Four O'clock






Scientist Park Sooyoung only wanted to create an invention that will benefit mankind. Little did she know, she was already creating something that will change her life forever. 





Hi, hello! It's me again. : > 



Let's talk about tragic ships: people who look good together, people we pair up with because they are undeniably making us feel things. 



People who want to be together, but they just can't. They won't. 



You're here because you thought that this will be about Seulrene? Then I'm sorry to break your bubble because this won't only be about seulrene.



This is from something that I wrote back in 2016. I wanted to try and give this story to Joy and Seulgi. :) 




Thank you for being here! 


P.S. Thank you, user aseulalltheway, the beta, for helping me decide if this story is worth publishing, and for helping me with the adjustments that had to be done. :D 

This was the song I had in mind while writing this —

This particular part of the song:

“Was there a lifetime waiting for us in a world where I was yours?”

enjoy reading! :D
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