Chapter 9

Moving On

Jimin continued running, his feet were on automatic. He wasn't fully aware of where he was until he stopped in front of a familiar gravestone.

Lexi Bowen


'Even as the sun goes down, to end the light of day,

It's rising on a new horizon, somewhere far away.

My destiny complete, my life lived full. I rest here knowing

Those I love are safe and protected in full.

People may weep, they may wonder why but all I know is,

What may wait for me next whether I am head to another life or to a religious place

I have protected those I loved

And they will live through a life I will never touch,

If I am dragged down to hell or taken to heaven I have been there,

And that is all enough for me' - Lexi

Rest in Peace

Jimin gently traced the words on her gravestone, he couldn't remember when Lexi had something like that but he could imagine her. In some sort of rant or speech. Maybe she said it to her parents before she left for the camping trip after all she knew she wasn't going to be coming back well coming back alive. Jimin could feel the rain pouring down on him, it was appropriate considering how he was feeling. Watching those videos, seeing what Lexi had been doing before she died without any of them really noticing.

What had really hit him was the last video when Lexi had placed the keys out ready for them to be collected just before she left. When she left to head towards her death.

"Hey Lexi, it's been about two months since you died. Everyone is slightly coping but it feels like we are walking on glass one step and everything will shatter and destroy all the progress we have made. I'm not sure what to do? I've been through a lot as you know and I have tried to close myself off from feeling too much to prevent myself from feeling like this when someone I know dies but I guess I failed. I don't know what to do? How we are supposed to fight supernatural creatures but that was why you created the base. We must be luckily because nothing has happened since we return from taking down the army" Jimin said, he heard someone approach him, he had a vague idea who it was but he didn't turn around to confirm his suspicions. Jungkook watched his boyfriend, an umbrella above his head, he slowly knelt beside Jimin to shield him from the rain.

Jimin felt his tears building up behind his eyes as he quickly turned and hid his head in Jungkook's chest just as the tears started to fall once more. Jungkook instantly wrapped his arms around Jimin pulling his boyfriend close, he hated not being about the take this type of pain away. Physical pain would eventually stop however, emotional pain was a constant. It would leave some type of invisible scar behind.

'Hey, everything will be fine, I have you Jiminie, I am never going to leave you. Remember I am always here for you. I love you Jiminie" Jungkook spoke to his boyfriend telepathically using the bracelets Lexi had given them.

'I know Jungkookie but it still hurts so much after everything I have been through, I thought this type of pain would stop hurting but it still does' Jimin replied.

'You are one of the strongest people I know Jiminie, never think otherwise. You will get through this, we will get through this together, I promise' Jungkook said.

'I love you Jungkook, I love you so much' Jimin murmured, clinging onto Jungkook as if he was going to disappear if he was going to let go.

'I love you too Jiminie' Jungkook answered before moving slightly so he was able to press a kiss against his boyfriend's lips.

Jimin and Jungkook headed to Jin's, neither he or Namjoon had been in university today and it was strange for Namjoon to miss lectures. Jungkook had his arm around Jimin's waist pulling the older boy closer to him in his attempt to comfort him. All the lights were off but Jungkook could tell that both Jin and Namjoon were inside, the scent was strong meaning it is recent. Jungkook raise his free hand and knocked on the door lightly but loud enough to make a noise.

A tired Namjoon opened the door, his shoulder was soaked with what Jungkook suspected was tears. Namjoon gave them a weak smile before moving aside to allow them in. Jungkook and Jimin walked into the house, they saw Jin lying on the couch his eyes were red from crying. In his hand was the banshee necklace which Lexi had given them. He looked up at Jungkook and Jimin but he didn't greet either of them. He just curled back up into his boyfriend's arms when Namjoon returned to his side.

Jungkook sat down on the couch, he knew even though Jin wasn't interacting with them, he knew it was better to stay there as support if they are needed plus, Jimin needed to be with others so he knew that he wasn't the only one feeling like this. Jimin curled into Jungkook's arms as the couples sat in silence the occasional sob broke the silence coming for either Jin or Jimin.

Yoongi enter his house and suddenly froze, there were boxes everywhere packed full with items from his parents' room but they were split. His mothers' was in one box and his fathers in another, they were not combined which they normally would be if they were putting stuff up for storage. Yoongi picked up a picture of himself and his father before placing it back in the box and went to find his parents who he guessed was behind all of this.

"Mum, Dad why are there boxes filled with your possessions downstairs?" Yoongi asked as he walked into his parents' room. It was nearly empty of all possessions.

"Yoongi... we didn't expect you to be back so soon" his mother said as she packed another box full of her possessions.

"It's nearly five, I'm only at university until four today" Yoongi answered, he was still confused on what was happening.

"I'm not sure how to tell you this Yoongi... um..." his father started before trailing off.

"Tell me what? What's wrong?" Yoongi asked panicked.

"Yoongi, I just going to tell you this and not sugar-coat it. Your father and I are getting a divorce" his mother stated. Yoongi's head snapped up and he looked at his parents.


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