Moving On

Raven's eyes opened suddenly before her body started seizing violently due to Raven going into shock from her serious injuries. Namjoon quickly placed her down on the operating table whilst Jeremiah quickly looked over the serious wound in her stomach. Once Jin saw that Raven was in safe hands he headed back to the other room to check on Yoongi. Yoongi shot up, gasping for air.

"Breath Yoongi" Jin comforted before helping Yoongi to his feet. Yoongi looked down at the bed next to him expecting to see Raven lying there. He instantly started panicking when he saw the empty bed.

"Where's Raven?" Yoongi asked before a brief picture of the injuries Raven had gotten during the fight appeared in his mind. Jin opened his mouth to answer when Yoongi darted past him and followed Raven's bloody scent to where her body was.

"Someone please can you get me so morphine, it will help with the pain" Jeremiah shouted. Namjoondarted over to the medicine cabinet and looked for the morphine whilst Yoongi rushed over to Raven's body and started to take her pain, the pain was unbearable.

"Stop, the pain she is feeling made her go into shock, you might be a werewolf, but you cannot take that much pain away" Jeremiah said pulling the current screaming Yoongi away from Raven's body before injecting some green liquid into Raven's body.

"What's that?" Yoongi asked as he felt his legs give way and he collapsed onto the floor, clutching himself from the immense pain he had just felt.

"What it is, I can't tell you however it will help speed her healing up and hopefully she will survive" Jeremiah answered before connecting a heart monitor to monitor the healing process and her vitals. Yoongi nodded before grabbing a chair and placing it beside Raven.

Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok walked into the complex, their body were healing from the wounds they had sustained during the fight. Their eyes widened at Raven's bloody body.

"What happened?" Jungkook said drawing everyone's attention to himself and the others.

"We can ask the same of you" Yoongi asked, his eyes scanned the healing wounds.

"Don't ask" Hoseok replied collapsing on the floor. 

Raven groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, she heard footsteps rushing over to her. Four figures appeared beside her, all of them blurry. Soon her eyes started to focus once more, it was Jin, Namjoon, Yoongi and Jerimiah. Raven groaned once more as she slowly sat up with the help of Jeremiah.

"Be careful, you might be healed but you will probably be quite sore and stiff, this type of psychological and physical attack will take a while to fully recover. So, you will need plenty of rest to make a full recover" Jeremiah stated. Raven slowly nodded her head; her eyes were feeling extremely heavy as she slowly laid back down and fell back to sleep.

"What happened in there?" Namjoon asked Yoongi.

"I don't remember" Yoongi answered concerned as he racked his memory trying to remember what had happened to them when he was in Raven's subconscious.

"How can't you remember?" Namjoon muttered confused.

"It's normal for people to not remember, he went into Raven's subconsciousness which means everything to his brain would feel like a dream even though it was real, we don't always remember our dreams so when he came out, he instantly lost all memory of what happened" Jeremiah explained.

"Will Raven remember?" Jin asked.

"Doubt it" Jeremiah replied. The pack looked at each other before looking at the sleeping girl. Jungkook walked over to Raven, he then gently picked her up.

"We better head home, thank you for your help Jeremiah" Jimin spoke up before leaving the room followed by the rest of the pack. Jeremiah let out a sigh, this pack had no idea that their struggles were yet to finish. Their next creature could rip the pack apart.

Jungkook gently placed Raven into a seat in the car before buckling her in. He then sat in the driver seat whilst the others climbed into the car.

"Let's go home Jungkookie" Jimin said, Jungkook looked over at his boyfriend before leaning over and pressing a sweet but short kiss on Jimin's lips.

The plane landed full of parcels, one containing a glass vial. Its destination. Seoul, South Korea. It's recipient, the unaware Kim Seokjin.

Preview of Story of Us
Jin walked over to the front door wondering who it could be, the post had already arrived and he hadn't ordered anything. He quickly checked his phone to see whether any of his friends were coming over but there were no messages, Namjoon had a key so it couldn't be him unless he had already lost it.
"Hello" Jin said as he opened the door to a delivery man.
"Kim Seokjin?" The man said.
"Parcel for you, I need you to sign for it" the delivery man said handing the parcel to Jin who put it down beside him then quickly sign for it.
"Have a good day" the delivery man said before walking back to his van and climbing into the driver's seat. Jin looked down at the parcel, it was a small box with stamps from all over the world on it.

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