and what she truly desire. She prefer to get herself occupied in this room instead of roaming around hunting the princess.

To be honest, Seulgi kind a tired. They don't have specific criteria about the princess, however it doesn't make Wendy stop from her own game. The more Seulgi think about it the more she is not sure that the princess will come out anytime soon.

Maybe this little game of them already spread in the school or somehow the princess managed to get some insight information from someone. Which made her even more eager to keep her profile as lowkey as possible.

After all, what the use anyway? What will Wendy do once she finds out who the princess is? Seulgi wonder.

But she never tell the others she's quiting. They seem to have fun especially Wendy. Though she can't deny how annoying Wendy is, the happier she is, the more Seulgi found herself smile proudly.

Not that Seulgi like her...it just...Wendy is her first friend here. Since day one they have been together. Despite there is some differences between them, some arguments, they still find their way to get back together.

So...having Wendy as her friend is amazing and she's very lucky. If this game of her makes her happy, well Seulgi doesn't see herself have any reason to hold Wendy from getting her happiness. Otherwise, they wouldn't be friend if Seulgi's being all so selfish.

In conclusion if she's happy then Seulgi is. 

In the midst of her moves, suddenly she can see the door to the practice room being open. Revealing a very familiar person...who actually quiet surprising. They haven't talk in a while. 

And Seulgi knew very well the girl means no harm at all but why is she here anyway? Thinking that she is the only person in this place and she doubt that girl wanted to talk to her.

Or...perhaps Seulgi is wrong?

Once the door is close, the girl stand there looking all so awkward inside this place. Well, most of the time both of them are here with other students. Practicing the same moves every Tuesday evening.

Now in this huge practice room, only two of them. Looking back at their history, they were never in a good term. Since day one precisely.

"Hi, Bae Joohyun" called Seulgi. She never knew why she always called that girl by her full name. Guess it's become their habbit.

"Hi" said Joohyun. 

Not that she mind Bae Joohyun being in this room. It just that the fact they are both alone in this room when they barely talk to each other, makes the whole situation so awkward. Especially with the girl only standing there not knowing what she want to do.

Also, Seulgi wonder the reason why she came here.

"Uhmm...sorry I came all of a sudden. Just that...uhmm" Seulgi chuckle. How could this girl change so much?

"You can talk comfortably with me, you know that right?" said Seulgi as she walk towards her bag and grab a towel to wipe her sweat.

"Yes. Yes. I do" said Joohyun.

Seulgi just hummed as she turn around, facing the girl who is probably one meter away from she is right now. At that very moment, Seulgi can't help but to be amaze at how beautiful Bae Joohyun is.

The weird feeling that keep on coming everytime she look at Bae Joohyun starts to make her wonder. How the hell Bae Joohyun, when she did nothing but standing there, could affect her so much?

Not to mention, the histroy of them both since day one they met, they weren't in good terms. Ironic to find Seulgi grew fond of Bae Joohyun. Well, no one could deny the beauty and her broad knowledge just make her even more interesting to stare at.

"Stop staring" said Joohyun. Which made Seugli reliase what she had been doing.

"I'm sorry. *cough So what are you doing here?" asked Seulgi trying to get back to sense.

"Right about that. I actually trying to run away from my friends and unfortunately my legs lead me here" Seulgi raise her eyebrow.

"Unfortunately?" Joohyun shrugged.

"Well, you were practicing. Technically I am disturbing you" said Joohyun. 

Never once occure to Seulgi that Bae Joohyun can be so cute. Perhaps she doesn't know much about Bae Joohyun and sure there is a lot more she need to know about Bae Joohyun. Because behind that cold face, she surely hiding something.

Secrets that only people who is close to her able to see that. Seulgi starts to wonder if Bae Joohyun always have this affection towards other people. Making anyone who see her or talk to her grew affection towards her.

Like...she has this magic that cast spell towards other. Making whoever drown into her beautiful eyebrown eyes got caught in her spell.

Seulgi try to throw away those thought and try to focus more in the conversation. As she found herself grabbing a bottle of water and drink it. Honestly, she need something to distract herself from Bae Joohyun because of the strong affection Bae Joohyun gave her.

The more she think of, the more maybe her friends are right. There is something inside her that...

