Chapter 22

Moving On

Yoongi's luck hasn't changed. When he returned the for-sale sign he had seen earlier was now currently saying sold. Yoongi stormed into the house, his parents were sealing the boxes in the room which seemed to have multiplied since Yoongi last saw them.

"Sold, how could you sell this place. My friends are here why the hell would I want to leave them because you two have had a spat" Yoongi shouted.

"You will make new friends, we are leaving tomorrow so you will have to make up your mind about who you want to live with" Yoongi's dad said, Yoongi screamed in frustration before Yoongi stormed to his room.

'They want me to choose who I want to live with, but I don't want to choose, I want to stay with my friends and live here. I don't want to lose my pack not after everything we went through. They were his family, his true family. It's what Lexi meant that he had brought them all together when he was bitten, so like hell he was going to be the reason to why they were going to slowly split apart. Lexi sacrificed everything for us then so will I. For my pack, for my true family' Yoongi thought to himself, his parents should have really thought about the divorce and what Yoongi would want. Yoongi sighed he knew what he had to do.

When Yoongi's parents woke up the next day, they found a note from their son on the kitchen table.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have thought about this and being old enough, I have decided that I am going to live by myself, so I can remain with my friends who are like a family to me. I know this is not what either of you wanted by this is what happening and neither of you will be able to change my mind.

Love Yoongi

Yoongi pushed the door to his room in the base open, the room was covered in boxes. He had a lot of work to make this place feel like a home but Yoongi was prepared as long as he didn't have to leave his pack behind.

The dream was play in Raven's mind, she wasn't supposed to having nightmares. Lexi's bracelet was meant to stop that. Raven's hand subconsciously moved to where the bracelet was, but her hand only came into contact with her skin. Raven pulled her sleeve up. The bracelet was gone. 

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