Chapter 17

Moving On

"Oh my god" Yoongi nearly screamed when his eyes followed Namjoon. Namjoon was looking at their past-selves but in particular Yoongi's past-self.

"Wait, what's wrong?" Jimin asked extremely concerned when Namjoon burst out laughing, tears started forming from the corner of his eyes. The pack looked at Namjoon confused when they hear a familiar voice suddenly speak up.

"Hey! Come on get your nose out your book, it's lunch we don't need to study for our college lessons" Past Yoongi said to past Namjoon before trying to yank the book from past Namjoon's grasp. The pack looked at Yoongi before realising what Namjoon was laughing at. They pack followed Namjoon's example and started laughing too.

Yoongi had long black hair which went past his shoulders.

"Let's go find Lexi" Yoongi said trying to get away from his bad lifestyle choices in the past, the others reluctantly nodded. Yoongi sighed he knew they were never going to let him live it down about his long hair, Namjoon never did but at least he had the decency to keep it a secret from the others.

"Wait, we will need to keep Namjoon and Yoongi away from your past selves" Raven pointed out. Yoongi sighed once more, they were going to have to sneak around the college. This was going to make things just a little more difficult than they already were but at least he would have a vague idea to were Lexi would be. In the library. 

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