"You weren't disturbing me. I was about to finish once I get this move done perfectly" said Seulgi trying to throw away her weird assumption.

"Ah. What move?" 


Seulgi did the moonwalk before she spin herself, jump, and landed while doing split on the ground.

Bae Joohyun found it very harmful. Considering the way Seulgi face show how hurt she is. Fact is, Seulgi is not that flexible. She may good at dancing but flexibility, is one of her weakness.

"Ouch" whisper Seulgi more to herself but Joohyun heard it and chuckle.

Joohyun chuckle as she unconciously walk over to Seulgi and stand right behind her. Staring at Seulgi from the mirror.

"You're not flexible enough. Who made you do that move anyway?" asked Joohyun.

"Me" said Seulgi as she get herself back to normal position with both legs straight to the front and she look at Joohyun from her reflection on the mirror. Joohyun hummed.

"Well, you might need to change that move" 

"Hah! Says the girl who dance in the corner of the classroom" said Seulgi which earn a smack on her back and she groan in pain. Bae Joohyun surely not just hard on knowledge but physical too.

"I shouldn't came here in the first place!" said Joohyun turning herself away and aiming to go out from the practice.

"Hey! Sorry, okay? I was joking!" said Seulgi.

She, herself didn't know why she said that. Honestly, she was just joking, really. But she never thought she would want to make Bae Joohyun stay. Like she what she did just now. 

Telling Joohyun that she was just joking....sounds like she's begging the girl to stay. Why? She doesn't have the answer to that or more like she's denying whatever her mind is telling her.

Her effort didn't go to waste though. Bae Joohyun stop from walking and turn around with hands folded on her chest. Even when she's angry, Seulgi still admit she's very pretty and cute.

"It's not funny" said Joohyun still standing at where she is. 

Seulgi sigh.

"I'm sorry" said Seulgi. 

Then there's silence.

Do you want to know the real reason why Bae Joohyun ended up in this practice room though she knew someone is inside? First reason, she was actually running away from Kim Jennie and Kim Jisoo.

Because they are about to launch their crazy idea. But mostly it was Jisoo's idea and Joohyun doesn't want to involve too much. She doesn't want to imagine what is happening or what Jisoo will do to Hyeri.

Though Jisoo said she will play it nicely and no one will be at harm or harass...still. Just hearing the plan made Joohyun even more eager to hide herself from the world a little longer.

So, instead of joining Jennie sneaking behind Jisoo and follow her to her dormitory with Hyeri, she prefer to run away. Which she happened to end up at the hallway where the practice room located.

From outside, she can hear the music being played and when she saw someone inside, she was hesitate whether she should go in or not. Because part of her still have this ego. 

However, her good side told her to go. Just ing go and let the guard down. Okay so what exactly she's doing here. Her purpose? Miss Hyoyeon told her to work on her self confidence after what happened two weeks ago.

And she seems to not handle it very well. Still very lack of confidence. The more she think about it, the more her minds only refer to the only person she able to ask for her.

She can just ask Lisa how to dance. But her innerself told her she won't stand to stay in one room with Lisa because of her bright personality and playful side. Then how about Kai? She's not very comfortable to have boy to teach her how to dance.

So her decision only goes to one person who able to teach her. Partly because she's one of the best and whatever happened to them in the past, remain in the past.

Otherwise, she wouldn't be here standing in the center of the practice, trying so damn hard to say the ing words. Meanwhile, the innocent Kang Seulgi remain sitting on the floor, cross leg, staring at her. Like Joohyun got the feeling that Kang Seulgi is trying to read her mind.

She hesitated to ask Seulgi's help again because this time it will be her second time asking the girl. Joohyun doesn't want to show her weakness to Seulgi again after what happened during detention class.

Though she admit Kang Seulgi is really smart and competence in some aspects, she just can't admit her weakness. 

"Stop trying to read my mind"

"Well, you haven't answer my question"


"Why you're here?" Joohyun scoff.

"I told you. I was running away"

"You didn't seem to be out of breathe when you came which is not normal when you ran away from someone" said Seulgi.

Right. She forgot that Kang Seulgi also a genius like her. In conclusion, there is no use of holding whatever she's trying to hold now. Because eventually Kang Seulgi will notice.

