Chapter 13

Moving On

Yoongi stared at the for-sale sign outside his house, he couldn't believe it. His parents are not only getting divorced but are selling the house. His childhood home. Yoongi opened the front door and stormed inside where he found his parents packing their personal items into more boxes.

"What the hell!" Yoongi shouted before adding "You are selling the house, why the hell are you doing this, why can't one of you stay after all Mum you always said you loved this house and hated whenever you had business trips and were away from it for so long".

"Yoongi this house if filled with bad memories, we are selling it end of discussion. You must choose who you want to live which because your father and I are leaving Seoul for both of our hometowns. Nothing will change are discussion so you better start packing your own stuff" Yoongi's mother snapped.

"Like hell I will" Yoongi said before running out the front door and straight to Namjoon's house.

"Yoongi, what are you running for?" Jungkook and Jimin asked as they nearly ran into Yoongi.

"My parents are selling the house and are moving out of Seoul, they want me to decide who I want to live with, but they obviously don't realise that I have friends here, a pack here which I don't want to leave behind" Yoongi explained.

"We here for you Yoongi, if you need any help, we will help you" Jimin said trying to reassure the older boy.

"Yoongi" a familiar voice shouted which made the trio instantly tense up.

Jin rocked himself backwards and forwards on Namjoon's bathroom floor. He could feel the same surge again. He could feel himself lose control of his abilities once more. The pain was immense as the voices shouted inside Jin's head. Jin couldn't stop himself. He screamed.

"Jinnie, what's wrong?" Namjoon asked concerned and panicked from the sound of Jin screaming as he opened the bathroom door to find his boyfriend lying on the floor. The bathroom mirror had shattered. he knelt beside his boyfriend which is arms wrapped around Jin's waist.

"I can't control it anymore Joonie, I don't know why but I just can't control my powers" Jinnie cried out, tears streaming down his cheeks as he cuddled into Namjoon's arms.

"What do you want?" Yoongi snapped, he was already having a bad day and seeing face wasn't going to make it any better.

"My family, they are moving, they want me to leave you behind. They won't let me stay here Yoongi, I don't want to leave you" Clara cried out before throwing herself onto Yoongi and burying her head in his shoulder.

"Thank ing god" Yoongi shouted pushing Clara off him and turning to face Jungkook and Jimin who had equally as happy looks on their faces.

"I'll message everyone the good news" Jimin said as he pulled his phone from his pocket and opened their group chat.

ChristianChimChim: Guess what! Yoongi, Jungkook and I unfortunately ran into the face and found out her family are moving meaning she won't be harrashing us anymore!!!!

TaeTae: Yesssssssss

Hobi: Woooh, let's celebrate. Later today after Tae and I finish our date.

ChristianChimChim: Date! Tae we are meant to be best friends, you never told me you were going on a date with Hobi!

TaeTae: I didn't know either until Hoseok turned up at my house earlier this morning and claimed that he was taking me out on a date. Everything else happened so fast I didn't get chance to message you

ChristanChimChim: Okay, I forgive you Tae! Just tell me all about it when we meet up later

TaeTae: I will!

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