Paper Airplane


This is my first fan fiction after the new of Jung Ilhoon leaving the group. At least, btob will always have 7 members in our heart, right? I try to describe the pure first love between two guys. I think people who have long distance relationship could relate to it. I hope you will enjoy my story and I will post one or two chapters every weekend. Please leave the comment if you love the story so I will have an energy to keep writing. SHOUT OUT TO MELODY OUT THERE!!! #OT7FOREVER <3


I am in love with sky, cloud, moon, stars!

Everything I love are far away from me. So far away that I couldn't reach them even I try a lot.

So, I am here staring at them alone at night.

I do love you a lot.

But so far away....

You who is unpredictable thing.

I thought I know you, but I didn't.

I thought I don’t know you, but I do every single thing.

Sometimes, I let my mind transform as paper airplane and let him fly everywhere he wants.

And it always ends up at you.


Character Introduction...


Jung Ilhoon...

I was staring outside from the window of my room which is just in front of my study desk which is the same with my office desk. There was pretty dark outside. When I checked the time, it was only 6:30 pm. The winter made me feel lonelier than usual. I was waiting someone to wake up from the bed. Yes…that person lived at the other side of the world which is 15 hours earlier from mine. I hate the long distance. I hate the miles between us. But what can I do I still have my own dream to achieve so let’s make the distance the reason to hold on each other more. You are mine but Not Really Mine.


Im Hyunsik…

As soon as I opened my eyes, all I could think of is Melody. The melody which I have been writing last night. I closed my eyes as I reminisced the lyrics.

“Someday…Let’s meet again on a better day

Let’s be more happy, more cool

Like the ocean with waves

Let’s meet again, I’ll wait for us

Let’s be more happy, more clam

Someday, under the heart fluttering sunlight”

These were the lyrics I wrote last night before I slept. We should meet again on a better day. I have been waiting for you and I will keep waiting. It’s been 2 years that you left the country. The little kid who is mature like a real adult, but he is still kid in my eyes. I grabbed the phone as I opened my eyes. Seeing the message which was sent last night when I felt asleep talking made me smile. Then I continued the conversation.


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