"How do you get your self confidence?" asked Joohyun.

Which she said it faster than usually and in low voice. She did  it on purpose obviously and seems like she didn't notice or forget that she's in a practice room.

Huge and only the two of them are there. Whatever they are saying will be echoing in that room and though Joohyun said it in low voice, Seulgi still manage to hear it clearly.

Ah, so she's embarrased, again. Thought Seulgi remembering the last time Joohyun asked her to teach her how to mop. Now she asked her again. Seulgi smirk. 

"You know, it's okay to show weakness. I'm not going to judge" said Seulgi ensuring Joohyun she means no harm at all.

Perhaps that is just Joohyun after all. Born in a monarch family made her have this thought that she has to be perfect in every way. Therefor, there is no room to show weakness within the palace.

No one ever said that to her. Even her parent. She always expected to be great in every aspects because after all, she's the next Head of State. 

So to show her weakness to someone else...is not something very easy for her to do. Afraid that people will look at her, judging because everybody expect her to be perfect.

Whoever born in a monarch family would receive this kind of expectation from its people.

Joohyun remain quiet and still at where she's standing. While Seulgi stand up and walk towards the speaker to turn on a music. She smile lightly upon hearing the first beat.

Bae Joohyun wonder, what the hell Kang Seulgi trying to do over here. She asked a question and she just ignore her? She's about to give Kang Seulgi the best torture she has but was surprise when the girl walk towards her with that cute bear smile.

Her heart racing and somehow she cannot move. Too focus with the whole situation.

"You earn your own self confidence. So, you don't ask someone where they get it because they don't search for it but they have it. So, instead of asking me where I found it, perhaps you should ask yourself, why you hide it?" said Seulgi with a proud smile.

"You love dancing! So, here is the music! Listen to the beat and just groove along it! No need specific moves. Just move whatever you like and enjoy!" said Seulgi halfly yelling due to the loud music. 

Seulgi already start. She's letting her body move along the beat. Creating weird moves and just jump around. This is a fun music actually. Joohyun heard a lot of this girl group called Red Velvet.

They are very famous and You Better Know is a very popular B-side. Joohyun find herself putting extra attention to them. Listening to their music and sometimes dance their music in her room.

So yeah. Seems like both of them are very familiar with this song. However, Bae Joohyun still hesitate to move. Kang Seulgi notice it and smirk.

She grab Joohyun's hand and drag her to the center. Seulgi stand behind her and put both her hands on Joohyun shoulder. 

"First step to find self confidence! Just dance!" said Seulgi before she continure dancing.

Her eyes still staring at Joohyun, waiting for the girl to move along the beat. Joohyun is shy. How can Seulgi told her to just dance? To find her self confidence, the first thing to do is dance?

She can't seem to understand that but seeing Seulgi's reflection, it's better for her to dance rather than not. Perhaps she should do her thing...

The thing she always do...alone...in her room...with musics.

As she begin to move her body, Seulgi can't help but cheer her and join her. Jumping around together and after awhile, they finally come to the reff.

Both of them start to enjoy the music and doing whatever they want to. Dance there and there, jump and jump along the wonderful beat. 

For the first time ever, Bae Joohyun found something new. She very much enjoy dancing since the first class she had. But this time...it's different. Different comparing the dance she had before.

Perhaps that is because she's a very strict young women. Always go by the book. Born in a monarch family and though she went to public school, freedom was never in her bucket list.

Here...she has it. Freedom. To just dance whatever she like, enjoy the move her body is making, and the person who give her that freedom is...Kang Seulgi.

The person whom she thought her enemy. Ended up she is someone very nice and warm. While dancing, both of them share eye contact several times and Joohyun can't deny how pretty those monolid eyes.

She found herself drown into Kang Seulgi. Whole of her. Just by her presence, Joohyu able to gain a sense of freedom. Something very...odd...and new at the same time.

Maybe this is why her father put her to the public school. To sense some freedom. Something her father and mother never get it once they are crown as King and Queen.

That occure to her how can someone from civil family....give her such impact? The question Bae Joohyun lhas been ooking for answer is,




Who are you, Kang Seulgi?


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