Kumusta ka na?






Set before and during the Covid-19 Pandemic, follow the life of the twenty-six-year-old corporate slave, Irene Bae. 


Irene Bae started working as a Sales Account Representative after college. 



She was the top of her class. She is hardworking and passionate. She can choose to not work because of her family's financial stability, but she still wanted to experience the corporate life. 



She has.. pretty much everything. Except from two things. 





Love. Happiness. 





Hi, hello! 


Thanks for showing an interest in this story. I have long stopped writing but am slowly going back to this old hobby of mine. 

This has no concrete plot, and I also don't know how long this will take. You can say that it is a bit.. experimental. lol. But anyway, thank you for joining me in following the adventures of Irene Bae during this pandemic! 


Stay safe, loves! 

thank you, a lot, for reading this! I will mark this story complete but will still publish three chapters centered to the three ships. thank you, again and have a great evening! :)
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