Chapter 1

Moving On

Everyone was dressed in black suits or dresses. Today was Lexi's funeral. There weren't many people there, only Lexi's immediate family and them. Yoongi stood up from his seat and headed towards the coffin, her family had decided to have it open, allowing everyone to have one last look at the girl before her body went into the ground forever.

"I'm sorry Lexi, I wish I could save you... no I should have been able to save you, this is all my fault" Yoongi muttered, tears were flowing down his cheeks. He could imagine her reply.

"Your fault, the hell is it your fault. Now stop feeling guilty about the past and live for the future. Just don't forget me" Lexi's voice echoed in his mind. 

Yoongi lent down and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead before taking her hand in his and pulling it gently to his chest.

"I'll miss you Lexi but I promise, I will live for the future just as you want me to do, I will try my hardest to protect them. No one else will die on my watch, I promise" Yoongi murmured before putting her hand back down beside her body and headed back towards his friends.

Lexi's death had left a massive gap in all their lives, none of them realised how much they had relied on Lexi and now she was gone. Yoongi had been suffering from nightmares, her death and carrying her back to civilisation had appeared in his nightmares often.

"LEXI!" Jin screamed as they watched Lexi push Yoongi out of the way of the bullet, there was a contented look on her face as the bullet hit her chest and she collapsed to the ground. Yoongi was able to regain his balance just in time to catch her falling body in his arms. Yoongi did not focus on the others rushing over to them or that Jungkook had killed the bastard who shot her. All he could focus on was his friend bleeding out in his arms miles away from civilisation and a hospital.

Yoongi entangled his fingers with Lexi's before pulling her bleeding body closer to his chest.

"I can't take your pain, why can't I take your pain" Yoongi choked out, tears running down his cheek.

"Because, it doesn't hurt, hey don't give me that look, I have known for a very long time that this was going to happen to me and I accept it, what could be a better cause then dying to protect those I care about, the only people I have ever cared about. Don't worry, you still have so much left to look forward too, you all do, you will see me again, I promise Yoongi, you will carry my memory around with you after tonight is up. Look to the future my friend, not the past" Lexi said.

"No, you can't die, I will not let you die, I can't lose you, I promise you, you will live, you will survive" Yoongi begged as Lexi reached up and pressed a hand against his cheek before giving him a large smile, she could tell that she did not have long left.

"This was always destined Yoongi... Yo...Yoongi goodbye" Lexi choked out before her eyes closed for the final time and her body went limp in his arms.

"No no no no no noo, Lexi please no" Yoongi screamed tears were streaming down his cheeks as he pulled her body closer. Yoongi rocked his body backwards and forwards. She was dead.

Yoongi lifted her body up into his arms, Jungkook went to take her from him as he was the strongest there but Yoongi shook his head. He felt like he had to do this. The walk was agonisingly slow. Yoongi did not want to make it back to the civilisation soon, it would make it all real. Yoongi's eyes glanced down to Lexi's chest looking for a reason to rush back, he wanted to see evidence that Lexi was still alive but there was nothing but a hole in her chest where the bullet had struck.

Yoongi felt Hoseok press a comforting hand on his back. It didn't help. Nothing the others would try to do would help him overcome such a traumatic event easily, he didn't want anyone to die because of him, he vowed that he would never allow anyone to die due to him still being alive but he had failed. So many people had suffered because he had survived being turned. 

A scream pulled him out of this thoughts. They were back in the city, eyes were on them as the group pushed forwards. Yoongi could feel his knees going. He dropped to the ground the body still in his arms, pressed against his chest. Two police officers ran over before calling for an ambulance, Yoongi didn't see the point, she was already dead. 

Namjoon could hardly pay attention to the funeral, Jin was curled up in his arms sobbing into his chest over the lost of a dear friend and fellow banshee. Namjoon pressed a kiss against Jin's forehead and pulled his boyfriend closer. Namjoon tried to hide it but he could still feel it, Namjoon felt guilty because her sacrifice had fixed his mistake. The balance was finally restored. Looking back at it, it was obvious, Lexi kept hinting that he was not destined to die and that the ultimate sacrifice would fix the balance. There was only one person who fit the criteria for the ultimate sacrifice, a girl who was in tune with death and would sacrifice her life in order to protect her friends.

Taehyung tried his hardest but his feelings were still there, he blamed Yoongi. He blamed Yoongi for Lexi's death. He knew that it was not Yoongi's fault and that Lexi was the one who pushed Yoongi out the way and took the bullet for him but that does not stop him from slightly believing that Yoongi could have done something as well. He could have pulled her down with him instead of leaving her, letting her take the bullet. Taehyung shot a death glare at Yoongi before turning back to continue listening to the ceremony.

"I would now like to invite Mrs Bowen up to say a few words" The funeral conductor said before a woman who looked like an older version of Lexi stood up.

