Chapter 3

Moving On

"Wow" everyone said when the lift open revealing Lexi's creation. The room they entered had rows of shelves filled with books, and supernatural artefacts lined the sides, lights slowly revealing the large scale of the base. To their left was a staircase leading down whilst to their right was another but this was heading up which suggested that there was a least another two floors maybe even more. The pack walked further into the base when they saw a random brown door locate on the wall to their left, Jungkook approached the door with extreme caution, if Lexi had created all of this then there was a chance that she might have left something behind which could potentially harm them.

The brown door had small carved in decorative patterns, the word rooms was carved into a wooden plaque attached to the door. Jungkook looked back at the others before pushing the door open. The corridor was lined with doors, each decorated with different patterns and their names carved into doors, Jungkook & Jimin, Raven, Taehyung, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jin & Namjoon, Lexi. Jungkook trailed his hand of Lexi's name, there was still some others doors which were blank. Jungkook assumed they for if the pack grows. Jungkook returned to the door which his and Jimin's name on it before freezing, there was no door handle. Jungkook frown. He pressed his hands against the door and pushed but the door did not move. Suddenly, a green light scanned his hand and the door opened.

Jungkook gasped at the sight of his room, there was a double bed in the centre of the room with two wooden bedside tables to either side with black lamps placed on top. On the wall to the left was an empty wooden bookshelf with twenty different compartments. Attached to the ceiling was hanging chair which could seat two underneath was a white rug. The walls were white and three white doors were on the right, two doors lead into a walk-in wardrobe whilst the other was to an ensuite.

Jungkook returned to the others with a stunned look on his face.

"Kookie, what's down there?" Jimin asked.

"Bedrooms for all of us which I think scans your hand to see who it is, stops anyone from walking it and seeing something they don't want to" Jungkook said whilst eyeing up Jin and Namjoon, the blush appeared on the couple's face at the implication. The pack moved further into the base soon coming across a large wooden table covered in High-Tec computers. A smaller table was to the side, seven keys identical to the one with Lexi's letter.

Yoongi walked over to the table before picking up all the keys and handing them to everyone. He noticed another door leading to the kitchen located behind a range of sofas and electronics. Yoongi noticed there was a telescope lying on one of the shelves in the bookcase nearest to him, he picked it up before looking to see how much further the room lasted, even which the telescope magnification, Yoongi could still barely see the end.

"I don't get how Lexi was able to do all this for us" Jin said his eyes searched the base for any sign that something was still incomplete but there was nothing. Jin rested his head on Namjoon's chest, he could finally understand why Lexi said to come here when they were emotionally stable, to discover something which Lexi did without them realising after these last two years of their friendship. Jimin looked like he was about to say something when a familiar voice spoke up.

"If this hologram has been activated this means that the ultimate sacrifice happened and I died which is all right, I hope it was a good death and not getting the fork trapped in the toaster or crossing the road, that would just be embarrassing. Anyway, as you can see this is as stated in the letters you should have read beforehand. What I have been working on for the last four years of my life. I created it in hope that you would have a place to full research information about supernatural creatures which would might face as there is only a little amount of information a druid can hold and with Namjoon excluded from the druid community it would be harder for you all to access information on these supernatural creatures. As you may have already discovered there are bedrooms for all of you, I did this especially for Raven who doesn't deserve to keep moving from one person house to another each night" the record hologram of Lexi said before adding "Right at the bottom when you have found it is a room where all of the forbidden items are kept you are able to enter but you shall not remove any".

"Right, this message is long enough as it is, so I wrap it up now. Look after yourself idiots, try not to do anything stupid... what am I saying of course you going to. Well later" the hologram Lexi said before disappearing.

"The computers are saying that Namjoon doesn't have access to the restricted section due to the risk that he might break something" Raven suddenly spoke up, the others turned to face her before their eyes travelled to the screen she was looking at.

"Oh come one that was one time" Namjoon instantly complained. 

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