Chapter 5

Moving On

Yoongi froze, face stood in front of him wearing the sultriest outfit that he had ever seen her in. It hadn't taken long for Yoongi to dump Clara after they were reunited after Clara was kidnapped and Lexi was killed. Clara had tried to make Yoongi believe that Jimin, Lexi and Raven were lying but Yoongi could tell, he believed his friends over this girl after breaking up with her, she had constantly tried to get back together with him, she refused to take no for an answer and it was pissing Yoongi off.

"Clara leave me the hell alone, I want nothing to do with you anymore" Yoongi shouted before he tried to walk past his ex.

"Yoongi, we are meant to be together forever, I'm your soulmate" Clara screamed, she grabbed Yoongi's arm and pulled him back.

"No, you are not, you bullied my friends, you tried to control me as a person. I don't want to get back together with you, get the hell out of my sight" Yoongi shouted glaring at the woman in front of him.

"That it all lies Yoongi, I told you, I would never do something like that, they lied to you, I would never do that to you, I love you Yoongi" Clara said in another attempt to deceive him.

"Well, I don't love you not anymore, I'm... I'm dating someone else" Yoongi lied before yanking his arm from Clara's grip and storming off.

Taehyung darted throughout the trees, anger flooded his veins. His anger was aimed at one single person – Min Yoongi. He knew and he tried to convince himself that it was not Yoongi's fault that Lexi's died that Lexi jumped in front of Yoongi but he just couldn't completely make himself believe it, his best friend wouldn't be dead if Yoongi hadn't broken the balance. Taehyung was lost in thought that he was unable to see the root sticking up in the ground until his foot collided with it.

Taehyung groaned as he slowly lifted himself from the ground when he noticed something metal sticking out from the ground, Taehyung brushed the dirt off before carefully taking out off the ground, if there was anything he learnt from Lexi was to be careful with any device he discovered and didn't know what it was. He didn't need the incidence when he accidentally burnt his eyebrows off because he was messing around with a device which literally spat fire.

The device wasn't that big, it was circular with two small handles either side. It looked quite rusted from the time it was in the ground. Wires were sticking out the top which disappeared underneath a black button which a symbol which looked like an hourglass on top of a circle with two small circles on the top and bottom of the hourglass. Taehyung started frowning, he wanted to take it to Lexi to find out what it was but he couldn't, Taehyung let out a shaky breath before he ran back to the university, Namjoon would know what this will be.

"Namjoon, I found this device buried in the woods, do you have an idea on what it might be" Taehyung asked when he found the older boy in the library at the university. Namjoon lifted his head from his book and reach out for the device, Taehyung carefully placed it in Namjoon's hand before sitting beside Namjoon.

Namjoon looked over the device in wonder before he shoved everything into his bag and threw it over his shoulder still holding the device.

"What is it?" Taehyung asked a little panicked with Namjoon suddenly movement.

"I have an idea but I need the computers back at the base to truly work out whether I am right" Namjoon answered before darting off with Taehyung trailing behind him. Everyone was spread out throughout the base, Yoongi was drifting off when he was rudely awoken by Namjoon chucking his bag down and grabbed a chair. Everyone shared a confused look before walking over to Namjoon, they all instantly noted the weird looking machine next to him.

"Joonie? What's going on?" Jin asked look concerned at his boyfriend.

"I knew it" Namjoon shouted before turning to face everyone.

"This device Taehyung found earlier, it's a time traveling device" Namjoon told them.

"If what you are saying is true then we could go back in time and save Lexi, I mean none of us know what to do without her guidance, if it wasn't for her then none of us would know each other or still be alive" Taehyung instantly suggested after discovering what the device was, this was his chance.

"No, we cannot, we should not change the past, it's not what Lexi would want" Raven shouted grabbing the device from the desk before running out with the device, everyone watched as she left. No one knew what to say. 

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