"I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend today, I first would like to say that Lexi was an important part of our lives, she had this ability to prevent anyone from hating her even when she gave of the impression that she hated you. I remember when Lexi was small she uses to wander off which scared us all but we would always found her in the wood nearby saying that she was helping those who were lost, whenever I asked who was lost, she would always smile and say it's alright they have found their way. Lexi would then stand up and walk back home. I always had a suspicion that Lexi was destined for great things and it is heart-breaking that she will never be able to achieve what she always dreamed about doing. I am going to end this with something Lexi always told me. Time is precious and it always better to live for you then others because you never know what was around the corner which would snatch that away from you" Lexi's mother said before sitting down beside her husband whilst those at the funeral clapped at her speech.

Jimin closed his eyes trying to hold back the tears, he remembered Lexi saying something similar to him when he had been worrying over that phone Clara had taken which could have ended his relationship with Jungkook.

Jimin sat on the benches outside the university, everyone was currently in lesson however he had the period free. His mind was focused on the day before. Clara had taken that photo and threatened to ruin his relationship. Everything in his body was yelling him to tell Yoongi and the others what Clara had done to Raven but his heart screamed louder that it was not worth ruining his relationship with Jungkook.

"You seemed to have a lot on you mind" a familiar voice said, Jimin opened his eyes, he had not realised that he had closed them. Jimin looked up to see Lexi.

"Hey Lexi" Jimin said as the girl sat down beside him.

"You can tell me you know, I am not going to judge" Lexi said.

"No, it's nothing" Jimin replied.

"It's about Raven and what happened to her, listen Jimin, I'm not going to force you to tell me but I know that you should not let Clara rule your life, it is too precious to let others do ruin it for you. Live for you Jimin not anyone else" Lexi stated before standing up and walking off.

Hoseok felt empty. He still could not comprehend that Lexi was gone. He felt like she was one of the main contributing factors that brought the pack together and without her it just wouldn't be quite the same. The person he was now wouldn't be the same if he hadn't met the pack. He thanked her so much for it, he thanked all of them. Hobi realised how much Lexi really meant to him when it hit him that she'd never be running away from his dancing or giving him tips on his training or just being there as his friend. None of that would ever come back, she wouldn't. It broke his heart.

Raven was sat completely still in thought. Is it my fault, she thought. If she ran another direction the Rogue Alpha would have never ended up there, Yoongi wouldn't have been bitten and Lexi wouldn't have had to die to restore the balance. Raven bit down on her lip, she shouldn't be thinking about that, she should be thinking about how much Lexi impacted her life, her influence, the memories. She glanced at Yoongi and felt a pang in her chest to see his face clouded with tears much like her own. She felt his hand squeeze hers occasionally, Raven squeezed back to comfort him and he let out small sobs.

Jungkook was trying to be the strong one for the rest of the pack, he had to be the alpha, he had not been as close to Lexi like the others but he could still respect her and would indeed miss the banshee. She had been there for Jimin in a time he was unable to, he as aware that Jimin had been keeping something from him yet he never pushed to find out why because it was hard for Jimin to trust people due to his past and he had never wanted Jimin to feel forced to do anything again. Jungkook's eyes trailed over to Lexi's body before letting out a small sigh, he did blame himself for her death, he was the one fighting the man who shot her, if he had been quicker than maybe, maybe she wouldn't have died. 

When the funeral ended, the pack stood up preparing to leave the ceremony so they can go back to Yoongi's and cerebrate the life of their friend but before they were able to leave a female voice spoke to them.

"Are you Lexi's friends?" Lexi's mother asked when she approached the pack with a large box full of items.

"We are" Yoongi replied.

"Lexi, she left you these" Lexi's mother said before passing the box to Namjoon before returning to her husband. The pack looked down at the box. Lexi had left some of her stuff to them. Lexi's words echoed in their minds.

'I have known for a very long time that this was going to happen to me and I accept it, what could be a better cause then dying to protect those I care about, the only people I have ever cared about'.

"Should we head to Yoongi's first before we open the box, I don't know about you but I feel like I need to mental and emotional prepare myself" Jin spoke up his head was resting on Namjoon's chest. The others nodded before walking away from the funeral grounds to their respective cars. 

Namjoon put the box on the table whilst Jin, Jimin and Jungkook made them drinks. No one knew what Lexi might have left for them. They gathered around the table, Yoongi said in the recliner whilst Jungkook, Jimin and Hoseok sat on the three-seater, Raven and Taehyung sat on the two seater opposite them and Jin said beside his boyfriend. Everyone was staring down at the box.

Namjoon opened the box there were eight presents wrapped up in brown paper nearly placed inside, on the top was a letter addressed to them. Namjoon instantly recognised Lexi's handwriting.

"Namjoon what's inside?" Jungkook asked.

"A letter from Lexi and eight wrapped up presents" Namjoon replied before opening the letter and started reading it out to them.

If you are reading this then it happened, I died. This has been an event I have been aware of since the first year of college, it was a surprised to discover what most people would never worry about for a long time but yet I have always had a voice in the back of my mind telling me that I would be a part of something which would cut my life short. I never imagined what journey that would truly entail but I would never change that for the world.

You are probably wondering what I could possibly, a banshee have to leave to my friends, well there are many things which you can accomplish in four years knowing that the planning toward your future does not really matter, I would be dead before the second year of university would finish.

You will probably wonder if I knew all of this why was a so cold towards you all and why I would attack Namjoon when I woke from being attacked by the Rogue Alpha, well it was like an event in the future you cannot quite believe until it happens and this was it for me. When I saw the vision of Yoongi being bitten and dying but for the next day to discover he was still alive, I knew that the path which would lead me to my inevitable end was hastily approaching.

There have been many moments where you have witnessed me doing something which is unexplainable. They are. They are me preparing for my death and for how you will cope after I am gone because we all know that you can be quite clueless without my assistance.

Anyway, there is a present for all of you from me and a joint one, the joint one must be opened last!

Namjoon put the letter to the side before he picked up one the presents it was addressed to Jimin and Jungkook, he passed it to the couple then handed out the others. Their joint present was in a white envelope, listening to Lexi's instructions, Namjoon got the gift out and put it on the table then put the box to the side.

To Jimin and Jungkook, I leave you these telepathic and empathic bracelets which as stated will allow you to feel each other's emotions and talk telepathically over a long distance.

To Seokjin, this necklace has been passed down my family line from Banshee to Banshee, my grandmother was a banshee but when her daughter, my mother never showed any sign of being a banshee she kept who she truly was a secret until I came along before she died she gave it me. I pass this on to you. You may not be biologically related to me however you are still like a brother to me.

To Namjoon, you will need to take up the mantel of knowing the most about the supernatural world. I am aware that not all information has been document so I have created this book which states all the rare type of supernatural creatures which might come after you.

To Hoseok, this samurai sword was given to me by a two-thousand-year-old kitsune who was coming to the end of his life, he saw that in my lifetime, I would meet a worthy owner for this sword. It will help you harness as well as make your power stronger.

To Taehyung, this compass is in sync with the wavelength of death that we are. This will help you whenever your hellhound is pulling you somewhere. It also works as a normal compass so when your hellhound takes over, you will always be able to find you way home.

To Raven, the only person I may consider as my best friend, your future is complex but this bracelet shall protect you from what is to come.

Before Namjoon was able to read out the explanation to Yoongi's present he had already opened it and was currently staring down at it in confusion. It was a wooden plaque with a Celtic knotwork that melds the triquetra of the trinity, a woven knot heart, and a spiral symbolizing uniting into one unified whole in the centre with their names engraved either side of the symbol. Yoongi's finger brushed against another engraving on the back, he turned it over to see the words 'For Our Creator' engraved on the back.

"Namjoon, I don't understand why she would give me this" Yoongi said passing his gift over to his best friend.

"You will Yoongi, listen to this" was all Namjoon said before he started talking once more.

To Yoongi, I bet you do not understand the gift I have left to you. You are our creator whether you or the others are aware, if you were never bitten we would have never met each other, we would have never been drawn to you. The pack was started because we all helped you and you help us. There is no Celtic symbol for pack however there is another word which pack are, this is family. Our names around the Celtic symbol for family unity is to represent that we are the members of the pack and we are a family.

Namjoon gave the plague back to Yoongi who had tears streaming down his cheeks, he gently over the engraved names. Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Raven and Lexi Bowen.

There is so much more for you to discover and if you are ready for that, if all of you are truly ready to discover what I have been preparing for these last four years. Then open the last gift.

I wish that I could have told you what was going to happen but I know for a fact that you would do anything to alter it and that I could not let you do. You all have so much more to live for and I am happy to have played a part in it. The knowledge which I hold is now yours to have.

I have never met worthy friends like you in my life.

Goodbye my friends, my family. And if this is the last chance for me to say it because I know for hell I will never say it in person.

I love you, I truly do


Banshee of the Bangtan Pack

"What was the last gift?" Jungkook said, Lexi's letter had a huge impact on them. Namjoon took a deep breath before putting Lexi's letter aside and picking up the envelope.

"Are we all ready?" Namjoon asked looking around the pack for any uncertainty but he found none, they all nodded for him to proceed. Namjoon opened the envelope and pulled out another letter and a key. Everyone looked at the key, confusion was written on their faces.

No one from the pack truly knew what Lexi Bowen had done over that the last four years. 

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